Craigslist Wedding Date Result


Huffington Post has the update on the guy who was looking for a last minute wedding date on craigslist:

a woman he’d previously volunteered with at Dreams for Kids D.C. private messaged him and said she’d like to be his date.

“We both had the time of our lives at the wedding and will be hanging out again soon.”

See photos from the date here.

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  • Woah, he landed a really hot date!

    Unfortunately, I feel like he upstaged his friends’ wedding. Not cool, IMO.

    • I doubt that discussion of their wedding slipped off the front page of the Internet because of his stunt. If he upstaged *at* the event, that is not cool. If he got some media attention before and after and their event was otherwise unaffected, then no harm.

      • I agree with Anonymous 3:07 pm.

        He might’ve upstaged the wedding on the blogosphere… but I’d imagine that 1) the family and friends at the wedding are less tuned-in to the D.C. blogosphere than we, as active PoPville readers, are, and 2) the date-related hubbub would’ve been before and after the event, not during it.

        Now, if he’d had a reality-TV crew there at the wedding to film his date, that would have been decidedly uncool.

      • PDleftMtP

        In five years, when people talk about X and Y’s wedding, will they be talking about X and Y or the Craigslist date? If the latter, it’s a friend fail.

  • Haha, good for him, I guess you CAN find normal people on Craigslist!

    • It’s true…a good friend of mine met her boyfriend of about 8 years on Craigslist…they still get a kick of out telling people how they met.

    • I met my wife on Craigslist . . . and she cringes every time someone asks how we met because I insist on telling the whole truth . . . in an effort to destigmatize Craigslist dating!

  • his story just goes to show you that need to just go ask your crush out… DO IT! GET OFF YER DUFF.

  • Dayum!

  • ermahgerd that worked out nicely.

  • Hope he enjoyed his 15 minutes.

  • Does anyone feel like this is just a publicity stunt for the volunteer organization?

    If so, they really worked over the media on this one!

    “Hey, check out all the hot people who volunteer with at-risk kids. And you can meet your future spouse!”

    • The series of photos from the wedding do look deliberately staged.

      • But aren’t lots of couples’ photos deliberately staged? I mean, clearly you’re asking someone to take a picture of you, so you’re going to pose it up for the camera. That being said, this does seem like it could be a scheme that someone cooked up in the hopes of it going viral. Or it could just be that I’ve become overly cycnical, having seen too many examples of people jonesing to be internet-famous.

        • The first one is the obligatory posed picture that you’re talking about. But then someone managed to get a shot of them laughing hysterically and getting intimate later? The last two images just look too much like stock-style photography to be genuine.

    • I agree that this might have been for publicity. Isn’t this gal a model and was on the Real World?

  • He totally Funkhausered the empty gesture plus-one on his invitation.

  • So his date wasn’t even from Craigslist after all? Just goes to show there are never happy endings from craigslist meetings.

    • I was under the impression they’d lost touch but she saw the craigslist ad and recognized him.

  • No rhyme or reason as to why some stories get national attention and others don’t.
    For years, there have been posts on Craigslist and other personal ad venues in which a person seeks a date to a specific event. Same potential for bliss or disaster – two strangers meeting for the first time and spending an extended period of time together.
    This one merits the Huffington Post?
    Kudos to the both of them if all of this is for real. But those photos do look staged. Where was this wedding reception held that she would be wearing a fur wrap while some guy in the background has a wife beater on.

    • And the last picture looks like a sketchy barn or log cabin. Kind of an odd wedding venue.

      • Odd wedding venue ONLY OUTSIDE major metropolitan areas! I know plenty of people from smaller towns or rural areas that got married in old barns or barns that have been converted to restaurants or event spaces. Not everyone wants to pay 10K for a venue.

        • Jeez, I meant it look like an ugly place to have a wedding. Why not just say the vows in a used car dealership lot?

    • justinbc

      I think the standard of merit for Huffingtonpost is a bit far from what it used to be, regardless of this “story”.

  • They didn’t meet on CL. He posted the same story to his Facebook, and this girl who he used to work with read his Facebook update and emailed him.

    So, to summarize. He didn’t meet her on CL, and they knew each other previously. That covers about 2 billion couples on planet earth.

    Also, the last picture didn’t look like either of them.

  • this seems super-staged and publicity driven. in any event, he already knew her, so doubly lame.

    in the real word, you have a better chance of just trying to take down another solo artist at the wedding; why even turn to FB/CL in the first place?

  • There is a dude in a “wife-beater” in the second photo. Classy wedding or shenanigans?

  • Seems like a way for her to get publicity for her modeling more than anything else…

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