Props to the Cops – Specifically 5D Officers Anselmo, Buck and Rosario

Photo by PoPville flickr user angela n.

From MPD:

The Fifth Police District Command Staff, under the leadership and direction of Commander Solberg, wish to again share with you another example of the hard work, dedication and effort put forth by our Officers and Detectives protecting and serving you, our community.

Early this morning a radio run was dispatched for an Armed Robbery that had just occurred in the 2100 block of Queens Chapel Road NE, Washington, DC. Fifth District Officers and Detectives responded to the scene to investigate. Upon their arrival on the scene they interviewed a victim who reported that a Gold colored Chevy pulled up in front of him and individuals got out of the vehicle, three of which produced handguns and one a metal stick as they proceeded to searched him. Taken was his cell phone, wallet, check card, drivers license and approximately $120 dollars in US currency.

At approximately 12:19 AM a second Armed Robbery occurred in the 2700 block of Sherman Avenue NW, Washington, DC. Two victims reported that a Gold colored Chevy bearing DC registration pulled up and individuals emerged from the vehicle armed with handguns and demanded their property. Taken was approximately $60 dollars in US currency, a wallet, a cell phone and a bank card. The suspects drove away in the Gold colored Chevy and one of the suspects fired off one shot not taking effect.

At approximately 12:56 AM Fifth District Officers Anselmo, Buck and Rosario located the Gold colored Chevy and pursued this vehicle into the 3300 block of East Capitol Street NE where the vehicle came to an abrupt halt and all suspects bailed out, attempting to escape.

Three of these suspects were stopped and identified by the victims as those involved in the two Robberies. Victims also identified the Gold colored Chevy used as the get-a-way vehicle.

Search incident to arrest revealed 13 bags containing a white powdered substance field tested positive for cocaine base. Two handguns were also recovered, a metal baton and property taken in the Robberies.

All three Defendants were transported to the Fifth District for processing and members of the Fifth and Third District Detectives Units will be coordinating efforts with the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia concerning the prosecution of these dangerous individuals.

The significant arrests made by members of the Fifth Police District Patrol and Detective Units relating to these Armed Robberies are another example of the efforts made to relentlessly follow up on information, intelligence and look outs provided. It further reinforces our commitment to excellence and our commitment to serving you.

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  • This is the same type of crime and car description of similar events that were happening in ward 4 around petworth/takoma/brightwood/Around those areas near north capitol a month or two ago as well

  • Bravo to the cops!

  • The lesson here is the importance of separation of duties: don’t use the car you deal out of in an armed robbery!

  • These pieces of garbage that the police robbed my friends on Sherman ave. Hope they rot in prison.
    A bit THANK YOU to the police for getting these wanna be gangsters off the street. Hopefully they stay locked up for a long while.

    • Correction: These pieces of garbage that the police caught robbed my friends on Sherman ave.

  • All we need now is these perps to be tried and put away.

    • You will notice a distinct lack of “Props to the Prosecutors!” posts on PoP to accompany the good police work

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