Forget Kabob Doner, Shawarma Spot Reopens in Adams Morgan

2418 18th Street, NW

Back in March we saw a sign for Kabob Diner – coming soon to the former Shawarma Spot space. Turns out that plan was scratched and Shawarma Spot has reopened with a new menu including kebabs.  Looking forward to giving them a try:


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  • Did the sign mean it was getting a new name or just a new menu? It was definitely confusing and more.

    Interestingly, shawarma, gyro and doner all mean “turning’ or ‘turned’ in their respective languages of arabic, greek and turkish.

  • I wish someone here would open an authentic NYC style khlav kalesh and crab juice joint!

  • $12.95 for a kebab? Like, in a pocket? That’s absurd!

  • Their kebabs are outrageously expensive, so this establishment definitely deserves complete and utter failure. Go to Moby Dick and get great kebabs at great prices.

    • It includes a whole platter dude. Shawarma Spot is actually delicious, and the best shawarma in the city, in my opinion. The chicken shawarma with all the fixins is entirely too much food for $8.

  • Nice. I loved Shawarma Spot the last time they were open.

  • I tried their kabob last weekend, it was pretty good and a lot of food for the price. Someone mentioned moby dick I personally don’t like moby dick, I like a place in Virginia but thats too far so I will be going back to Shawarma spot for more kabob and wanna try their shawarma too.

  • I love Shawarma Spot, but let’s not forget about Old City Cafe, the best middle eastern fast food restaurant in the area. There is an intense amount of competition between the middle eastern restaurants in AdMo, all focusing on the same type of food fast middle eastern food. Donner Bistro was completely an unnecessary addition in my opinion (although I am a huge fan of the Foosball table and the beers). Let’s hope the Mediterranean spot does not open within the same four block radius of Old City Cafe, Amsterdam Felafel Shop, Astor, and Donner Bistro.

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