Dear PoPville – Star spangled banner playing in Kalorama?

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Dear PoPville,

For the last 10 days or so, at 8AM sharp, first reveille is played, and then the star spangled banner, loudly, and can be heard across the whole neighborhood. I live on Ashmead Place and my neighbors and I have been trying to figure out where it’s coming from. My best guess so far is the horse stables along Rock Creek right below the bridge.

Any word on where/why?

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  • HA! This should happen in every neighborhood. Welcome to America.

    • +1! My fiance and I have taken to lying silently in bed at respectful attention with our hands over our hearts until it’s over.

      • I’m extremely envious of your lifestyle if you live in Kalorama and find yourself still in bed every morning at 8am

  • I heard it in Georgetown at 8am too. I thought it was coming from direction of Montrose park or something.

  • I hear it too, on 17th near Swann. I thought maybe an impromptu parade was coming.

  • Maybe it’s a spring JROTC thing.

  • Perhaps the sounds comes from events at Walter Reed Hospital? I live in Mt. Pleasant and often hear 21-gun salutes in the morning. I have assumed they are fired at either at W.R. or at funerals at National Cathedral. But I just don’t know.

    • Sorry, but no way are those shots coming from Walter Reed (which is now closed and no longer a military installation) or the National Cathedral (they don’t fire a saluting battery there.) If the acustics are right, most probably then it is from a funeral at Arlington Cemetery, and not just rifle shot either. For funerals for uppermost brass, they use cannon for funeral salutes.

      • Not Arlington Cementary – that is way too far with too many ridges and hills inbetween.

        I think the Naval Observatory is the most likely place.

      • Then that’s it then!

      • The “old” Walter Reed is closed, yes. The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is in Bethesda.

        • I still think the sounds could waft from Arlington Cemetery. Some days, when the wind is so, I hear whistles from Union Station as if the trains arrived outside my window (same with the chimes from The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception), but most days I cannot hear them at all. So if this wind is right, who knows what’s possible?

  • I heard it the other day at the Adams Morgan Dog Park. It was pretty loud… If I lived over there, I would be pretty annoyed.

  • I hear it on 14th and Church as well

  • I heard it this week near Columbia/Wyoming!

    I thought I was dreaming, or that some nutcase was driving down the street blasting the song with their windows rolled down. Definitely a surreal melody to wake up to when you’re not expecting it.

    • The idae of someone riding down the street at 8am blasting the Star Spangled Banner is hilarious.

      I’d probably prefer that than what I normally hear in Bloomingdale though

  • It may be coming from the Observatory – I usually her reveille in the evening but leave to early to hear it in the morning.

    • I’m not too far from there and I hear it being played most evenings around the same time. I had no idea where it was coming from.

    • Actually, they’re playing “First Call” in the evening, as part of the flag-lowering ceremony.

  • It’s probably coming from the Naval Observatory. Most military bases play the national anthem at 8:00 am.

  • I hear it all the time on Ontario, near Euclid, 8 am sharp. Sounds to me like it comes from the east — not really Naval Observatory, more like 16th Street. I figured it was an elementary school or something. Or maybe my senses of hearing and direction stink, who knows.

  • Yes it’s coming from the Naval Observatory. Used to work near there and would hear taps before sundown (before daylight savings starts).

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