Giant Grocery Store Opens on H Street, Will Be Open 24hrs/Day

3rd and H St, NE

From a press release:

H Street Giant elements include:

· Full-service floral department conveniently located at the front of store.

· Expansive produce department featuring wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

· Large selection of natural and organic food items, including dairy products and frozen offerings in one dedicated aisle. Store features full line of Giant’s Nature’s Promise products and scores of gluten-free items.

· Bakery offering a full array of fresh baked goods including Giant’s exclusive line of Madelyn cakes, lattice pies, and artisan bread bar.

· Wide offering of international food items, including Asian, Hispanic, Irish, Italian, and Kosher cuisine, as well as a complete Hispanic offering and wide assortment of Goya products.

· Full-service seafood department featuring fresh and frozen items and a live lobster tank. Seafood department offers complimentary marinating and steaming services.

· Full-service meat department with expansive offering.

· Large service deli, featuring wide variety of prepared foods, gourmet cheese and olive bar, sandwiches, and soup and salad bar.

· Vast selection of beer and wine, including craft and domestic beers.

· Variety of general merchandise, seasonal items, health and beauty care products, and more. The store will also feature a Coinstar machine, ATM, and Redbox conveniences.

· H Street customers will benefit from new in-store technologies “SCAN IT!” hand-held devices, which allow customers to scan and bag their groceries while they shop and an “ORDER IT!” deli kiosk, where customers can digitally place deli orders, continue shopping, and pick up order when alert is received.

· Thirteen check-out lanes, four of which are belted self-check out. Two check-out lanes are reserved for “SCAN IT!” users.

· Customer service department located conveniently at the store’s entrance.

· Parking garage designated solely for Giant customers. Parking tickets can be validated in-store for up to two hours.

It took me a second to figure out why they had ping pong balls right next to the beer, though if you play with O’Douls you’re doing it wrong:


Here’s how the area looked during an art exhibit in 2010:


More photos of inside the Giant after the jump.

13 check out lanes





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  • looks promising! 24 hours is nice

  • How did they manage to junk up the check-out aisles so quickly??

    • Actually, a lot of psychology goes into the placement of items in a grocery store. The overall goal is to get you to buy more, and that is why certain items are at specific heights or locations. And this is also why they “junk up” the check out aisle – they place popular items there that you will impulse buy (like razor cartridges, batteries, etc).

      • The problem with their “psychology” is that is makes the store look ghetto. Complete turn-off.

        • “Ghetto” is the most ridiculous slang descriptor of all time.

          What, like the ghetto in Warsaw?

          Are you referring to American ghettoes, where the concept of 24 hour grocery stores are non-existent? Do you just have a limited vocabulary?

          Aisles with products for sale are a staple in modern grocery store layouts. Get over it.

        • Seriously? How are these checkout lanes different, or more “ghetto”, than any other Giant or Harris Teeter etc? Care to name a grocery store that doesnt have cluttered checkout areas. You are being silly. Very.

  • Look at all that yogurt! Yay!!!

    (I’m actually being serious; the Potomac Avenue Harris Teeter is always out of plain yogurt and it drives me crazy).

    • It is nearly impossible to find plain yogurt at the Social Safeway on Wisconsin Ave! The entire yogurt section is 15 varieties of Greek yogurt, lite yogurt with artificial sweeteners, soy yogurt, the weird ‘whipped’ kind, kids yogurt in weird flavors, yogurt/granola combo packs, or fancy European yogurt that’s $4.99 a cup. I just want some plain yogurt!

      • Yes!! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. The plain inexpensive yogurt is always sold out. Don’t these stores take note of demand and adjust their inventory accordingly?

  • Just sucks that they opened right in the middle of contsruction on road work to bring streetcars to HopScoth bridge. Think tha may discourage shoppers initially.

    • It may discourage some drivers (who would have to drive all the way to 5th, make a left, then make another left on I to double back?). Still, there are more than enough people who are walking/biking distance from that store for it to get plenty of business. In a few block radius there are several apartment buildings and numerous blocks of narrow rowhouses, i.e. plenty of density for shoppers over the next two months until that construction is over. They’ll be fine, I’m sure they’ll be able to make their rent for those two months (ha).

  • I can literally see this store from my patio!!!

  • Congratulations to H St. I’m ready for the O St Market one, myself.

  • · Self-service Beer Pong Essentials

  • 13 checkout lanes is nowhere near enough. Expect long lines.

  • when I moved into this area, there wasn’t a single neighborhood grocery store. Now we have HT, Giant, a planned YES! at 13th, and possible specialty grocer coming to 7th in what is now H Street Storage. Amazing. A food desert turned oasis.

    • justinbc

      Where are they planning a Yes! to go? That empty building on 13th and H? Has that actually been approved, if so?

      • It’s going in the old H Street Playhouse space.

      • The Yes! is planned for the old H Street Playhouse space. According to Frozen Tropics, there’s a conctract in place, but there are a few contingencies.

        • justinbc

          Ah, nice, just a few blocks away! I’ve never shopped at a Yes! but I hear that for the type of product they sell it’s a good store.

          • Eh, they’re not bad. Produce selection generally sucks and is pricey. Much quieter than a Whole Foods, but not really anything better about it other than usually being deserted.

    • Whole Foods too, right? Although it’s not happening for a while.

  • Oops, my comment above wasn’t meant to be a reply, just a comment. More coffee (still) in my future….

  • I have never done my regular weekly shopping at Giant in DC… how do their prices compare to Harris Teeter?

    • justinbc

      In general I find it to be somewhere between Safeway and HT. Safeway in my experience usually has crap selection but cheap prices in line with that, and HT has above and beyond what you need but you pay a premium for those items. At Giant you should be able to find just about anything you need as long as it isn’t some exotic brand of truffle oil or lavender spiced snails in a can, and not expect to pay terribly for it. They do a good bit of sales on stuff that many people actually buy as well.

      • It probably depends on what you’re buying, but I find Giant to be noticeably more expensive than Safeway or Harris Teeter. My experience with Giants has mostly been the Northern Virginia ones, if that makes any difference.

        • justinbc

          Yeah, the actual product purchased definitely makes a difference. There were certain things I would buy at HT and others at Giant when I lived in NoVA and had a car to pick and choose.

  • Now all this area is missing is a fro yo spot!

  • I checked it out last night during it’s soft opening. The shelves are well stocked for the time being hopefully it won’t become as bad as HTers on a Sunday when they are out of everything.

    Only downside is they don’t have a pharmacy, which I was really banking on since there is no CVS nearby and the Giant is only 2 blocks from my house.

    Oh and 24 hrs is a blessing and a curse. I forsee one to many chip and or Ben & Jerry’s runs at 2am in my future.

  • I believe this has already been said but… this building is extremely boring design. A big “booo” to whoever the architect is.

  • Nice to know about 24-hour thing. A need late, late may not come up often but when it does, desperation is involved.

  • Sparta

    Looking forward to using the coupons for the new Giant I got in the mail yesterday!

  • I’m just stoked that they carry Polar Seltzer! Even if they only carry very few flavors. I think the produce section is lacking. I couldn’t find alfalfa sprouts, and only one kind of bag o spinach. The Giant in CoHi has the same salad problem.

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