Columbus Plaza Reopens in Front of Union Station

Photo via @mayorvincegray

From a press release:

Today, Mayor Vincent C. Gray marked the completion of the Columbus Plaza Rehabilitation Project, which improves access and safety for pedestrians and vehicular traffic traversing the plaza en route to Union Station.

“Before this project, vehicles dropping off passengers to Union Station had to navigate through the plaza’s puzzling configuration and pedestrians had to be wary of confused drivers trying to find their way in and out of the plaza,” Mayor Gray said. “Now, the rehabilitated plaza serves as a safer, more convenient welcome to the District for the hundreds of thousands who visit our most iconic transit hub.”

The federally funded project was implemented through a partnership that includes the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Amtrak, the Architect of the Capitol, the National Park Service, the Federal Transit Administration, the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). The 18-month construction phase commenced in September 2011 and the total project cost was approximately $10.8 million.

The following improvements and features are now in place throughout the project area:

· A redesigned traffic circle that allows vehicles to loop around the plaza to enter and exit Union Station,

· New, larger sidewalks to enhance pedestrian safety,

· An enhanced traffic-signal system that will lead to the more efficient flow of pedestrians and vehicles throughout the plaza, and

· A less-obtrusive bollard security system around the perimeter of the station.

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  • mtpgal

    Nice! I’ve always been fond of that statue, and the flags are just neat. I hope they kept those!

  • I’m glad to see Norton grinning and showing leg at a ribbon cutting but she can’t answer my email question from 6 months ago. Really? you can’t vote and you have the smallest group of constituents in the nation and you still can’t find time to answer emails from them?

    • She’s pretty useless except for events like ribbon cutting ceremonies, etc.

    • Not to nitpick, but there are 2 states that have smaller populations than the District of Columbia. Their reps have smaller groups of constituents. But she is still useless.

    • I believe Vermont and Wyoming both have smaller populations than DC actually… but she (or a staffer at least) should be able to get back to you

  • what about the fountain? is it fixed too?

  • Brought to you by the same people who re-designed Dave Thomas Circle!

    • Hahaha, I’m laughing manically at my desk and my co-workers now thing I’m crazier than before. 🙂

      Can’t wait for the transpo wonks to trash this redesign in a few months…..

  • Will the buses return to their stops inside the circle now? Or has the relocation across Mass. Ave. been made permanent?

  • The fountains are in horrible shape. The central Columbus fountain is actually so bad it’s embarrassing and pretty much ruins the impact of all the other good work that was done. Shame on the National Park Service, and for Congress for slashing their budget to almost nothing.

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