Dear PoPville – Watch Your Bags at Nationals Games

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Dear Popville,

On Memorial Day my fiance and I attended the Nationals game, and her purse was stolen out from under our seats around the sixth inning. The same thing happened to a couple sitting next to us. We were in the last row of Section 135, so it was definitely possible for someone to get directly behind our seats, reach down, and grab the bags without us immediately noticing. After the fact, a guy who had been standing in the area thought that he had seen something suspicious–two kids seemed to be distracting him by asking him to take their picture while two male adults were behind our seats. So that may well be the group responsible for the heist, although there is no security footage to verify this.

Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone else out there has had this experience or heard of a similar scheme taking place out at the ballpark, or at any other area sports venues. It sure seems like something whoever is responsible wouldn’t pull just once; they knew what they were doing by targeting our seats at a full game.

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  • Why would you leave your purse under the seat? I would never do that. If I’m at a game, either I don’t bring a purse or I have it on my lap the whole time (I prefer one I can wear over one shoulder across my chest so I don’t have to worry about it falling down). Once in a while, I have a backpack and it’s on the floor in between my legs. I’m not sure why you would think leaving your purse under your seat at a baseball game is any safer than leaving it under your seat at a restaurant, on the metro, etc.

  • Blaming the victim is pathetic. She obviously knows it was stolen, and is trying to help others.

    • thebear

      At the same time, it must also be stressed that everyone has a personal responsibility for taking reasonable and simple precautions to safeguard their valuables. No matter how many times one hears or reads about purses being snatched from restaurants, theaters, sporting events, women continue to leave them where they can be easily taken. Just this past weekend I walked past Circa on Connecticut Av. Not 1, but 4 women had purses hanging on their chairs where they could easily be snatched by someone running past. I stopped to let them know they should move them so they aren’t easy targets. One of the gals told me to mind my f*in business. ‘scuse the crap out of moi for trying to help.

  • A similar thing happened to me during a Georgetown game at the Verizon Center.

  • An usher stands at the top of all of those sections, hopefully they are aware that this happens so they can keep an eye out.

  • “Watch your bags while anywhere in DC”

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