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Elopement Dinner/Party:

My fiance and I are having a very small wedding ceremony this summer (6-8 people) and we would like to have a nice dinner somewhere after and then meet friends for drinks after. Does anyone have suggestions for a restaurant that is nice with a good atmosphere and you can hear one another talk?
How about a bar that could comfortably fit 15-20 people without a reservation?

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  • Nora has a great private room in the back. It is small (probably seats 12 or so) and very cozy. They can pull the doors shut and it is a wonderful ambiance.

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      I believe they have 2 private rooms (plus an upstairs dining room) that could hold you. It’s a fancy place, but dinner for 8 would probably run $800. Not bad if you’re skimping on everything else.

      PS – I tip my hat in regards to you doing an elopement. More people should do them. There’s no reason for weddings to be a dragged out, stressful, expensive affairs. You’ll have just as memorable of an experience and no one will be down $25K.

      • Exactly. Especially if you have to run off and get married in a hurry because of an unintended pregnancy or some other circumstances. It would be rather inconsiderate to expect your family to put together a wedding on such short notice. And $25k is just the beginning. I’m not sure you could get married in DC for less than twice that amount. Especially on very short notice.

        • We planned ours for under $5K in six weeks. No reason for short notice other than we hate wedding industry and wedding planning.

  • Clyde’s in Gallery Place could probably accommodate a party that size without a reservation.

    But if you’re already planning this out, why don’t you want to get a reservation?

  • From my recent similar wedding we looked at Firefly, Big Bear Cafe, and Chez Billy for dinner – my requirements were one big table and a semi-custom menu. Ended up going with Cafe Dupont – great food, but horrible service that made us an hour late to our bar reception.

    For reception – we reserved 2nd floor of Chez Billy and it was fantastic, we had 45ish people, so i think you can just show up with your group. But make sure there’s no wedding booked there that day!

    • Also, depending on your affinity to Georgetown, there’s a private dining room underneath that giant smoke stack, round table, sits 8-10.

      And there’s a private dining function on Open Table website, i think i called all of those places, most of them had a $2000 minimum +30% mark up on reserving private rooms.

  • Nora is an excellent suggestion. Another nice (and pricey…) place is Marcel’s. They have a private area in the back if you don’t want to be in the main restaurant.

    • If you are looking for something more casual/less expensive, maybe Little Fountain Cafe for dinner, and then drinks upstairs at Bourbon – you can contact them so perhaps you could get it to yourselves.

  • For the 6-8 person dinner, go with the Tabard Inn in Dupont. I’ve been to several working dinner meetings there, and the food is amazing and the staff very good (attentive without ever being in the way). They have several private rooms you can use.

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      I love the Tabard but their private rooms are a little bigger and the buyout is not cheap.

      We did well in a private room at Corduroy for my wife’s birthday a little while ago, and they were very nice and flexible. Bonus is that you could also hit Passenger/Columbia Room, which also does private events.

      • I thin Courdoroy’s bar is usually pretty empty too. It has been the few times I was there. You may be able to reserve it.

  • I suggestion making a reservation.

  • you could also try the upstairs room at hank’s for dinner

  • We had a wedding so small it was almost an elopement (20 people total including us) at Tabard Inn and it was great. I’m sure they can do a smaller party in one of the side rooms. Incredible atmosphere.

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    Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park is good for dinner, especially with the recent remodel. Call for a reservation and ask to be seated in the back room, which is quieter than the front (although the front is also fairly quiet). From there, you could head out to a bar in either Woodley Park or Adams Morgan.

  • You should try Bibiana Osteria! The have a semi-private dining are for up to 12 and a nice bar/lounge that is no too crowded on Saturdays. The food is amazing and the service is amazing.

  • Poste Modern Brasserie also has a very nice private dining room.

  • +1 for the Nora and Firefly suggestions. I’ve also really enjoyed Central and Cedar (both of which are close to Chinatown.) Proof is also lovely, but might be a bit loud unless you want to eat outside.

  • We had a small wedding dinner in the beautiful, private wine room at Fishers & Farmers, but that was back before the flood. I haven’t seen what they’ve done with the space since the remodel and the relaunch as Fishers, Farmers & Bakers, so I can’t say if that private space remains. Might be worth a phone call though.

  • Check out the Wine Room off the kitchen at the Mansion on O St. The building is a labarynth of secret rooms and passageways (mind you, some cool and some kitch. Tour that and end in its kitchen, where you enter a dark stone paneled room via a short step behind a trompe l’oeuil spice rack. Haven’t had the food, but I would do this just for a fancy wine tasting or cocktail party. (Forgive my muddy Francais!)

  • Realistically you’d need a reservation anywhere for that count. In that regard, I would def look into Seasonal Pantry Supper Club if that number is on the lower end of your count.

  • J&G Steakhouse at the W has two intimate private dining rooms with seating up to 12. One of the rooms has a nice view of the Treasury building (the other is an interior room with no windows). And the wine bar downstairs is a good option for drinks! (I don’t work there, I swear!)

  • Let me emphasize again that you are looking for Tabard Inn.

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