Adams Morgan BID Launches New Outdoor Dining Campaign “Al Fresco. Al Frisky.”


“al Fresco. al Frisky. they’re both on the menu in Adams Morgan.”

Like the campaign?


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  • thumbs. down.

  • Al creepy, al won’t be there

  • This has extinguished any lingering doubts I had about not dining in Adams Morgan. But then I’m not the target audience. As a middle aged man, I actually care about the quality of food and service rather than hooking up.

    • Don’t let this stupid ad campaign stop you from eating in Adams Morgan. There are some great places to eat in the neighborhood: Cashion’s Mintwood, Napoleon, Grill from Ipanema, Casa Oxaca, Jack Rose, Taan, Pho 14, Mama Ayesha’s, and I could go on.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 There are some great eateries there!

      • +1 on Mama Aysha’s! I recently discovered that place and LOVE it. It’s absolutely NOT a young, hook-up vibe. To give you some idea, I took my mother there on her birthday and she loved it. Definitely check it out.

        • All right all right. Yes, Mama Aysha’s, Mintwood, and Cashions are fine places–but cheezy, sleazy ad campaigns must be condemned with all vigor.

    • Lame campaign but there are plenty of decent restaurants on the strip. Bars on the other hand are to be avoided if you’re over 21 or so.

      • to each his own. I’m well over 21, and well, 30 with several kids and still love Madam’s and it’s 50% off happy hour, rarely able to go or catch a band there though.

        • right on. i’m 31 and i still go out, and i’ve taken my 60-something father in law out in the neighborhood and he’s had a great time. and that’s not even getting into the restaurants. anyone who still believes the “only for college kids” meme deserves to miss out. stay away! leave the window seats at smoke & barrel for those of us who appreciate them.

          (that’s not to say that i like the ads though. that first one is a poor choice from a marketing standpoint. and they don’t look like they’re part of the same campaign)

  • Do not like.

    Seems like there are enough good things about dining outdoors that they wouldn’t have to seize on something totally unrelated.

  • Nope. No way. That’s just creepy.

  • The first thing I think of is cat food…

  • Wouldn’t be easier to get frisky indoors where it’s dark?

  • I’m most disturbed by the fact that she was apparently walking around Adams Morgan with one bare foot

  • I don’t think it’s a brilliant campaign or anything, but I don’t understand the pearl clutching reactions. It seems reasonable to infer the ad’s message as: AdMo is a place where it’s fun to be outside, that’s fun and flirty.

    • +1

    • Being appalled by bad taste is not the same as pearl clutching prudery.

      • You’re appalled? That’s the kind of reaction that I have a hard time understanding. Why does it affect you so viscerally? And if a mildly suggestive advertisement appalls you, do you find that you ever lack for appropriate vocabulary when describing your feelings on the really horrifying things in this world?

        • It’s pretty clear – except to the confused and overwrought – that KenyonDweller, and many others, are objecting to tackiness, not anything “mildly suggestive.” Playing footsie in a sidewalk cafe is just gross.

          As for war, hunger, bride burning, child abuse, human trafficking and other “really horrifying” things in the world, I’m pretty sure we have enough vocabulary to go around.

          • “Sleazy!” “Creepy!” “Hooking up!” I don’t think I’m the one who’s confused. Is there an appropriate place for footise in your view? I never thought of myself as an advocate for the practice, but sidewalk cafe doesn’t seem like a notably gross place for it. Podiatrist’s office, prep kitchen, public restroom? Sure. But this isn’t an ad for footsie, it’s an ad pointing out that there’s all kinds of fun to be had in Adams Morgan. While I question that premise, I’m not going to get distracted by the denotation.

            I both admire and worry for your anarchic view of meaning and language.

        • It’s called hyperbole.

          • In a discussion on the nature of your reaction to a thing, accurately describing the nature of your reaction to the thing is kind of important. Anyway, I apologize in advance if I scandalize you when you see me walking around in my thong sandals.

        • No ones offended. I’d just put in on par with the classiness of behaviour demonstrated in your average Jersey Shore episode.

          • some pretty aristocratic people on this thread, luckily my farts smell like rose water or I’d never be invited to any of your dinner parties

          • I dunno…I was flipping channels once and saw a minute of Jersey Shore wherein a cast member yelling about her itchy butt pulled down her pants and sat naked in a mini-fridge. I’ll take the AdMo ads over that ANY day.

  • I don’t like that the restaurant list is on a bus stop, taunting the majority of bus riders that can’t afford to eat at these places.

    • I’m sorry that you see the bus as a low-class means of transportation. Perhaps this advertisement should only run inside of the limos that tote you around?

      I guess I’m not doing as well in life as I thought I was. Time to reevaluate … during my bus ride home this evening.

      • What the hell are you talking about? I take the 90 buses to Adams Morgan and I see who rides them. Most of the riders are not middle or upper class from what I can tell.

        • For what it’s worth, many more busses than the 90’s go to Adams Morgan, such as the L2, 42/3, H1…but I ride the 90’s as well and can afford to live/dine in Adams Morgan. Sorry if the bus is too “low class” for you to ride…

    • By this reasoning, there should be no ads on bus stops for concerts, cell phones, or anything else that the poorest among us can’t afford.

    • I couldn’t agree more…’let them eat cake’ is what I always say…

    • Bus wankers!

