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  • OMG FINALLY. I know they’re doing good work but that block as is is an eyesore, and I’m tired of living across the street from it.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if for his community service time Kwame Brown would have to scrape the gum off the sidewalk all around the Mission?

    • Really sad to see this. Beginning of the end for the real residents of 14th Street,

      • Is that similar to Sarah Palin’s “Real America”?

      • Pretty sure that “beginning” you speak of happened sometime in the mid-to-early 2000s.

      • And would those real residents be the ones living in the mission, the ones who lived there before the mission, the ones who lived there after the riots, the ones who lived there before the riots, the ones who lived there during and just before WWII, the ones who lived there during the Depression or the ones who lived there…?

        • Actually, I think they’re referring to the Irish and the Polish who lived here and were pushed out by the Germans after the Civil War.

      • Is this a new show on Bravo: The Real Residents of 14th St?

  • Normally I’m very “pro-development,” but on a deeper level, this makes me very sad.

  • my understanding is that they are not closing down, just moving.

  • so happy they aint coming to Georgia Avenue!

  • Seems like a win-win. They likely got a TON of money which will help their mission and they are moving to a part of the city in which there are more poor now that their former addres is much more gentrified. 14th street gets more condos from the low low low 700s!!!! 🙂

  • but will they keep the “come unto me” sign?

    • Maybe they’ll keep the sign for whatever swagger-jacking cafe/bar/bistro opens in the retail spaces.

  • Sad but part of life on 14th. I barely recognize the street from 2004 when i moved here.

    Anyone know if those low income/low rise housing on 14th South of S and north of Riggs are going? I remember the story about how developers are trying to buy, but it appeared to be a major pain to get all owners agreeing to move.

    Although there are 2 for sale online, hahahah yeah right almost $800,000 just to wait and have a developer screw you over.

    • justinbc

      I would think not recognizing the previous iteration of 14th St would be a good thing, and not sad, given how bad it used to be.

      • 14th Street wasn’t “bad” in 2004. You have a skewed sense of what a “bad” area looks like.

        • actually not that much different from 2004, sure a few new restaurants, but 2004 is more like 2013 than 2004 was to 1990

      • figby

        False choice: The mission as emblematic of awful old 14th Street or this hideous new retail emporium.

        Everyone cheering about how this featureless, neo-Clarendon, pre-fab, condo-topped mall is such an improvement will be the same ones fleeing the area soon enough in search of neighborhoods “with more character.”

    • But if they move, who will be around to might you or steal your fixed hear bike? It won’t seem as gritty and dangerous on 14th. Will this reduce property values by reducing the gritty hipster vibe? *


    • the “frontier” rowhouses at 14th and S are not low income. they were built as low income but they are now market rate properties. the two 800k listings you reference are crazy but they are based on what a developer offered them in the past. Many developers tried to buy the property but the condo rules have a unique clause that requires 100% buy-in for redevelopment (and this includes the Frontiers on 14th and 9th). So that 800k offer is meaningless unless everyone accepts.

  • Looking forward to seeing the transformation!

  • My liberal guilt twinges, but at the same time it was bound to happen.

  • justinbc

    The body of the article really needs to more clearly point out that they are simply moving, not shutting down, to end all these ill informed comments.

  • With this and Shirt Laundry and the Lionel Trains hardware store gone for good, I’m running out of things to twig memories of going to Black Cat shows in the ’90s and hoping to run into Blelvis outside.

  • Even money that the new luxury rental or condo building that pops up on this site will be called The Mission.
    Central Union Mission elected to sell their property to get more funds that would allow them to continue their work. They took advantage of the fact that the neighborhood where they were located had progressed from being a place where no one wanted to live to one where lots of people wanted to live.
    The part where they searched for a new location was more of a standard gentrification story, involving a neighborhood- Park View – not wanting to absorb another social services provider in the midst of its redevelopment. I’m a bit surprised that they ended up in NoMa, which is undergoing its own redevelopment.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty rich that people are criticizing “gentrifiers” for forcing out a group that in fact decided to move on its own. And for a massive cash payout to boot.

      As you also mention, where’s the outrage about the NIMBYs who refused to let the Mission move up to Georgia Avenue? I guess the shame/liberal guilt campaign that’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander.

      • If you go back through the PoP archives, you will see that when the Mission’s plan to relocate to relocate to Georgia Avenue came up a couple of years ago there were several heated threads about it. There was plenty of outrage over the ensuing NIMBYism that was against the relocation, but there were justifiable concerns about the relocation as well.

  • The best thing would be a more regional focus on homelessness. The churches that feed people at Franklin Square Park come from places like temple Hills, Manassas, Alexandria, etc.that have plenty of poverty and marginally housed people–they should be working in their own communities rather than contributing to the disproportionate burden born by DC. Certain neighborhoods bore excessive burden in the past, as well, including Logan. The Mission’s new site makes more sense–near a transport hub (although Union Station patrons might not like it) whereas 14th Street is only good if you want the 50s buses or the circulator.

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