Dear PoPville – Mugging in Adams Morgan Thursday Night

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Dear PoPville,

I was mugged Thursday, May 23 around 11:30pm about a block south of the corner of 19th and Wyoming. Two African American males (guessing in their 20s) pushed me down and took my belongings and ran off. I (not so wisely) ran after them and saw them get into a car at 18th and Wyoming heading north (a dark SUV I believe). If anyone witnessed the event and has more details I could provide to the police, that would be wonderful. Or if they happened to find any of my belongings that were dumped (coral colored purse – Target brand, blue old navy bag with gym clothes inside). The case number is 069461

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  • Ally

    So sorry that happened to you and, smart or not, ballsy running after them after such a traumatic thing. Hope they find the jackasses soon.

  • Sucks. Sorry.

  • If they got into an SUV on 18th, then there has to be CCTV footage of the vehicle. And, if you’re lucky, a clear shot of the vehicle’s license plate. There’s a ton of cameras on 18th, so there’s probably footage you want on one of them. You just need to inquire now before they record over/erase the old footage.

    These little twerps escalate their crimes. First, they steal from people dining in restaurants and bars, when the patrons are not paying attention. Then it’s a smash and run. Next, they graduate to in-person intimidation or a mild assault (as in your case). Eventually, they get more violent and procure a gun for their robberies. At every step of the way, they toughen their game. Hopefully they’re young enough that a police intervention at this stage might scare them straight.

  • They are such cowards. I only seem to read about men robbing women and old people. Its worse than being a criminal is preying on easy targets. Doubly embarrassing for their parents.

  • Ahhh summertime shenanigans in DC!

  • Sorry to hear about the attack. I got attacked last year on Columbia and 17th while biking home late on a Saturday night. Three big guys hiding between parked cars; one of them jumped out and threw a punch at my head; only caught me in the throat. Stayed on my bike and dialed 911 while they jumped in an SUV and started chasing me. Thankfully got to 16th st where there were other cars before they could do me any serious damage. I was unable to speak because of the punch so the 911 operator told me that she couldnt help me and hung up. I thought I did something wrong since 911 hung up on me so I didnt call the police until my friends insisted 2 days later. The officer said there is absolutely no way they will be able to catch the guys. Ever since then I always carry a bright yellow 5-pound U-lock when biking through an empty street at night. And I swing it around my head like a lunatic. No one messes with lunatics

  • This type of sh*% pisses me off. Police are going to have to put more foot and bicycle patrol around the high dense areas (not just the main strips but on the side streets also). I don’t understand how DC, with over 3800 officers (the most per capita in the nation), cannot afford to dispatch more officers to patrol. In addition, people need to be vigilant as they travel daily thought the city. Though DC is a lot safer than it was years ago, it is still a city. One of the risks of living in any city is a higher exposure to crime. These type of mugging are only going to increase as the summer progress.

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