First Snakes, Now the “Dog Bite” – What’s Going on at Walter Pierce Park?


Yesterday we learned about the snakes falling from trees in Walter Pierce Park [2630 Adams Mill Rd, NW] in Adams Morgan and now I see this ominous sign: “Do you know anything about the Dog Bite“? I fear for what we learn next…


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  • I’m hoping this is just guerilla marketing for a new punk band.

  • Two pit mixes got in a fight, and when the owners pulled them apart one of the owners got bit. She grabbed her dog and then left without talking to the other owner about whether or not that dog was vaccinated for rabies or getting any info from them. When she went to the hospital they told her she needed to find out the dog’s rabies status that bit her or they would start the rabies treatments as a precaution. This sign is her attempt at trying to find out that information. She should prolly take it down at this point. I am a regular at this dog park, it was quite a bit of drama for a few weeks.

    • That’s why people should never break up dog fights with their hands. Dump water on them, it’s safer and immediately shocks the dogs out of “fight” mode.

      • That is if you have access to water. Otherwise grab their hind legs to separate them.

        • Agreed…picking up a dog’s hind legs like a wheelbarrow can work as I’ve seen it done recently. It is of course still dangerous for the person doing it though.

        • Sounds like a good Kickstarter campaign!

          • Should just put every pitbull or pitbull mix on those doggy wheel chairs as they enter the dog park. That way you can just wheel your dog’s hind legs away from the fight. Sorry to discriminate, talk to Denver.

    • I can’t believe pits were involved in this

    • I was there when she posted the sign. She had like 24 hrs to find out if the dog had rabies before having to get treated for it which from what I hear involves painful shots to the stomach. The sign should be taken down since it’s no longer applicable. She could probably sue the Pit Bull owner. p.s. Pit Bull the singer is cool.

      • rabies shots aren’t painful anymore. what they are is very expensive, unless you have insurance.

  • How long until this thread degenerates into the great pitbull debate?

  • To top it off, the park is hedged in by an old burying ground. Spooky.

  • Shame on you for this sensationalism about Walter Pierce. Based on previous posts about the park, clearly you know enough people to contact who are aware of the comings and goings that you could have reached out to someone and asked questions. Yet instead you post this with a sensational headline and “I fear for what we learn next.” Lame.

    Oh and by the way, the snake incident happened AFTER the dog bite incident and that sign has been posted since the 19th.

    • Carrie is clearly insane. I fear for what we learn next….

    • Oh man, I’ve seen people be irrationally defensive about their neighborhood crime levels, restaurants, and home prices – but never so defensive about the safety from animal attacks at a park.

      Get a grip, buddy. It was a joke.

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