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  • Did you know that this landscape is also a stormwater treatment system? We designed and built this landscape (www.ecosoldesigns.com), as well as the one around the corner on M Street. It’s great to know that it is being appreciated! Thanks!!

  • The streetscape on 1st St is unfortunately the only good thing about Noma. The neighborhood should be a case study on terrible urban planning and design.

    • It’s interesting you say that. Are you a frustrated owner in NOMA? Or someone who’s mad they didn’t get in early? Anyway, I live a block from NOMA and I love it. Great amenities, and very walkable. I’d like it to get a movie theater, and some park space, but other than that, I’m a big fan.

    • Oh, please.

  • Indeed wonderful. Ideally folks wouldn’t tramp through the vegetation or allow their pets to poison it with urine.

    In the next block south, at 1160 1st Street NE, there’s unlimited free parking for out-of-state cars, because DDOT still hasn’t put up any signage or meters.

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