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  • Aww two Westies, sittin’ on a bench. I’m in the process of adopting my second… can’t wait!

    • GiantSquid

      They’re addictive aren’t they? We have one, he’s a hoot. There are so many of them on the Hill, keep meaning to organize a Hill Highlanders meeting.

      • I have a Westie and live on the Hill too. Would love to know if you decide to organize a meetup!

        • That would be the cutest thing ever! Even better would be a general terrier meetup (so my Schnauzers can come), but either way let me know if you organize one because I’d love to see it!

      • Yes, a meetup is such a great idea! And they are * completely * addictive, I agree.

        I used to take my guy to a Westie meetup in Annapolis- 30 identical dogs, all strong personalities… it was hilarious and so fun.

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