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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Terrible, horrible jobs report. What did we think was going to happen when you take a cleaver to federal spending?

    Rant2: Crushing the stock market.

    Rave: Friday, in-laws are coming into town, and Cherry Blossom cruise tomorrow courtesy of Living Social for the four of us. Should be fun. Then dinner at District Commons.

    • Wish the terrible, horrible jobs report would make the DC housing market more realistic for those of us who aren’t lawyers or lobbyists but still make a decent living (both rentals and for sales)

      • Yea! I hope my husband’s unemployment can get you that 2 bedroom condo you’ve always wanted too!

        Enjoy the decent living you are making!

    • What do you mean by ‘crushing the stock market’?

      Didn’t the DJIA hit a new all-time high this week?

  • Rant: Had a bad dream last night about the Cherry Blossom 10 miler where they messed up my tracking

    Rave: I finished the race in my dream, so I woke up feeling pretty confident. Just hoping it goes well as it’s the longest race I’ve ever done. No matter what, I guess I’m proud of myself for signing up and training for it.

  • Rave: Peak bloom for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler on Sunday!!
    Looking forward to the Hains Point segment this year after a blossomless run last year.

    Go, runners, go!

  • Is Cantina Marina slammed tomorrow night pre/during the fireworks? Is it worth it to trudge down there?

  • Rant: spring allergies have finally arrived and I am mis.er.a.ble.

    Rant: Took our new off-the-street street stray cat to the vet yesterday. She smells rancid because of out-of control gum disease and will likely need two teeth removed, and has a horrible infection/mites/bloodpus in her ear. This is going to be an expensive little charity case! I’d be happier to help her get well if she would come out from under the damn couch/bed with food for her medicine. Stop outsmarting me, you sassy tortie B!!!

    Rave: Friday. My fiance is on his way home from a work trip and has his heart set on going to Joe’s Crab Shack (?) tonight for dinner. Hopefully my allergies will cooperate so I can eat a large vat of crab legs.

    • Torties are the best. Just the best. Such attitude! And they are super smart and chatty. I bet once she feels better she’ll be much more friendly!

      • No, no. Orange tabbies are the best. (Torties are pretty good too, though. :))

        • I have an orange tabby, and he’s the friendliest cat ever- we call him our little butler. I also have a tortie, and she’s friendly when she wants (and an obnoxious pain in the ass when she wants her breakfast!), but often has a delightfully evil glare; we’re pretty sure she’s regularly planning world domination.

        • I actually have a tortie and an orange tabby. They are both awesome and I adore them both. The tabby is super sweet and affectionate and purrs for hours. But for sheer personality, commentary, and intelligence, the tortie wins.

        • Two orange tabbies
          Relentless rampage on desk
          Typing now impossible

      • Yaye for torties! Mine loves talking to me.

        • Second the tortie love. Her favorite act of defiance was biting me as hard as she could. Luckily she was small so it never hurt that much. Is it weird that I thought it was just adorable?

          • Well, there I was thinking that I would be okay being in a relationship with a cat person, while I’m a dog person. Apparently we’re going to have a have a talk as serious as the “do we want kids” talk because you just scared the bajesus out of me.

            Cats are manic depressive tyrants.

          • Somewhere, Persephone is delighted that stories of her past activities are scaring the bejesus out of random commenters…

    • Thanks for being so great and taking in a kitty in need πŸ™‚

    • did you tell the vet the cat was a stray/rescue? Sometimes vets have good samaritan discounts. i picked my cat up 7 years ago off of a parking lot, and he was in rough shape. needed tons of meds for a zillion infections. the vet i went to (in brooklyn at the time) charged us for the drugs, but none of the office visits. we even got a discount on the neuter a few months later.

      • Is the cat feral or just a stray? Was it nice enough to let you come over to it, or just does it not want to take its med?

        Great of you to pick the little one up πŸ™‚

        • he was from a feral colony when i got him, but only about 6 months old (vet’s best guess) so was relatively docile. and he was SO hungry that it was easy to catch him. he spent A LOT of time hiding under the sofa when i first brought him home and once the meds kicked in and made him constipated i had to manually dig the stool out of his poor, inflamed butt so he hated me even more. πŸ™

          i’ve had him for 7 years, so he’s super friendly now (almost too friendly! he wants to cuddle all the time). it was almost 3 months before he let me near him without bolting, and almost a year before he let me pick him up without a fight.

