1905’s Lamb Sandwich Being Offered Tues, June 4th – Sun, June 9th

1905 9th Street, NW

From an email:

The Lamb Sandwich Makes a Special Appearance
Tuesday, June 4th – Sunday, June 9th

Every so often, there comes a dish that becomes synonymous with the restaurant that serves it. McDonald’s has the Big Mac…Momofuku has its cereal milk…for 1905, it was the infamous Lamb Sandwich. We are constantly asked when, or if, it will ever be reinstated on the menu, so we thought we’d do something extra special for the LS Fans among you. Once a quarter, for one week only, Chef Joel Hatton and the culinary team at 1905 will reprise the popular menu item, complete with Asiago cheese bread, lamb jus and side salad for $18.

Anyone ever try it before?

Photo by Russell Warnick

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  • Probably the best sandwich I’ve had in DC.

  • If it’s so amazing and popular why is it not on the regular menu? Gimmick?

  • What a corporate gimmick.

    “We are constantly asked when, or if, it will ever be reinstated on the menu, so we thought we’d do something extra special for the LS Fans among you. Once a quarter, for one week only”

    No, owners of 1905, you are not doing something “extra special” for your guests. You are purposefully offering for sale an item you know people really enjoy. Rather than adding it back to your standard menu, or offering it as a daily special once a week, you are setting this up as a “limited time offering” to bring in more customers at a time of your choosing.

    It’s your business, you may do what you wish. But please stop with the “we’re doing this just for you”. You are doing a sales promotion not a favor to your customers.

    Consider this sandwich the McRib of 1905.

    (Though I have heard it is as tasty as the of the menu you serve.)

  • Is it better than a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich?

  • $18 for a sandwich?

  • This place is good, but way overpriced for what it is – drinks and food.

  • the reason I quit going there was their menu options werent that great, and then they have something great, and wont offer it regularly. Another reason I will never return. Too many resturant options now even in their neighborhood to deal with games.

  • That is crazy expensive for a sandwich…. this place is so pricey for the food.. you don’t get much value. I don’t mind paying $18 for a meal or more, but seriously.. this is a sandwich on bread that costs less than a dime to make.

  • Hahahaha…McRib indeed (and really, those are pretty nasty even to a BBQ and general pork lover).

    For $18, it better be slices of med-rare chop or leg, not pulled bits of rump/shoulder roast. This kind of thing reminds me why I’d rather eat at home in general – I had a lovely grilled rack – the whole rack – for less $$$ than this last night on my grill.

  • Dear 1905, “infamous” means something that is famous in a negative way. It’s not just an extra fancy way of saying famous.

  • I’m one of the many who have been hounding the owner for quite some time about bringing the lamb sandwich back. From what he told me, the reason it came off the menu is because the price of lamb leg kept going up to the point that he would have had to cut the portion in half or increase the price, neither of which he wanted to do.

    It seems they finally gave in to the constant requests, and in my opinion, offering it for a week at a time a few times a year is a good solution. $18 is a lot for a sandwich (it used to be $16), but it makes sense when you think about the price of ground beef ($3/lb) relative to the price of lamb leg ($7/lb), and how this sandwich compares to a regular burger.

    Gimmick? No.
    Attempt to appease a bunch of nagging regulars? Yes.

    • He needs to get a new wholesaler. Restaurants all over the area, country, world are able to sell lamb sandwiches for less than 18 bucks…

  • “nagging”????

    If you treat the customer with contempt or rudeness they will finally get the message and go away.

    • Ahhh. What you’re referring to is known far and wide as “The DC Model of Customer Service.”™

    • I was referring to myself as the nagging customer – I did not mean to suggest that I’ve been treated as such by anyone at 1905. They’ve never been anything but great hosts and always accommodating!

  • I thought hipsters, by definition, were not rich.

  • Seriously, $18 for a sandwich??

  • Worst burger I’ve had in DC was here and it costs me $14.
    From their menu- Knife and Fork Burger – Cheddar mornay, brioche bun, house pickles and field greens

    I asked for it without cheese (because I’m basically lactose intolerant) and the waiter said no. NO! You can’t get a hamburger. He then told me there isn’t that much cheese on it so I should be fine.

    When I got the burger they literally poured cheese over the entire thing and onto the plate. I had my friend try it also (and she loves cheese) and she concurred it was pretty horrible.

    As was her entree.

    But in all fairness, I love their rooftop. I just won’t ever eat there again.

  • justinbc

    Guys it’s not $18 for just a sandwich, there is also a side salad! So yeah, totally worth it now.

  • Great news. Been bugging them to bring it back. Great spot, nice servers and bartenders. A little expensive, but the scene is better than a lot of spots

  • I am excited about the lamb sandwich. Sounds delicious.

  • Kostas will sell you a huge platter with a pound of lamb for way less than $18 at Greek Deli.

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