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  • Looks like a great transformation on the exterior.

  • Wow, while it sat there for a spell, the crew sure turned it around fast recently. Voo pa. Kind of looks like an old school now.

    I wish I had that window contract! I could have sold them some nice argon gas-filled high-efficiency German tilt turns…when will Americans get over double hungs!?

  • Looks great, but I’m not sure I lovethe two-tone brick treatment. It would be more congruous if they’d just cleaned and repointed the old brick.

  • there is lots of activity on 7th street, four different houses in transition. The market must be hot. Now we just need a neighborhood dive bar NORTH of Georgia/N Hampshire….

  • Happy to see that a blighted building has been fixed up and hopefully no longer owned by its past notorious slumlord. The worrisome part is that the new group, Goldstar, has a solid “F” score from the BBB.

  • i hate that guy – he makes my life hell. i work in a federal grant giving agency, and thanks to his idiotic commercials, i get hundreds of inquiries from ding dongs looking for free money from the government, which eats in to my time of actually competing and providing grants to legitimate organizations that meet eligibility criterion, and are openly competed processes.

    when i explain this to folks, they just don’t get it, because they saw something different on tv.

    i want to spank that man.

  • Looks terrific. Glad to see we will get some more residents in the neighborhood. Totally agree, a dive bar north of GA and NH would be nice, but I am perfectly happy with DC Reynolds as it stands.

    On my block of 7th (5000) we currently have two houses being flipped, with one that just finished (and sold for $490)

    Times they are a changing, and I couldn’t be happier to see it!

  • I’m rather impressed when people take these older but still cheaper designed buildings and actually successfully add historic style architectural ornaments to it that just make it sparkle all of a sudden! If I didn’t see the before picture I would have assumed all that extra dressing to the facade was original!

  • As a neighbor, glad to see something is finally happening with this building. I do wonder though why every flip/reno project results in the painting of the brick exterior. Is this to cover up crumbling masonry? When it begins to chip, it just looks awful, plus imho plain brick can’t be beat.

  • Really nice I hope they come to 2nd, 3rd, New Hampshire their plenty of run down begging to be renovated.

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