Good Deal or Not? Baltimore edition (reader request)

2436 EUTAW Pl

This house is located at 2436 Eutaw Pl. Baltimore, MD:

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The listing says:

“Total 2-year renovation! This 1895 brownstone won Baltimore Heritage Preservation Award for 2005. Many original, restored & reproduced details. Elegant rooms, 6BR, 2/2Ba, high ceilings, beautiful plaster-work, all updated systems, replaced windows. Great cook’s Kit w/ granite & stainless, 3rd floor Lib & Kitchenette, finished walk-out LL. Garage, patio, 3-level porch.”

You can see more photos here and a virtual tour here.

This 6 bed/3 bath was listed at $395,000.

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  • I do not know muchabout that neighborhood…

    but that is a HELL of a house for sub 400’s in a major city

  • Sometimes I just think it would just make so much more sense to live up there…

    • The lure of Baltimore… I had coworkers who bought out there in 2004-2005 when real estate was booming everywhere because it was still cheaper than DC. Eventually they decided the commute wasn’t worth it, but couldn’t sell because they were underwater. I don’t know how it worked out for them, because I left for another job, but I know they weren’t happy with the decision. Maybe recent changes to the market have altered the equation some, but it’s a hefty decision to move up there. Especially if your work and friends are here.

      • That would be my fear of buying in Baltimore. Unless you know you’re buying in an area that’s on an upward trajectory (like a lot of neighborhoods in DC), property in less desirable areas is a lot harder to sell.

  • is this a terrible neighborhood?! that house is incredible and what a price. maybe we all need to move to Baltimore..

    • I grew up in Baltimore and that neighborhood used to be not so great. Not sure what it’s like these days, but I believe there’s not a ton around in the way of neighborhood amenities. Maybe it’s improving, or at least “transitioning.” But be advised that there are plenty of charming-looking Baltimore neighborhoods that improve only at a slooowwww pace or not at all. I’m more familiar with a few other neighborhoods where my parents considered buying 35 years ago, convinced they’d improved…and not too much has happened since then.

  • You’re not far from Penn Station, so if you wanted to commute to DC it shouldn’t difficult to use MARC. That’s a $2 million home in DC.

    • You only give up 3 hours of sleep daily on your work commute (back into DC)!


    • I did the MARC commute for a couple of years, and I couldn’t deal much beyond that. Lots of people have been riding MARC for far longer, and for them I guess the tradeoff is worth it. For me, the time and energy sucked up by commuting wasn’t worth the extra space and slightly cheaper living costs (“slightly” because it wasn’t TOO much cheaper once I factored in the MARC monthly pass and parking. Keep in mind that this location is either a long walk to Penn Station OR you have to drive and either pay $14/day for parking or battle for a spot in some of the slightly cheaper overflow lots or the rare spot of street parking. Also important to keep in mind–the “schedule” time between DC and Baltimore is about an hour; this doesn’t take into account any sort of snafus like sick passenger, train malfunctions, inclement weather, catenary issues, and on and on. The little delays can really add up.)

  • I look at real estate in Baltimore all the time just for fun. Sooo many cool buildings/houses for practically nothing.

    • Yea, i know they used to have a program where you could buy a house for a buck if you went in and re did it

      I know thwey have a program where you can buy an entire block for littlwe to nothing if you have the cash to turn it around

      there is money to be made up in Bmore

  • epric002

    holy crap. screw buying a 2nd house in DC, ima buy a house in charm city!

  • And that is why I want to find a job in the private sector somewhere far far away.

  • Love the backyard and that’s about it. I’m surprised they set the kitchen up that way. The refrigerator is too far away from the cooking area and that sink is tiny compared to all the counter space there is. I’m sure it will suit someone’s style though and it does have lots of light.

  • Hmm 10 minute walk from the Capitol? BS, that has to be at least 25 minutes.

  • I don’t know much about Baltimore real estate, but I have friends who bought a beautiful Victorian mansion in 2008 for less than this. You need a car to get anywhere, but their neighborhood seems fine and the house has 7 porches! So I’d say this is a terrible deal. 😉

  • Note those property taxes though – Total Taxes: $10,193.54

  • That’s Reservoir Hill. It isn’t the greatest neighborhood. Bolton Hill to the South of North Avenue is considered to be nicer and is correspondingly more expensive.

