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  • Not surprising – nothing stays for long in this location.

  • That’s too bad – their Sunday brunch was pretty good. But I’m not surprised because it was usually pretty deserted when I walked by.

  • already?

    Ah well, maybe we will get someplace with a good menu this time.

  • The U.S. Marshals Service was there last week to empty the place out, and put everything from inside out on the sidewalk. Evicted, I’d assume.

  • justinbc

    Wow, that was relatively fast. I only attended an event they hosted for our group, never an actual dinner service, but the food they put out was really quite good and full of spice. Oh well, I’m never in this neighborhood anyway, but it seems like a desert for decent food options.

  • I don’t want to sound mean, but this was no surprise at all. There was never anyone inside the place. Seriously, no one at all, ever, nada, zilch, zero, zip.

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