Esquire Magazine Names DC’s Best Bars

3125 Mt Pleasant St, NW

Esquire Magazine has issues a “field report” on DC’s best bars. Among those selected were the Raven, Jack Rose, Tabard Inn, Round Robin in the Willard, Off the Record in the Hay-Adams, and the Columbia Room in the Passenger.

From their report on the Raven in Mt. Pleasant:

“I don’t know of a sounder bar in America.”

Awesome. Read their full report here.

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  • The Esquire article read like it was written by someone who didn’t belong drinking in any of those places.

    • You don’t know David Wondrich? He’s a cocktail legend.

    • justinbc

      David Wondrich is definitely one of the foremost writers on the subject of drinking, but I do question the inclusion of Round Robin in here. It’s a pretty terrible bar, with extremely overpriced drinks, that plays entirely too much on the luxury of “history”.

      • At first I thought he looked like a pretentious tool. Then I read some of his articles. My initial assessment has been confirmed.

        Plus everyone should drink where they want and not because Wondrich said a place was authentic.

      • Agreed. I assume he threw in the Willard and the Hay Adams to have more famous Washington stuff. He’d have had a lot more fun if he’d done more DC stuff.

        • So, I have to say that I have actually been to Off the Record, and it was one of my favorite bar experiences in DC. Quiet, really good cocktail, great bartender, friendly patrons. Not the H Street experience, but it definitely qualifies as a good bar in my book.

          • justinbc

            I like Off the Record as well, along with the other mentions, with the exception of Round Robin. It actually has some real class, and no doubt solid made drinks.

  • This kind if list is in general stupid. This list specifically is just awful and sad. I literally hope he just wrote up the first 6 bars he went to and this wasn’t based on any actual analysis of anything.

  • Surprised they didn’t mention Lou’s in CoHi. GREAT Happy Hour deals.

  • Not impressed with that list. At all.

  • justinbc

    As I mentioned to the first person to link this to me this morning, the “list” reads more like a travel log rather than an actual “best of”. Dave was just here in town recently for the event at Howard Theatre and it sounds like these are the places he went while visiting.

  • watched a roach circus behind the bar the other night at the Raven, it was revolting. don’t get anything that comes in a glass there

    • Maybe I’m getting old, but having a roach crawl across my table while I’m enjoying a beer just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

  • Wow, I’ve been here 8 years and haven’t been to any of these. I need to get out more!

  • The Raven? It’s so popular no one goes there anymore.

  • haters be damned. The raven f&*^ing owns.

  • raven was great like 10 years ago put a fork in it..If the 55 year old from esquire thinks you’re cool you are very done… lmao

  • There are any number of better options now..Dodge city,Red Derby,little miss whiskey’s….yada yada yada….

  • I found these choices to be totally random. Jack Rose? what?

    Also “mile-long slog through the nondescript residential/commercial area north of Dupont Circle” is quite pleasant, thanks.

    • justinbc

      The whiskey / bourbon selection at Jack Rose is not only the best in DC, but one of the best I’ve seen anywhere. I’m assuming that’s what drew him in based on the article, but they’ve also got a fantastic beer program going, with Nahem Simon (formerly of ChurchKey & Rustico) doing some really fantastic stuff. The crowd might be a turn off to many, but the beverage program itself is pretty superb.

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