City Kids: Brunch at Jake’s American Grill

Jake's American Grill

City Kids is written by Takoma, DC resident Caroline. Caroline previously wrote about BloomBars Harambe!

City Kids: Brunch at Jake’s American Grill

My affinity for brunch did not decrease when I had kids. But the feasibility of waiting in a long line to have that brunch definitely did. Luckily, I heard through the grapevine recently about the weekend kids’ brunch at Jake’s American Grill.

Jake’s is welcoming families with young kids with open arms. The lower level was fully outfitted with games, crafts, and activities. The TVs were tuned to Sesame Street and other kid favorites (and staff were willing to take requests when Sponge Bob was a bit too much for our toddlers). The crowning jewel, however, was the dedicated childcare provider who was available to play games, color, or just keep an eye on them while the grownups enjoy a mimosa.

The staff of Jake’s was eager to see us and spread the word about their kids’ brunch. We arrived early due to our nap schedule, and we had the place to ourselves. Later, other families and groups arrived and the place filled up.

The brunch menu offered a number of typical offerings, as well as some snazzier egg dishes.

What: Kids’ brunch at Jake’s American Grill
Where: 5018 Connecticut Avenue, NW
When: Saturdays and Sundays 11am-3pmCity Kids: Brunch at Jake’s American Grill

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  • Wow. Brunch, kids, AND tv sets all over the place? It’s a get me the f**k outta here trifecta.

  • Thanks for the tip on this! As a parent of a toddler, it’s nice to know that this is available! How was the food?

  • I like Jake’s, but thanks for the heads up to never go to brunch there.

    • Actually, the kids’ brunch is limited to the basement level. And you are immediately steered down there when you show up with a child . .this is part of the brilliance I see in this set up. People without kids are not annoyed by them and the people with kids are catered to as well. The folks they hired are Montesorri teachers and do crafts with the bigger kids.
      I’ve been, the food was what you expect from a neighborhood bar, and think its a great idea and would work at other establishments as well so that those with kids and the kid-less can all co-exist and be happy.

  • I love kids. I have no problem sharing a restaurant with them. It’s the idiotic parents with terrible parenting skills who have clearly lost all control over their offspring and allow them to scream their heads off or otherwise run amok around the place that I can’t stand.

    • You clearly don’t have kids.

      • I don’t have kids either, but I’m with Anon on this one. I have emphathy for parents who are truly making an effort to calm down their kids who are pitching a fit–and you can usually tell from the entreaties and the frustrated/exhausted expressions who these parents are and that despite their best efforts, the kids aren’t having it. That empathy supercedes any annoyance about the noise, etc.

        That’s very different from the so-called parenting that I unfortunately see too often in restaurants and similar establishments–that is, parents who are completely oblivious as their kids are tearing around the joint shrieking , or alternately fawning over the kids like their behavior is the cutest thing ever. I’ve seen parents at brunch completely and blithely engrossed in their Sunday newspaper reading while their kids yelled and banged on the table to their hearts’ content. Unfortunately, I think it’s those parents who give parents a bad name.

      • I have kids, and I’m with Anonymous on this.

  • Does little Madison want to order the bottomless mimosas?

  • Glad that the series is proving useful to all.

    Food was just ok. I probably wouldn’t go for brunch if it weren’t for the kid attractions.

    • Caroline,
      My name is John Pan and I work with District Restaurant Group. We’d like to first thank you for writing your post about Jake’s. Our goal with Kid’s brunch is to provide a kid friendly environment so that parents have the opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy a meal over the weekend. Secondly, we wanted to reach out to get your thoughts about your experience with the menu and food. We would like to hear how we could improve the food to make your next brunch out with the kids more enjoyable. Thank you, John

  • So, in other words, Two Amys?

  • Thanks for this, love the series. Gah, why is the PoP commentariat typically so effusive about their love of dogs, and so mean when it comes to things having to do with children in our city? It’s so disheartening.

    • Because kids are evil. Just kidding!! Just like some people prefer not to be around dogs, some people are that way about kids. Deal with it.

    • I agree. People of all ages, including kids, are part of the diversity of the community.

    • Oh please.

      Look, you think it reads that way. I think it reads the exact opposite.

      We all see differently, and it just depends on who is reading which slant they see.

  • Thanks for letting me know. Now I will stay far, far away from Jake’s on weekends.

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