        • he was from a feral colony, but only about 6 months old (vet’s best guess) and VERY hungry, so was relatively easy to catch.

          it was about 3 months before he stopped bolting everytime i got near him, and another year before he let me pick him up without a fight, but now that i’ve had him for 7 years, he’s super friendly (almost too friendly!) and wants to cuddle all the time.

          • I had a feral tortie for 16 years…she passed at the ripe old age of 20–22 (we guess she was about 3-5 when I adopted her, give or take)–she was impossible the first 2-3 weeks. Once she found out she had an unlimited food supply, a daily tummy rub, and a hot radiator to lay on, she was after that the happiest, nicest cat in the world.

  • Rave: Okay, so got email address long ago from this girl. emailed her on Sunday to invite her out for a date. Heard back yes on Monday. Asked her if she had a Facebook page on Wednesday, she added me on facebook. After texting a bit (I hate texting, don’t people like talking on the phone any more?), I asked her out again with a specific date attached. She replied on FB with her phone number and said she will “try hard” to make it. This one is a lot of work… πŸ˜›

    Rant: Allergies.

    Rave: Friday!

    • She”ll “try”? Dude.

      • she’s just not that into you. (plus, you deserve better. i mean it is just one date. commit to a time already!)

        • Yes. She’s not into you. Onto the next one.

        • Or, if she is into you, she doesn’t sound worth it. And that’s putting it nicely. The more blunt way: she sounds like a lame ass.

        • Slow down, people. Let Jack go on his date. If she blows him off, message received, but Jack seems to feel that she’s worth the risk. My wife (who I’ve been with for 14 years, married for 8) put me through hell in the beginning, and that’s putting it very gently. She was worth it.

          • No kidding. Hasn’t anyone in Popville an busy/unpredictable week at work?

          • @11:36, of course, but when you have an interest in someone AND are super busy,you probably will give a counter offer. For example instead of just “maybe” you say, “Maybe, but if I am super busy due to ____, how about [another date and time]? And since I’m so busy, how about just grabbing coffee/drink/etc?”

          • Haha, I love how people on POP have been so skeptical, It’s great to know I’m not the only one that usually thinks this way… I am trying a different approach with this one though, just to see if being an optimist still doesn’t work. πŸ™‚

        • Note: She sent me her phone number just as I typed this. I don’t know what to think but hey, I’ve got nothing to lose at the moment. πŸ˜›

          • how were you texting her without her number? is this some new thing that i’m missing??

          • I like to think that she is a PoPvillager, watching this story unfold right in front of her.

          • When I referred to “texting” I meant on Facebook messenger and via email, I just got the phone number today… I doubt she is on POP, she works in DC, but doesn’t live here. It would be really funny if she was reading this and just messing with me for revenge though. πŸ™‚

      • Or maybe she really is busy. I know I’d have had a hard time fitting in a date in the past couple of weeks because of some deadlines at work, no matter how interested I was.

    • Hmm, sounds like she’s giving you the runaround, but who knowsβ€”she might just have a strong social defense mechanism. Speaking as one who has had rotten luck recently, I hope it all goes well for you. Dating around here is a harrowing experience; good on you for sticking with it!

      • If this lady bails on you, go out with me! I’m all about setting a date and sticking to it.

        • ha i was thinking the same thing..!

        • I’ve been reading your PoP name as yuck-i-stan and was going to suggest changing it to something a bit more positive before asking Jack5 out on a date.

          But you’re not yuckistan, you’re from Ohio (right?).

          • You got it! “Yunkstahn” is how the natives of my hometown pronounce the name of the city.

            Are you a fellow Ohioan/Rust Belter?

          • No, I was wondering why someone would call themselves yuck-i-stan when talking about dating someone.

            My association was Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan => Yukastahn (I mentally changed the spelling to match the other countries).

          • Emmaleigh504

            Ha! I’ve been reading it as Yuckistan too, but I’ve never been good at spelling or whatever.

