The Ducks Make it to Petworth


Well, they’ve been here a few months but I finally remembered to snap a photo. From Kansas Ave behind the YES! Organic Market.


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  • that building and associated space is sketchy… what’s the deal?

    • Seconded! I always walk by this place and wonder what is going on there. There’s a mirror affixed to one of the upper-level windows, and I think there’s usually a video camera aimed at the mirror (you can see the mirror in the photo, on the upper-left window, but you can’t see the camera). Given that the building is boarded up and dark, seems pretty sketchy.

      • Always see work trucks parked out front, perhaps it is a warehouse of some sort? Certainly feel we could have something better here than this crappy building. Perhaps it should be reported for being blighted? 🙂

  • it’s a cup of coffee!

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