Good Deal or Not? “Converted 2-Unit = width & muscle, Converted Store-Front = height & drama” edition (reader request)

225 F St_ne

This house is located at 225 F St, NE:

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The listing says:

“Imagine 40 friends yelling “surprise!” Converted 2-Unit = width & muscle, Converted Store-Front = height & drama, marry the scenarios & stop the presses. A Star is Born for buyers tracking the ever-elusive trifecta of acceleration, efficiency and head-turning quotient. Mercedes body, Prius price w/BMW under the hood. I think your EKG is red-lining. Did I mention the shadow of The Capitol Dome?”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $788,000.

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  • Did the agent have a stroke just before writing that? It’s nothing but word salad.

    • bfinpetworth

      Thomas Faison is the realtor and he ALWAYS uses over-the-top descriptions like this. I think they are funny and he must have fun writing them.

      I like this house. The front windows are quite something, although from the outside the curb appeal is lacking. I also don’t like the lettering in the window although I suspect that is a historical feature they are retaining. I think this is a good price for an interesting property in a good location.

    • As a medical professional, I can without doubt ascertain that the listing agent had a stroke. Classic case study.

  • I don’t understand what the agent’s talking about (EKG’s? trifectas?), but I like the re-purposed storefront idea. Seems like something cleverer could have been done with it, though…old-time pharmacy tile in the entire front room?

  • Why do i need two doors ?!?!?!?!

  • It’s a nice house inside but the storefront makes it weird and I’m guessing hard to sell.

    • This home needs the entrance and walkway reoriented towards the left (from outside) and the right door converted into a large single pane window. They could add some plantings outside to provide more privacy and still allow natural light. Maybe a front patio space outside the new window. The entry lined up with the stairs would be less quirky.

      Not a total deal breaker, but the 2 front doors is odd. It also has window unit AC rather than central air

      • Historic District = You’re not changing anything on the outside including the two doors.

        • not true — this kind of proposed change would require approval but would likely be granted. Judging by the brickwork I suspect this home has already had it’s exterior extensively altered. What I proposed is simply sealing the existing door and placing a comparably sized window in its place

  • Sweet deal, amazing location, no questions asked.

  • I usually defend a Realtor for the corny blurbs they write… but BMW? That house is much more like an american made minivan… Quite suitable for family living, but the basement and kitchen need some updating.

    Also, most of these pictures show no window coverings. Is that how people lived in the house? Or is it just temporarily staged that way? I never get how these houses have wide open windows.

  • I need to know what color green that was in the bedroom. Love it.

  • The panning and zooming in the slide show is going to give me a stroke! Ugh.

  • Tiny. I love the location, but 3/4 million?

    Sometimes I hate DC. Usually when looking at property listings and rent prices.

  • 2 doors equals hilarity — you can have wacky roommates and have a freeze frame opening sequence shot of them entering simultaneously , a la The Odd Couple or Laverne and Shirley. See? Hilarious!

  • This ad should be in The Onion.

  • justinbc

    I found this ad and submitted it. I thought the two door aspect was hilarious, and certainly unlike any home I had seen recently. I agree that it could be redone differently, but the idea of owning an old store as a home is pretty cool (if it were better utilized).

  • Dang, I don’t think I *have* 40 friends…guess that knocks me out of the running for this place (well that, and I’m about $787,500 short on the purchase price…)

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