Dear PoPville – Burglary in Mt. Pleasant

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Dear PoPville,

I live in a group house in Mt. Pleasant and we noticed that 3 bikes were missing. Turns out, our house was robbed Friday night. It was robbed while we were all in the house, while sleeping and all of the doors were locked. The thieves popped open a window, stuck their hand through the window and unlocked our back door in order to gain entry into the house. In addition to the bikes, they took other items like 2 dvd players, a camera, an external hard drive, etc. Based on when other roommates were or weren’t around last night, we figured out that it had to be between 1-4 am.

You may want to suggest to readers in Mt. Pleasant to be extra cautious. Apparently even if your doors are locked, it doesn’t necessarily mean your safe.

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  • I think you have to be super careful if you have windows that are close to back doors, etc. Thieves will use any opportunity they can to gain entry. Good idea to keep those windows locked. Also, was there a deadbolt on that back door that has to be opened with a key? We have deadbolts and simple turning locks on our inner and outer doors. In case someone breaks a glass and tries to enter using the simple lock, the deadbolts will stop them – those can only be opened with a key from inside and outside. So sorry this happened to you.

    • Deadbolts that require keys to unlock from the inside violate fire codes in rental housing. We discovered this when getting the locks changed on a basement apartment we rent out, and had to replace the existing deadbolts with less-secure deadbolts with latches.

      • Tricky issue… I lived for a long time in a home that had security doors that opened with a key on the inside and outside. We were one of the only homes (maybe literally the only one) on my block that didn’t get broken into while I lived there. On the other hand, it really would have been scary if there was a fire and you didn’t have your key on you. There was no way to exit the ground floor of the house without a key.

  • My bike was stolen at 11:30pm in Mt. Vernon Square, we saw from our top floor window 3 boys on bikes wearing hoodies circling in our alley, one cut my bike lock and left with my bike…they left a red rental bike behind which probably was stolen too. We ran after them bu didn’t find them. They are brazen and don’t care which makes me furious. Lock up people and hide valuables at night.

    • If it is a capital bike share rental (and not stolen), can’t it be traced to the purchaser.

  • I love sleeping with the windows open when possible. Good reminder to close/ lock the downstairs windows before I head up for the night.

  • My sympathies for anyone who suffers a burglary, it is an awful event. But this also made me chuckle a bit to remember 10 or so years ago on jury duty. It was a burglary in Mt. Pleasant of some Peace Corps types, so all the stolen stuff was like Guatemalan beads and cassette tapes of sitar music.

  • The idea of someone breaking into my house and stealing my stuff while I’m in the house sleeping and unaware is terrifying. So sorry this happened to you. My apartment is on the first floor and I’m always afraid of someone breaking in through the windows. Even though I rent, I invested in a security alarm for peace of mind.

  • same exact thing happened to a friend of mine in mt. p. several months ago. group home, mt. p., opened back door through window or mail slot, took bike and dvd players etc… all at night when people were sleeping. Folks in mt. p. should get security bar doors to stop these dip**its and maybe a mean dog to fight them off.

    • I used to live in an English basement in Mt. Pleasant and several of my neighbors were burglarized during the day on the same day. Like an idiot, I didn’t even lock my security door, so I would have been an easy target. The cops came by to check my door, looked in and saw the 85 lb German Shepherd mix, and said it was why the burglars moved on to easier pickings.

    • preview of next week on POP – mean dog from Mt. Pleasant group house attacks nice dogs at Dog Park.

  • DVD players are $30 new. What’s the street value of a stolen
    DVD player at this point? $5?

    • C’mon, you’re rationalizing the actions of an irrational person. If a crackhead/junky can steal your $30 DVD player and get $5 on the street: THEY ARE GOING TO DO THAT.

      Plus it sounds like these people lost higher dollar items, cameras, external storage drives etc.

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