DPR and DOH to Temporarily Allow Water Bottles at Pools Pending a Review of Current Regulations

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

Earlier in the week a reader wrote in about the prohibition of water bottles at DC public pools.

DPR and DOH have issued a statement:

The DC Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) released the following statement today:

Current District of Columbia Department of Health regulations cite that “…no food, drink, glass or animals [are allowed] in the pool area,” (25-C DCMR § 6403). DOH is the agency responsible for licensing and inspecting all pools within the inventory of the DPR. The current regulations are designed to keep pools safe and free from any harmful substances that may contaminate pool water, as well as to eliminate clutter and other potential hazards from the pool deck. DOH and DPR are currently reviewing these regulations in light of the recent questions regarding the use of water bottles by pool patrons. Both DOH and DPR understand the importance of pool patrons maintaining maximum hydration and encourage patrons to continue to enjoy the District’s pools. DPR and DOH will temporarily allow the use of non-glass, non-breakable, water bottles in the pool area at District aquatic facilities, pending a review of the regulations by both agencies.

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  • Good news, at least for now. Hopefully common sense will prevail at DOH and swimmers will be allowed to hydrate during their workouts.

  • At least they recognized how asinine this is. Hopefully it gets changed as a result.

  • Now if only they would aloow us to have a snack area INSIDE the fence at the Upshur Pool. Swimming works up an appetite, I know I don’t want crumbs and wrappers all around the pool deck, but a little picnic nook would be so nice…

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