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  • austindc

    Six years ago I was an abandoned warehouse too. But look at me now.

    PoP, where are you getting all of these cool old shots? Time machine? Or did you have the foresight to snap photos of these joints knowing one day they would be condos/clinics? You’re blowing my mind here.

  • I live in the building right behind here. I have pictures of the demo of that old warehouse if you really want to get your rocks off! 😉

  • Interestingly, both structures are pretty bland and the new one will seem as cliched as the old one in no time.

  • wat about affordable house???????? they estimate it u would wait 28 on da waitin list 4 affordable housing, but lofts and condos are built everyday

    • bfinpetworth

      Mr. jamesjones, your threats to people in the forum post at 2 am this morning renders your comment here less than legitimate. You can’t fight for social justice while threatening people who are trying to live in a safe community.

    • jamesjones,

      3TreeFlats is a below market property. And I am glad to have the building and the neighbors in the neighborhood. In fact, our neighborhood sustains a wonderful degree of diversity against any mark, and we are proud of it. And that goes for our revitalization efforts too.

  • Six years ago, I could have afforded to live in Petworth. Not anymore!

  • .. and I am a PROUD resident of this place ! 3Tree Flats !!

  • Damn gentrification! Before you know it, there’ll be no more abandoned warehouses in this city.

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