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  • That actually looks really good. If you hadn’t said it was fake I wouldn’t have guessed, at least from these pics. The whole house and yard look great.

  • Yes, from this picture, it looks pretty good. But, I walked by here the other day, and thought “OMG, that’s astroturf”. It looks pretty bad, and makes this beautiful, beautiful home, look kinda cheap.

    • Totally Agree. They spent all the money on a nice reno including the carriage house and have this mess of a front lawn. You walk by and think OMFG!

  • Definitely can’t tell it’s fake from the pictures. I’d be really curious to see it in person. As the owner of two large dogs, I am envious. I have tried growing grass and planting different ground covers to no avail- my yard continues to be a mud hole!

  • Take the tags off your plants!

  • Hello all,
    Owner here. I wish I could post pics on my terms, when the project is completed. I still have more trees coming–dogwood, Japanese maple, etc.–so the project isn’t yet finished but we’re getting there. I encourage folks to take a stroll down any DC street and count the number of unkempt yards and decide for yourself whether foot high grass + weeds is an improvement over my SynLawn. As I mentioned in the March thread, I didn’t grow up pining for an artificial lawn, but the heavy tree cover and dogs forced us to look at it as an option and we are quite happy with the outcome now that our landscaping is mostly in. No more muddy paw prints! Oh, and for all of you dog-haters, we have been working very hard to train our dogs so that they don’t bark at the dogs walking by. Slowly but surely… (PS–thanks for the tip, Nick. I had no idea the tags weren’t designed to be permanent.)

    • Will the dogwood, Japanese maple also be plastic?

      Is foot-high grass + weeds really the only alternative to a decently kept natural grass or, for a shaded area, a planted/mulched lawn? The latter isn’t that hard.

      • Geez – what is your problem? If you don’t like it – then have real grass in your own yard. I realize it’s not ideal, but the owner is clearly trying to make it look the best it can (and I think it looks pretty good), given the circumstances.

    • I’ve seen it in person and think it looks great, especially from the 15th St side. It will look even better when everything fills in. I think all the haters here should post a picture of their yard before commenting.

      And yes I’m behind I pulling the weeds in my front yard this year but I’m blaming the weather!

    • I think it’s already looking good! You should definitely submit a follow up pic when it’s all finished.

      Also, as a dog owner, I truly appreciate your efforts to train your dogs not to bark at dog walkers. We jog with our dog and it’s pretty much a daily heart attack as dogs left unattended in front yards charge the fence barking aggressively.

    • Looks great and is so much better for the environment than real grass.
      Appreciate all your hard work to make our city a little bit nicer!

      • justinbc

        Grass is bad for the environment?

      • as someone that does a lot of work in the environmental area… I would caution you about using blanket statements like this. Just because grass uses a lot of water, it is a living thing… and there are benefits to that. (Side rant: grass doesn’t HAVE to use a lot of water either… just let it go dormant. Won’t look great, but it’s still alive). While there are obvious negatives associated with the production and ultimate disposal of the plastic grass (maybe it’s recyclable?). Plus, even if there were environmental benefits to plastic grass I would wager that those benefits wouldn’t be realized until much later… meaning the the owner will have to be happy enough with this stuff to not remove it early. It’s all a horribly complicated balance of personal preferences, technology, maintenance schedule, etc… and one thing in that equation can turn a “environmental win” into an “environmental loss” pretty easily.

        • anon. gardener

          people tend to dump a lot of weed n feed on grass to achieve that perfect lawn. all that fertilizer and pesticide is definitely bad for the environment.

    • After sodding, pulling up weeds every other day, high water bills, and then having the dog destroy it all, I’m in. Care to share an approximate cost?

    • I walk by daily and I think it looks nice, especially now that you’ve started to get the landscaping in. I usually am on the other side of 15th St and you can’t tell from across the street that it’s not real grass. The house is beautiful and the yard is looking good; I’m sure it’ll be really nice when you’ve got it done and the trees are in. It looks a lot better than many places along 15th St–thank you for all your work on it!

  • I passed by this house the other day, and paid particular attention to it (I loved the bumpout and the red windows) but had no clue the lawn was Astroturf! I don’t think you’d be able to tell unless you knew to look for it. Once those bushes grow in, it’ll be even less obvious.

    They just laid down Astroturf along Irving Street between 15th and Hiatt Place, and you can REALLY tell. No real grass could survive there anyway, though, and it’s better than looking at hard-packed dirt.

    • I walk by that stretch of Irving Street every day. I can’t shake the strong feeling that as ugly as that barren strip of dirt was, the fake grass that has been rolled out over it is SO much worse. I suppose it could be worse if the flowers were also plastic.

  • Emmaleigh504

    At the end of the day, all that really matters is if the owners like it. But that won’t stop me from giving my opinion! I don’t like it, the landscaping or fake grass. It’s dullsville.

  • Looks great. I have wanted a fake lawn since I was 17.
    It’s the future!

  • Well, the house is tasteful.

  • I love walking past this house – it’s beautiful and the yard looks great. Enjoy!

  • justinbc

    We actually walked by this place the other day as well and were debating whether or not it was an astroturf like lawn or real grass. It almost looks like fresh sod in person (at least now anyways). Then we saw the dog pooping and thought how brilliant.

  • I only like AstroTurf when it’s on the steps and front porch.

    An AstroTurf lawn is simply wrong on aesthetic and karmic principles.

  • keep in mind that this yard does not belong to the owner and is actually PUBLIC SPACE. so our opinions should matter…

    • So since it’s public space, does that mean the city should do the landscaping and maintenance? Or maybe a group of concerned citizens such as you, Anonymous Z, would like to organize a weekly yard maintenance event for the owner? And how does your lawn look? Could you post some pictures? Oh wait, that might reveal your identity and it’s so much more fun to do your hating anonymously.

  • I like my front yard: slate tile edged with mulched beds that have shrubs. Very little maintenance, a little bit of green, and the dogs can’t kill it. In the summer we bring out our houseplants to make it even more lush.

  • I like this. It will probably look really good in a few years once everything has grown in and the plants have matured. I will also probably never have the obscene amount of money it cost to renovate that house and the yard, so yeah trickle down something something good for the economy. If it works for their lifestyle, more power to them.

  • I think it looked fine before, and great now that the plants are in! I think they made a smart, green choice that will save them money in the long run. I have a real grass lawn and even though it’s fresh sod and somewhat trim it looks like trash compared to this! Are those the Autumn Embers azaleas from Home Depot? I just put some in and they are doing okay but not flowering- hope yours (and mine) bloom soon!

  • Actually I like it. It’s like a green patio, and I think it looks better this way than brick or a deck. Would be awesome for parties as well. Nice a clean and low maint. Good job home-owner!

  • I think it looks nice and it is the only option with dogs that will quickly kill the grass. I was having a hard time keeping dog walkers from killing my beautiful plant maybe I will put out artifical flowers…hahahaha

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