Construction Starts at Thally Coming to Shaw – Hoping to Open in Late June


Thanks to David for sending the photo above. Back in Sept. 2012 we learned that Thally would be coming to 1316 9th Street, NW. From their liquor license application:

“New Restaurant. A modern, energetic bistro serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Background music will be provided. Sidewalk Cafe with 10 seats. Occupancy Load of 99.”

I spoke with owner Sherman Outhuok who tells me that the build-out should take approximately 12 weeks with an anticipated late June opening. Sherman is currently a general manager/bartender at the great Columbia Heights’ spot Maple located at 3418 11th St, NW. He tells me that he and his partner chef Ron Tanaka (formerly of New Heights in Woodley Park) plan on opening a very comfortable neighborhood spot serving contemporary American fare. There will also be a good selection of wine by the glass (24), draft beers, and cocktails to compliment the food. They plan to keep the place casual and at a lower price point than some of the other newly opened restaurants.

And for those curious about the name – Thally comes from a carriage house located in the alley that was named Tally-Ho back in the day. That and Sherman’s daughter is nick-named Tally – thus Thally was born.

Stay tuned for updates on the menu and the space as they get closer to opening.

1316 9th Street, NW

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  • This place sounds good, and I look forward to trying it. I can’t say I love the name, though. It sounds like Sally with a lisp.

    There seems to be rash of strange restaurant names (Eat the Rich) that makes me miss the puns (Beau Thai) and faux-hip one-worders (Rice.)

  • That’s not a good name — it’s not easy to say. Not sure why they didn’t just call it Tally since they had two inspirations also named that.

    • Unfortunate name… Thali is a kind of South Asian dish (made up of many dishes). I’ve come across many south asian restaurants with thali in their name.

      • I got very very excited that I would be able to get some Guju food in DC from a misspelled “Thali”. I can’t wait for waves of Indian aunties and uncles to mob this place and be subsequently disappointed.

    • Your name should be “sara”

  • i’m always curious when popvillians mention how they don’t like a place’s name. what names do you all like?

  • The name IS odd. Reminds me of the scene in “On Golden Pond” where Katharine Hepburn’s character complains about having the name Ethel Thayer: “Sounds like I have a lisp!”

  • Glad to see a few more places opening up (like the gastropub coming to Shaw) that are specifically trying to offer more affordable fare. A welcome (and needed) change.

  • Curious about the sidewalk seating for 10pp. Is that going to be a back patio? The sidewalk in the front couldn’t possibly seat 10. Is this the same Sherman that was dogging the plant structure at Table? few thoughts…

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