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  • I’d pick this one – it looks friendlier.

  • [heart stop] i grew up in this house. and have refused to drive down this street since 1996 so as to always preserve it in my memory and never see it changed. and now… scrolling down popville this morning, here it is…. gulp.

    • Seriously? How is it different from before? When did your family move out?

      That’s a pretty sweet house! I imagine that this must be worth big $$$ nowadays.

      • we moved out in the mid-90s. I was heartbroken. during our nearly-20 years there, we had a bright red front door, a blooming dogwood in the yard, crisp white house with navy/grey shutters, rocking chairs, tulips… It will stay that way in my memory.

        the house is still beautiful, of course, but the landscaping and beige color look sad to me.

  • Today’s, if only to satisfy my obsession with round rooms. It’s stunning. 🙂

  • This one. I used to walk by this all the time when I lived up in McLean Gardens…one of my favorites in all of DC.

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