Former Sutra/Viet Thai Spaces to Become NYNY DIVA or NY Diva NY in Adams Morgan

2406 18th Street, NW

Back in Feb. we noted that Viet Thai and Sutra (formerly Felix) had closed at 2406 18th St, NW. Thanks to a reader for sending word about the new signage that has just gone up. Well, uh, more info as it becomes available…


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  • Ugh. The NYNY Divas are SO much more diva-ey in NYNY. I don’t even bother swishing around anywhere else.

  • That’s alright, I think we have enough information on this place already 🙂

  • HELL YEAH, finally some authentic NY diva up in here!

  • This is an Onion post right?


    DO NOT!

    Evidenced by:

    1. Stainless steel facade graded to withstand all sorts of weather.
    2. Bicycle parking DIE-WRECKLY OUT FRONT
    3. Newspaper stand. Check!
    4. AdMo Signage! Yeah BID!
    5. Pho Bowl sign. Bam!

    Color Me BAD!

  • ugh why can’t my neighborhood stop being filled with d-bag business owners….

  • Is there some kind of dog whistle strategy with new entrepreneurs on 18th street to create establishments with names that no local would be caught dead in? How about Fed Federal Restaurant, too?

    Create a business that I would want to go to and be proud of as your neighbor and y’all won’t have to be in the red from Sunday to Wednesday. BONUS: You won’t go out of business when summer vacation ends and all that fake ID money dries up for the year.

    • I think word has gotten around that if you have a liquor license on 18th Street, you don’t have to put much effort into your business in order to make money off 20-somethings who just want to get wasted.

      Plus, there are always rumors that a lot of these businesses are fronts.

  • Can’t help but think of Stefon from SNL…This place has everything!

  • first thing that came to mind is….another drag brunch spot?

  • Finally! A place to get a good old fashioned lap dance in the hood.

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