      • Thanks for the date invite. Not much can be gathered about me from my POP account though! I may not be as handsome as everyone thinks I am, or perhaps I may be way too attractive… Hah. I’m amazed that you’d go out on a date with me without knowing anything about me though! I agree that people should be open minded and available to commit to firm appointments when dating… If it doesn’t work out I’ll post my stats on here and if that works it’s worth a shot. πŸ™‚

        A POP meetup at somewhere like DC Reynolds would be epic though. I bet there are a lot of great people and personalities in the community here πŸ™‚

        • Back in the ancient times they would call this a “blind date.” Go out with someone you’ve never googled, never texted…have coffee and if nothing else you’ve spent half an hour drinking a cup of coffee with someone you wouldn’t have otherwise met.

        • I’ve never done a blind date before… I’m just as worried about being a shocking surprise to someone as them shocking me. I have no problems admitting that I’m way too chicken for that. I prefer having at least some sort of “spark” before initiating a date with someone… That may change eventually if my current philosophy fails me though. πŸ™‚

          • I went on a completely blind date once a couple years ago (married friend of mine met the girl at some party). The woman turned out to be very attractive, but we had no connection whatsoever.

            Certainly wasn’t the worst dating experience of my life… Only live once!

    • Is this woman 16?

      “Would you like to go out with me on Monday?”
      “Yes, I will try to.”
      Does not equal a “date.”
      At best, it’s a “possibility.”

      The bottom line is people make time if they are interested. If they are not that interested, they won’t make time. It really is that simple.

      • geez, as a woman who gives people the “maybe” all the time, i feel like i have to chime in here! i’m into a lot of outdoor activities, and anyone i date knows (or finds out very rapidly) that my availability is highly weather dependent. if it’s nice outside, i will be out scaling a mountain. i honestly can’t plan more than a day or two out.

        some people hate that i do this, and others are totally OK because they understand that i need to get outside in order to stay sane and not everyone’s idea of a great date is to bushwhack for hours on end in order to get to a choss pile.

        not all of us are planners, and even if i’m really into someone i’m not necessarily giving them the runaround if i say maybe. that being said, i totally get that some people are planners and don’t like to deal with so much uncertainty. the last guy i dated went out the window because he couldn’t deal with getting maybe all the time. which is fine with me!

        • The first time you pulled a “can’t come for brunch as planned because it’s sunny out!” on me, I would delete you from my phone. Or think you were a mormon vampire.

          • i know. i have lost some friends because i cancel plans at the last minute all the time, and that’s totally ok with me! it’s my personality, and if people don’t like it, we’re not going to be compatible anyways.

            i’m not saying you have to like/dislike someone who can’t plan, just saying that it’s not necessarily indicative of someone’s level of interest.

            but, no… i’m not a vampire! πŸ™‚

          • As long as the non-planner is upfront about it, I guess that’s OK… but really, it’s not that you CAN’T plan in advance; it’s more that you WON’T plan in advance.

            You’ve made a choice that your social engagements will always come in second to your outdoor activities. Is that really all that different than someone who refuses to make firm plans for social engagements because they think a more attractive social engagement might come up in the interim?

            Maybe this works OK for you and your friends… but it doesn’t sound very considerate.

          • And cancelling plans at the last minute without a very good reason is just plain rude.

            If you can’t keep plans, then don’t make them in the first place.

        • Agreed that often it’s not that someone can’t make a plan it’s that he or she won’t make a plan – which is fine as long as he or she can find people who are cool with that. But I suspect that the universe of people cool with someone’s perennial contingent availbility is pretty small.

          As far as availability being contingent on the weather, here’s a suggestion:
          Q: β€œWould you like to do something this weekend?”
          A: β€œYes, I would like to. I hear the weather is going to be great. How about we do something outside – I mean something active as opposed to eating brunch on a sidewalk?”