  • Keeping it klassy, AM.

  • Allison

    “Look, I don’t know how to say this and it’s really awkward, but my toes are tangled in your leg hair…”

    Guess I’ve never understood the sex appeal of footsie.

    • My SWEATY toes are tangled in your SWEATY leg hair. Remember, this is summer in DC we’re talking about!

  • I’m confused, who’s dating who in this image? Did they crop out the jar into which everyone put their set of keys?

  • It just invites ridicule. Thumbs down for sure.

  • I also think it’s tacky and stupid. I would be less offended if it didn’t promote Adams Morgan as a place for adultery, like if there were no other people in the photo except for the couple playing footsie.

  • Get F*cked in Adams Morgan

    my fee is $750,000

  • Adams Morgan aside, these comments are ridiculous. It’s not like there is a bare set of breasts staring you in the face.

    You people would be mortified if you ever went to Europe. Footsie is “gross”? Adultery?

    • It’s just a stupid, eye rolling add. Al frisky – who says that? Trying too hard to be clever and failing thus making the attempt all the more cringe worthy. It’s like those American Idol audition rejects that so earnestly believe they can actually sing. It’s the ineptitude that makes one uncomfortable.

      • Exactly. Anyone who reads these comments as people being genuinely offended are completely missing the point.

        • Maybe not “offended”, but numerous variations of “omg footsie this is creepy” doesn’t really strike me as the typical razor sharp internet wit.

    • Old people are finally catching on to this whole “internet” phenomenon.

    • get over yourself. most of us are just making fun of how stupid the ad is.

  • Cheesy and cheap. Something you’d expect the Montgomery, Al. Convention’s Bureau to run (not picking on Alabama— just the level of advertising). And Brown socks? Gnarly feet? And everybody looking bored! No exactly the best image of hip folks and good times.

  • God you people are boring. Why not more chatter about their footwears?

  • Is this a joke? It appears Adam Morgan wants to make sure
    It continues to be the place to be for rapes!

    • A number of people close to me are survivors of sexual abuse and assault, so I think I’m usually pretty sensitive about rape-related jokes and messages–but I’m sorry, I don’t see any connection to rape culture or the prevalance/occurance of rape in these ads. I think the ad is kind of dumb maybe, but to me, “frisky” connotes light but slightly naughty flirtation, and there’s nothing even vaguely nonconsensual or coercive about the image. Certainly there are plenty of elements in Adams Morgan nightlife that could contribute to rape–alcohol, aggression, power/control, machismo, a herd mentality–but none of those are present in this ad. In fact, I think it trivializes the seriousness of rape and the pervasiveness of rape culture to draw a connection between rape and something that obliquely–and rather blandly, at that–hints at sex.

  • “Discover a new dish?” How denuded. The ad does not entice one to dine in Adams Morgan. Money well spent by the commercial properties owners.

  • The assumptions in this thread are beyond ridiculous. You’re assuming the respective couples are married to presume that adultery is occurring. Based on what? You’re even assuming which of the four adults pictured are couples? How do you even know how any of these people are related? The two playing footsie could be a couple out with their in-laws, pictured in the middle, for all any of you know. This is so ridiculous.

    • In laws meaning their siblings, not their parents, even though we can’t tell the age of the non-pictured couple.

      But anyway, blah…

      I’d like to see any of you come up with a compelling ad image. This isn’t the best, but it sure isn’t the worst.

  • Would the clever marketing staff at the BID please identify yourselves? Then tell us how this campaign (1) enhances the brand of Adams Morgan restaurants and (2) will increase customer traffic and sales.

  • This ad can only represent the spirit of the trashy joints of 18th street. It is an insult to all the hard working real restaurants such as Perry’s, Wok & Roll, Casa Oxaca, Rumba Cafe, Southern Hospitality, Grill from Ipanema, Cashions, Las Canteras, La Fourchette, Meskerem, Bardias or the Mintwood….

  • I like it. I think it is fun and flirty and encourages people to come check out all the outdoor patios. I had no idea there were 50 restaurants with outdoor dining!

  • As a young “professional” i think the last thing we need to worry about is what a bus stop says. Or, maybe read the subtext of the ad; there are alot of outdoor patios; and lots of fun to be had. Granted its not the best way to portray the multitude of outdoor patios in the neighborhood. But i have seen far more risque things, for instance the topless woman on the wall in Amsterdam Falafelshop. Or the topless woman on the Outside of Madam’s Organ. Its time to lighten up, you’re supposed to have fun when you go out to eat!

    • If you think the criticisms are about it being risque you’ve missed the point entirely.

  • You guys all really need to lighten up. So the ad promotes the singles scene in Adams Morgan, so what?

  • Most like it , see it as light hearted and fun and what it is all about, in case you have not noticed….so come off your prude high horses and forget your seriousness—you are in Washington , after all, so come over and have a laugh. If you remember how…….

  • I am mystified at the uproar. This is no more suggestive than any ad campaign- in fact it’s way tamer than most. It’s slick and attractive and grabs attention. This is the goal. What’s with all the uptight, humorless carrying-on. I just don’t get it.

    • It makes a neighborhood that has a reputation for being lame seem even lamer. It’s not about it being suggestive. I’d be embarrassed by it if I lived there.

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