    Check the property taxes. The rates there are brutal.

  • this is not the best neighborhood, although not the worst. and you can still get a heck of a row house in a nice neighborhood in baltimore for less than 400k. i miss baltimore.

  • So I’m one of those people who live in Baltimore and work in DC… This particular neighborhood is a pretty rough neighborhood, but I’ve had friends who have lived there just fine- and yes, your money will go much further in Reservoir Hill than in some other places in Baltimore. And most places in Baltimore will usually give you more space for your dollar than in DC. My husband was able to buy a fully detached home with a yard on a single schoolteacher’s salary, which tells you something!

    And the commute, while not great, isn’t all that insane all the time. When I lived in Glover Park, my commute to Judiciary Square was about 45-50 minutes each way. Now I grab the 5:20 express train home to Penn, and am usually walking through my door about 65 to 75 minutes later. It helps that I live about 8-10 minutes from Penn station, and the office is a 10 minute walk from Union Station, so I don’t have to bother with Metro.

    • Yeah, when I commuted, it wasn’t so much the 50-60min MARC ride, as the smaller incremental add-ons of time, like getting to Penn Station, getting from Union-office on Metro, getting to Union early enough to actually be able to get a seat on the outbound evening train home, even getting from the MARC to Metro. (I know that sounds a little ridiculous given that Metro is IN Union Station, but trust me–when hundreds of people are filing off the MARC train, and in some cases more than one MARC train plus VRE plus Amtrak, it can be quite a plod to get from the platform down into the Red Line.)

      • This isn’t ridiculous at all. Union Station is the busiest metro stop, and the layout isn’t ideal. IIRC, money has been dedicated to re-do the transfer area from the Amtrak/commuter rail platform to the Metro and 1st St. It is definitely needed.

  • The neighborhood isn’t the worst in B’more, but it’s not the best. Commuting to DC would be horrible from there. The best bet would be to drive to the MARC station–door to door it would take at least an hour to anywhere in downtown DC if timed perfectly. In reality, it would likely take an hour and half.

    Druid Hill Park is OK. They have some decent tennis courts, green space, etc. But, there are some problems like drug deals, loud parties, etc. in the park too.

    The neighborhood on the other side of the park is much nicer though.

    You could walk to MICA from this place, which would be nice during the art festival.

  • Definitely run a risk of being assaulted walking at night around there, but that’s true of Trinidad, Shaw, Petworth, etc. B-more is different than DC – fewer true transplants and in my opinion, a harder place to feel at home, especially for the post-30 newcomer.

  • Where’s Wallace?

  • I actually have a friend on that block that I visit frequently. He lives in a Victorian that is broken up into 5 apartments. Eh, the neighborhood is ok, but that street in particular is lovely. Eutaw has many awesome Victorian homes that have been rehabbed and there’s a sweet park nearby. It is not at all convenient to public transit or anything else walkable however, so you would need a car. Baltimore has a lot of lovely old homes and I would seriously consider living there if it were feasible for my work situation. Phew..those property taxes though.

    • I just “walked around” Eutaw on google street view, and I agree – many of those houses look gorgeous. One or two blocks away, however, looks MUCH more sketch. I don’t know how old google’s data is, but I’m not sure I’d feel terribly safe out there with that many abandoned/decrepit houses.

  • for that price u can if ur lucky buy a sterile one bedroom condo in DC..but at least u save about 45 mins in commute and have wine bars and small plate restaurants.

  • Holy crow! Nearly 5000 sqft and a garage! Wow, just wow. It’s incredible to see what you can get outside of DC. That place is drop dead gorgeous. Though to be honest with you, I’d be slightly creeped out living in such a huge old house!

  • The neighborhood is a little iffy in that area but still what I would call safe during the day. I live 10 blocks south on Eutaw St.

  • Don’t forget the ground rent, in addition to the high taxes…

  • If you have to live in Baltimore and commute into DC you need serious help financially.

  • justinbc

    So how much does it cost to move a house from Baltimore to DC?

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