          • hey! what’s with all the judgment!? just because i don’t like to plan, doesn’t mean i’m rude. i understand that lack of planning makes some people uncomfortable, and i don’t judge them for lack of spontaneity, and tell them they are no fun! and no it’s not the same as holding out for something better, because my friends/partners are always invited. it’s just that most of them don’t like the extreme slogfests that i enjoy. how is that different then someone asking me out for dinner, me countering with a suggestion for brunch, and then if that doesn’t work out, we revert back to dinner. it’s not that i prefer to hang out with *someone* different, it’s the *somewhere* different — unfortunately, not everyone loves brunch, and not everyone loves spending the whole weekend sleeping in the dirt!

            anyways, so much of my life is scripted by other people at work, at the whims of congress and other politicians that i like a little bit of uncertainty and just throwing it to the wind when i’m out. aren’t there any other carefree people out there who just pick up and do whatever?

          • Anonymous, you’re entitled to think you’re “carefree” and “spontaneous”… but if you can’t stick to plans, don’t make them in the first place. Bailing on people is rude.

          • i don’t like to bail on people, so i am very upfront about the fact that i’m not a planner, and do my best to not make plans in the first place as you suggest. it’s just that some people cannot accept the concept of not making plans.

            why do planners get to decide that non-planners are rude? there is no insidious intent here — i just don’t plan, and i’m 100% ok if people who can’t deal with that decide they don’t want me in their lives. just don’t be judgmental about it! i don’t go around calling planners stuffy and boring (i don’t think that), i just think they are different. so don’t go around calling people who prefer not to have their weekends scripted rude!

          • I think it may also be because she may be a bit nervous – She may be wondering who i am because she’s only seen me out where she works a few times over 2 years and she doesn’t know much about me outside of what’s on my facebook profile. I keep most of my Facebook posts vague because of where I work.

            She may also be cautious because of her past – I don’t know her well, maybe she’s been through something that makes her worried about dating. She may be a little self-conscious, worrying about what she is gonna wear or the money to pay for dinner (even though I don’t mind about paying anyway).

            She may also genuinely be busy – Hey some people need focus at times and when you meet someone, it may happen at a busy time. I usually completely overlook someone’s interest and screw things up when I’m busy, so who am I to judge.

            It makes it hard for me when i invite her out because I could potentially line up something else with someone else that would be a guaranteed show-up, but instead I’m waiting on a maybe, but what I’ve learned is that good things always involve a bit of initial “B.S.” to get started. I’m happy to be at a point where I can overlook going through stuff like this though, and the challenges don’t upset me, as long as I’m not being totally led on by her. If it’s not a good match then it wasn’t meant to be and I’m cool with that, this is what life is all about.

          • this is fascinating! i never thought guys thought this much about what girls were doing/thinking!! πŸ™‚

          • I’m 38 years old, I’ve been stood up enough times to not have my feelings hurt about it. πŸ˜›

            I’ve also seen what really works for me and how to not make the same mistakes I always used to. I’ve also learned what to expect, and the patience with people necessary to live a stress-free and happy life…

            Not all guys think this way though, just as a warning!

          • What you’re saying, anonymous, (or what I’m reading) is that no person is as interesting or as important to you as you are to yourself. YOUR hobbies, YOUR non-planning preference. If they can’t get on board with those parts of you, forget ’em, and you’re “cool with that”. I don’t see anything that suggests that, once in a while, you might do something that is easier for another person, just *because* it’s easier *for them*. Like, make a plan a week out, and then stick to it, even if it means not playing Adventure Girl on a pretty day.
            You know who else can’t make plans, or stick to them? Five year olds. You don’t come across as fun and spontaneous; you come across as a self-centered brat.

          • Anonymous, you’re sending a message that you don’t think other people’s time is as valuable as your own. Do you think your dates and friends are just sitting at home waiting for you to become available? Because that’s the impression you’re giving. Other people have things to do too, and they need to have some idea of when you can spend time with them so they can schedule around it.

          • Everyone’s being so harsh on Anonymous (the one who doesn’t plan). I think you commit to meeting up with people based on your level of regard for them. I think she just hasn’t met the person who would make her put her short-term goals “on hold” yet. If James Bond (someone she is highly interested in) invites a normally sketchy woman out for a date, she is much more likely to attend. If the average guy invites her out she feels like her time can be better spent, so she doesn’t take it seriously, and possibly blows the guy off to do things that she wants to.

            Also, sometimes this conflict occurs because there is another person in their life and they don’t know how to manage the situation despite their attraction to the new guy.

