Update on Perennial Horse’s Ass Award Nominee – Bacon Funeral Home

14th and Meridian Pl, NW

From CM Jim Graham:

I wanted to share with you an update on the empty building at the Bacon Funeral Home at 3449 14th St., NW.

As you may know, for years I have been involved and worked to have this dreadful cinder block shell finished and put to productive use. District agencies have responded. The Office of Tax and Revenue placed the highest real estate tax possible on the property, the blighted rate. This has also come before DCRA’s Board for the Condemnation of Insanitary Buildings, which took up the matter on November 14 and ordered that the building be secured, windows and doors boarded up and a missing portion of the roof replaced.

On Wednesday, March 13 the condition of the structure was again taken up by the Board. I was holding a hearing but a member of my staff attended. Documentation was presented showing the windows and doors have been secured, but a significant portion of the roof is still open to the elements and has not been enclosed.

The Board again took action and approved a motion to wait for thirty days to allow the owner to take concrete steps to enclose the roof. After thirty days the request will be forwarded to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Enforcement Branch to do this work. In other words, if the owner does not put a roof on the building, the city will hire a contractor to complete the entire roof and charge the owner by placing a lien on the property.

There was a welcome announcement. Counsel representing Mr. Bacon informed the Board that financing to resume construction on the property is moving forward and presented a letter of commitment from a bank and closing is expected by the end of the month. I am certain this is welcome news to all.

Securing the building is necessary but not enough. I have received multiple complaints over the years that this building is an eyesore to the community of benefit to no one. I commend the owners for their efforts to finally get this building finished and look forward to the day I can share that news.

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  • Unfortunately, it will be butt ugly and out of place when it’s finished. The best outcome would involve demolition (and tar and feathering of the idiot owners.)

  • I don’t see where the good news is. Six years wasn’t enough, so they get another month? To put a roof on the eyesore? