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  • andy

    Has anyone ever done a map of restaurant and/or bar density in the District?

    Also, eating the tacos de lengua from Taqueria Nacional near the Hill was a highlight of working in that area.

    • +1

      I especially missed them with the nice weather this week. Was always nice to grab a bag of tacos and go eat them over by the fountain across Louisiana Ave.

  • The taqueria doesn’t look like it has enough seating for a place that will surely be mobbed. Is there anything on the second floor?

    • I believe offices are on the second floor. They’ll probably have more takeout business than seated customers.

    • Not sure how it will be in the new location, but the old location was definitely more of a lunch takeout place. I think they said earlier but I don’t remember, are they applying for a liquor license for this new location?

  • I hope these open soon – I pass them every day on the way to work, and it seems like it’s taken forever for such a small building.

  • Glad this old post office is being used instead of torn down, and I hope the business does well, but I wish they hadn’t installed such an incongruous sign. Something more in keeping with the facade would have been nice…

  • The rich get richer, in terms of eating selections in that area. I miss them on The Hill as they offered a very unique lunch option.

  • I live one block away and can’t wait!!!

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