            By looking for the right “cues” in a woman you ask out (before asking them out) you usually can tell whether there is a certain level of promise in a person being reliable or not… Whether you turn that promise into reality is up to you.

            Bad Cues For Date Reliability –

            A woman will generally not respond to messages or calls in a timely manner.

            A woman will not volunteer any information about her personal life beyond what you already know.

            A woman will not ask you how your day was, or try to make you laugh at a joke they make.

            A woman who is not into you won’t say they genuinely want to meet with you, and generally won’t apologize for not being able to meet up with you at all.

            I’ve learned that relationships are always a game, but you can only win if you play and if you pay attention to the rules.


          • no way! i don’t expect anyone to sit around waiting for me to be free. If i manage to get together with friends because our schedules work out, it’s a happy coincidence. if not, i’m thrilled to just do my own thing!

            and yes, i agree i’m self-centered. who isn’t to a certain extent? don’t we all do things because we enjoy them and they make us happy? i have yet to find anyone who is truly altruistic. at least i admit it. But bratty? NO WAY. i am very gracious in acknowledging that others have different styles and approaches to life, and am not judgmental unlike about 99% of the people who responded to me. i don’t get pissy if someone doesn’t like the way i live my life, and have zero expectations that friends or partners will bend their will to accommodate my lack of interest in planing. i do not expect anyone who doesn’t like the way i plan (or don’t as the case may be) to drop anything to hang out. people i get along with seem to be more laid back and up for anything anytime.

            and yes, i can actually plan something ahead of time if it’s important. like a wedding or a birthday? a show we have to get tickets for ahead of time? i will show up for those things. brunch that could be done any other day? maybe, maybe not! πŸ™‚

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: great day doing work out if the office
    Rave: Simple pleasures in life, watching movies with a friend, eating pop-corn
    Rant: Dissapointed that my time lapse about the big fire in the sky… was only a dream πŸ™
    Rant: still sad for dreams that didn’t come true

  • Rant: It looks like now we’ll never get a proper remake of or sequel to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls!

  • Rant: Stepped on a shard of glass barefooted last night. Running in Sunday’s Backyard Burn looking doubtful.

    Rave: 8 year old dog is recovering weeks ahead of schedule from his TPLO knee surgery. Vet says he’s recovering faster than dogs half his age!

    • I’ll share your rave. Our dog is 8 weeks out, and appears to be fully healed, but she’s just 2 years old.

      Rant: She partially tore the other leg as well, but is mostly asymptomatic. We thought the second surgery could wait a few months until after our summer travel, until she started limping on the “good” leg this week. Looks like the second surgery gets bumped up to next week.

  • Rant: Washington Sports Club. I have been a member of the Columbia Heights club since it opened and have rented a small locker for $115 a year. This week they called to tell me about their new locker policy. They told me that they can’t keep track of when annual locker dues are due, and so they haven’t been able to bill their members timely. So, they are now going to charge renters’ credit cards monthly at the rate of $29/mo. I have no problem with the monthly billing but find it pretty stunning that they would use their own incompetence as a pretext to triple the rate. I was informed that I have until Monday either to agree to these terms or clear out my locker.

    Rave: I now realize that I don’t really need a gym locker. I live a block away, can purchase a small gym bag, and pay even less money to WSC.

    • For some reason, I don’t buy the “incompetence” argument. I think they’re just looking for an excuse to triple the rate and they found it with that lousy story. This is yet another reason why I still haven’t signed up for a gym. I feel like WSC in particular has a reputation for sketchy financial practices (i.e., making it difficult for people to drop memberships)…

      • Allison

        Yeah, dropping membership with them was no treat. They purposefully left the end date on my contract form blank so I’d be liable for the cancellation penalty indefinitely, even after the first year. That’s what I get for not reading a contract. BAD LAWYER! BAD!

        • I JUST cancelled with them (my contract ended this week) and I was on the phone waiting for no lie 22 minutes. I would rather wait 22 minutes that deal with them again. Just horrible

    • WSC is terrible – they are a moneymaking machine in the guise of a gym.

      The new Anthony Bown YMCA on 14th St is supposed to open in June (I emailed someone about membership & this was her info). Membership will be $83/mo which is what some are paying for a membership at the crappy WSC

      • Holy cow! When did the Y get expensive? I thought the Y was supposed to be the cheaper/community alternative to the expensive gyms?

