Friends of Columbia Heights Dog Park Looking to Improve 11th and Park Rd, NW Facility

Photo courtesy of Robyn Swirling

From an email:

We’ve formed a group called Friends of Columbia Heights Dog Park, to support improvements to and maintenance of the dog park at 11th & Park Roads NW. The park is currently a bit of an eyesore, and we want to fix that (as well as a number of safety and sanitation issues) by putting down a different ground material, building a double-entry gate, closing up areas where small dogs can escape, and creating enforceable rules and norms. The land is owned by WMATA, which makes doing this work on our own a little more challenging (we’re totally willing to do all the work, but need guidance and input from them to ensure they still have all the access they need to do what they do). We want to be able to go to them with a list of MANY supporters as part of our effort to get this done. So if you’re a dog owner who uses the park (or you don’t use it because you think it’s gross), and/or you’re a neighborhood resident who is interested in seeing the park get beautified and better maintained, please sign up at

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  • Glad to see the community taking this on. I would love to see enforceable rules and norms. Sadly, my pooch and I avoid this park due to all of the dog fights we’ve seen.

  • That place is disgusting. It used to be such a nice green space.

  • Really glad they are taking initiative and hope that WMATA is cooperative. There are a few minor inexpensive upgrades that can make a big difference (baggies, permanent water source, closing holes, etc…)

  • Great work! I am a dog owner and appreciate the work involved. I signed the form yesterday. To all the haters… I trained my dog to sniff you out and slobber and love all over your lame self. There are plenty of green spaces for humans… do a little research 😉

  • So happy to hear this news! Let’s help make this an even better and more safe park for dogs and owners alike.

  • I think this is a great idea and a great way to get people involved in the area, as long as the Friends of the Dog Park remember that they are just volunteer caretakers and they aren’t in charge of the dog park. I’ve seen so many great community projects go astray when a small group of volunteers decides to “create enforceable rules.”

  • Please either put in fake turf like the dog park on New Hampshire near Dupont or do something else to keep the pee-dirt run off from the sidewalk. In general, it was nicer when it was just a WMATA entry point. Thank you.

    – someone who never walks on that side of the street because it’s nasty

  • Maybe try getting in touch with Dan Stessel, who is the PR person at WMATA. He is a regular at the Dupont S Street Dog Park, so he may be able to sympathize and point you in the right direction.

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