Dear PoPville – New Red Light Cameras?


Dear PoPville,

Does anyone know what these new cameras hanging on existing red light camera posts are? Are they just updates to red light cameras or are they ticketing for other issues?

I checked the DC camera site and this site (1st and RI ave, NE) was not listed as a speed camera location. I saw several of these new cameras around town today.

Watch out!!

Ed. Note: Last week we discussed these new cameras seen around town.

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  • I think that’s RI & 1st NW. There’s been a camera there for a long time, but that is a newer looking one. Hopefully this one’ll cut down on the false positives for right turns onto 1st NW.

  • The funny thing is they are too far forward to be able to see the “stop” line that seems necessary to indicate you ran the light. I looked for these cameras online and they look similar to ones that ticket for speed (I couldn’t find ones that look exactly the same)

    • not necessary to see the stop line, your presence in the intersection when the light is red is plenty.

      also, if you get the false positive for a right turn, just contest it and mail it back, it will be overturned. the camera actually takes a video that proves your innocence.

      • Actually, the stop line IS required to be in the photo for a red light camera ticket. You get two photos with the ticket. One showing your vehicle behind the stop line with the light already red, and another showing your vehicle past the stop line with the light still red. This proves that you didn’t enter the intersection on a yellow light and the signal changed while you were going through it, but that instead you entered on an already red light. Sometimes there are two cameras, one a little further back to get the first shot and another one right at the intersection – this photo might just be of the second one with the first one out of the frame.

  • Since October, DC speed cameras alone have issues $29.5m in tickets. DC has found their cash cow and now they’re throwing it into overdrive (pun intended).

    • Or to put it another way….Law breaking drivers seem content to voluntarily tax themselves, to the tune of 29.5M since last October.

    • It’s actually very easy to avoid getting tickets. I’ll tell you how.

      Step 1: Don’t break the law.

      That’s it. There’s only one step.

  • It’s clearly a high tech birdhouse

  • I love that Squaredeal has turned this post into an opportunity to make themselves feel superior. Seriously sanctimonious. Like you’ve NEVER done anything slightly outside the bounds of law. Please.

    • I drive every day in the district and have never gotten a camera ticket. It’s not like some implausible achievement to do so. Just don’t go over the speed limit. It’s a city. Not speeding in DC is totally different from getting popped going 66 in a 55 on an 8 lane highway.

  • A number of companies sell a photo blocker spray that you coat yor license plate with. It’s clear, you can see it but when the flash of the camera goes off it is highly reflective and ghosts out the picture. I tested it out on the 295 camera. Sped by 20 mph faster than the limit, saw the flash go off, and never received a ticket. Works like a charm and is completely legal. Take that DC

    • The paint may be legal, but the speeding isn’t….

      • Yeah, well DDOT tells us nearly half of the cities cyclists in this town run their red lights which has to be the most dangerous and idiotic thing anyone can possible do, yet the city sees fit to charge me a 100 bucks for going 6 mph faster than the ridiculously low limit on a zero access pedestrian or cyclist freeway. So as long as DC maintains this laughable money grab supposed in the name of “safety”, while ignoring far more egregious dangers, then I frankly don’t care.

        • 1) “Lisa Sutter, MPD’s Program Manager for the Photo Enforcement Program, said that between 75 and 80 percent of all tickets given out by the cameras are for speeding between 11-15 miles an hour over the posted speed limit ($125 fine), and 17 to 20 percent are for those driving between 16 and 20 miles an hour over the limit ($150 fine). But for those caught driving between 1 and 10 miles an hour above the limit ($75 fine), she said during the meeting, tickets are rarely sent out to the offender.” (via DCist)

          2) Cyclists running red lights are dangerous, yes; but more so than a two-ton hunk of metal going, say, 35 in a 25? How many more pedestrians are killed by cyclists each year than by cars?

          3) Is it really that hard to just slow down and obey the law? If you think the speed limit is set too low, lobby your elected officials, don’t whine on a blog and spend money on magic paint.

          • Clearly you haven’t had to stop your 2-ton hunk of metal in 25 for a cyclist running a stop sign or red light.

    • i think they sell it at DYRS.

    • Obscuring/obstructing view of your license plate certainly is illegal. And, with many of the sprays, you can tell with a naked eye, because it looks fuzzy.

  • Those are speed cameras. I sawa guy workingon one of these and asked what it is.

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