        • tha’ts crazy! I pay $63/mo for the national capitol Y and supposedly can go to any of their locations. i hope they don’t raise my fees!!

        • Yeah, I pay $15 a month for my community center gym, and that includes any community center in the county. There are two in biking distance to me.

      • I belonged to the RI Ave. Y for years and miss that pool, which is one of my gym requirements. Even though I’m sure the pool at the new Y will be far nicer than WSC’s, I’ll likely stay where I am. It’s too convenient, and the contract I signed locks in a VERY low rate.

      • What is the point of having a YMCA if they charge the same as a regular private gym? I thought they were supposed to be accessible to people who couldn’t afford a regular gym. That is really disappointing to me.

        If we’re not going to get any low-frills community gyms, I wish more cheapo suburban chain gyms would open in the city–and I normally dislike pretty much all suburban chains. But gym prices are out of my range here. I could get discounts through my insurance, but they are only offered for places like 24-Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness and the like. I don’t need fancy services or classes, just some functional barbells and other weight equipment.

        • They usually offer reduced rates to low-income people.

          • Regarding reduced rates at the Y:
            I met with a membership coordinator for the new Y the other day and was similarly surprised at the high rates. You can apply for reduced rates, but it requires a 3 page form, your most recent tax returns, paystubs, and W-2. Why not take a blood sample while you’re at it? Not comfortable sharing that much personal information.

          • that doesn’t seem like too much to ask to verify income — i’ve had to give much, much more just to apply for an apartment (that i got rejected from!!).

            I volunteered for the Y to charge me an extra $1 a month — i know, high roller here πŸ™‚ — so that they could subsidize low income memberships. so it’s nice to see that they are taking my extra $12 a year and not just handing it out without some sort of verification that the person does indeed need a membership subsidy….

        • What cheapo suburban chain gyms are there? When I lived in the VA suburbs there were some bare-bones gyms like Sport & Health that I thought would be cheap but they weren’t any better price-wise.

          • binpetworth

            My Fitness First membership is $25/month. Their locations are limited, but they do have several in the ‘burbs. No separate fees for locker use or classes, but they do have an annual fee of about $29 for periodic upgrades.

        • Actually a lot of people agree about the Y. They have been sued by an association of Gym Owners because basically they are just sports clubs that don’t pay taxes. A lot of the Boards and EDs of Y’s make a lot of money and they really don’t run as many programs for low income folks as they used to. There have been folks talking about their nonprofit status for years.

      • Wow, good to know. I was considered joining WSC because I an get a regional membership for $60 a month, but maybe it’s too good to be true!

  • Rave: Popville! I thoroughly enjoyed yesterdays R&R especially references to previous much-discussed topics like Heller’s moldy cake.

    How about a “Best of PoPville” page?

  • Revel: Demolition began in earnest this morning on the C&K property @14 and Quincy! (and not demo by suspicious fire…)

    Rant: Loud!

    Revel #2: So excited this blight will be gone…construction is only temporary, right?

  • rave: friday
    rave: no plans this weekend. looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying the weather

  • rant: allergies this week. i know they are crushing a lot of people and they have finally gotten me too.
    rave: going to ride a ton of roller coasters tomorrow!

    question: i have been thinking about adopting a cat for a while now from warl, does anyone have any experiences they can share about adopting a cat from there?

    • I found the cat volunteer/adoption staff at WARL kind of cold and unwelcoming in comparison to Happy Trails or WHS. WHS also has lower adoption fees and typically does a “cats go marching two by two” deal where if you take a friend home for your new feline pal, you just pay one adoption fee. Good luck!!

    • WHS’s adoption fees can’t be beat, especially if you want to adopt a pair and they’re doing the “one or two for $85” special.

      I adopted my cat through Homeward Trails — as a first-time cat owner, I really wanted to know about the cat’s personality, and since almost all of their cats are in homes with fosters, the fosters have a good sense of what the cats are like.

      Not sure what the percentages are, but some of WHS’s cats are in foster care, rather than in the New York Avenue or Georgia Avenue shelters.

    • Haven’t dealt with WARL, but I can say good things about the Washington Humane Society (NY Ave) and Homeward Trails. I adopted my male cat from WHS at a special adoption event- it was a relatively painless process. The great thing about them is that they have a “Kitty City,” where you can see a bunch of adult cats together. That shows they are social and generally friendly. I adopted my female cat from Homeward Trails after trying a foster arrangement to see if she could get along with the male cat. HT worked with me to get the right kind of personality for my small household, and gave me tips and assistance during the transition. I love both of my furry felines, and I’m grateful to WHS and Homeward Trails for making that happen!

      • I like WHS’s Kitty City too. I got my cat there, and wanted to be sure she would get along well with my other cat. I visited Kitty City twice and stayed awhile to see which cats got along with other cats and played nice. There were three I was drawn to, and when I saw them interacting after awhile, I knew the one I picked was the one who would get along best with my other cat … and after less than a year, they even lay together sometimes! So, winner!

    • Yes!!! I am so happy to see this question!

      We have two cats, one from a fostering organization and one from WARL.

      Foster: My sister was fostering the cat from the organization, so I can’t speak to the specific place because I think I got extra nice treatment, but one GREAT thing about a foster is they really know the cat. For example, my mom wanted a really friendly, lap-cat and a foster mom was able to recommend one. Now, you would think a foster mom/dad wouldn’t be honest because they just want to get rid of the cat…but that couldn’t be further from the truth in my experience. Foster moms/dads do it because they love animals and want to find a great fit. So if you have a specific personality in mind, its a great option.

      WARL: I love Warl. We adopted our now three year old as a kitten from there. You may be different, but I selfishly find it really difficult to go into a shelter that isnt well-kept because I would honestly want to take home every animal. Warl is beautiful inside (read the yelp reviews). Some people have complained that their adoption process is too thorough, but that was not my experience at all- we picked the kitten out one day and brought her home the next. I think if you arent going to be a good pet owner, they can really sniff it out; if you’re going to be a good pet owner, the process is fairly easy.

    • I adopted a brother/sister pair from Homeward Trails six years ago and they’re the best smittens ever. I highly recommend getting a bonded pair so that they have someone else to play with while you’re out of the house. It makes them less likely to destroy things or become an anti-social cat. Plus, really, two cats aren’t any more work than one.

    • special_k

      I know of a beautiful pair of cats who need to be rehomed because their owner had to move into assisted living–a six-year-old tabby named Gracie and a seven-year-old black cat named Rascal. Both are very loving and they don’t need to be rehomed together. Just putting it out there.

      I like WARL, adopted my cat Niles from them, and they were very open with me about his personality quirks.

    • thanks everyone for all your wonderful and helpful input! i think i’m going to check out the humane society now too and also warl, so i see what experience best suits me. and so i can also find a cat who needs a home that fits with my personality.

  • Rave: Off to London tomorrow for an interview with a headhunter that does international placements on Monday and then to Portugal with friends in a villa for five days (anyone know anything about Faro?) and then back to London for some pub crawling, porkpie eating, football hooliganing, market haggling and museum visiting.

    Rant: I’ll probably have to do at least some work every day.

    Rave: Work will keep me from drinking the cheap local wine and/or warm flat beer for breakfast, so I won’t arrive home bloated and hungover.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: hill billy teeth

    Rave: random crushes on people I only know from blog comments

  • Rave: I’m not allergic to ANYTHING.

  • Rant: New contacts + new Rx = NOT working out

    Rave: NO ALLERGIES!!!

    Rave: Cherry blossoms tomorrow! Hoping that it wont’ be *quite* as crowded, since the blossoms are late and the tourists have come and gone. Hopefully.

    Rave: Jurrassic Park in 3D! I remember “playing” Jurrassic Park when I was little – the raptors lived under the junglegym. Can’t wait!

  • Rave: Life!
    Rant: Stupid and lazy colleagues in another office that I have to coordinate with.
    Rave: I used to work with them!

  • Not a rant or rave, but I’m trying to decide if I should renew my lease, and live another year with roommates, or move out on my own. I like my place, but as a woman in her mid-30s who can afford it, I feel sort of like I should have my own place. With my own stuff. My roommates are fine, maybe a bit messier than I’d prefer, but I enjoy them and I like our house well enough. It could be nicer, but if I decide to stay, I’ll probably buy some new furniture which will help.

    So, I guess there’s not really a point here. Unless anyone knows of a reasonably priced 1 bedroom in the Columbia Heights area.

    • As a woman in her early 30’s I would LOVE to get my own place or at least have fewer than 3 roommates…I just can’t afford it yet. Oh, how I dream of having a place of my own……………….

    • Eh, I lived with roommates throughout my early 30s. While I totally felt and appreciate the level of pressure from the feeling like you should be in your own place, if you can stand it, it’s not so terrible to live with others, even *gasp!* after the age of 30.

      And I know for sure that my bank account is in a really good place now because of the years of living in roommate situations. I had friends who got their own apartments because they felt like they were “too old” not to be living on their own, but who also constantly complained about never being able to save anything. It’s all about priorities, but I’m sure glad I prioritized my savings!

    • Why go from a group living situation to a 1-bedroom? I don’t think you would need something so luxurious. Just get a studio; you’ll still have way more space to yourself than you used to.

  • Rant: I just made the mistake of wandering over to DC Urban Moms. Somone please say something nice to me and quick. My view of humanity has been seriously, and perhaps irreparably, damaged.

    • You are a lovely person!

      I cope with DCurbanmoms by viewing the snark as entertainment, but that doesn’t always work. But I am often amazed by how low people will go.

    • You are awesome!

      ps would it help to go wash your hands or do some cleansing ritual?

    • Hang in there, TG! As I recall, you always come across on PoPville as a nice person.

      If some puppies will help you forget about mean, snarky humans, try the WARL Puppycam:


      (The puppies are sleeping now and the lights are off, so there’s not quite as much cuteness as usual. Usually it’s Cutius Maximus.)

    • You have a way with words and yesterday you totally cracked me up with your advice to the person new to PoPville!

    • You’re a terrific parent (fun and engaged, but not too indulgent), whether or not you circumcise your son, pierce your daughter’s ears, or feed them an all-organic diet.

    • Wow, if there was ever a place for the 4chan hoard to attack and troll with impunity.

      My favorite topic on there right now: “Can I highlight my baby’s hair this summer?”

      I nearly fell out of my chair in a fit of laughter.

      • I think I am going to go on there tonight and kick up some foolishness.
        First Question: My baby is too pale. Cant wait to get her in my tanning bed. Is SPF 30 good for 9 month olds?

        • Do it. You should also troll the private school page and ask whether it is too late to get your child into Sidwell for next year. State that they have a WPPSIII score in the 80th percentile so you are sure they are smart enough.

        • Peachykeen, I want to hang out with you and emmaleigh!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Let’s party! Though I cannot guarantee I’ll be at all entertaining.

          • Same her Im boring! lol

          • There was a group (Women of PoP) that got together outside of regular PoP happy hours at Tonic once. It was a lot of fun and nice to meet the people behind whatever they called themselves on PoP.

            It just took one person (Maria) to make it happen – she said this date, this place, this time and people just showed up. 12-15 maybe?

          • I will totally organize it again! Maybe somewhere outdoors, and not at a table setting. It was nice!

        • Just the other day I was expressing disgust about how pale little kids are these days. I guess it’s good I don’t have kids (not that I’d take them to tanning beds, but really, they look so much cuter and healthier if they get some sun).

    • Ha ha. This is why I love this blog. Urge to kill fading.

      • These people are bananas. Forums like this confirm my suspicions that having children turns all normal functioning adults into competitive, crazy people, as they see their children as extensions of their own ego.

  • Rant: The fickle commenting feature on PoP! Sometime they appear, sometimes they don’t, sometime you get an error message, sometimes you don’t. Like playing the lottery. Srsly.

  • Rave: Italian Hoagie from Bub & Pop’s.
    Rant: Only got the half. Now wishing I’d gotten the whole.

  • Rant: I was just on 14th and Q and saw a man and his 7ish year old daughter walking with their little dog, unleashed, behind them. This is at 1:00 on a Friday afternoon with a ton of cars, people, and construction. That is so unsafe and completely disregards the dog’s safety and the safety of individuals around him.

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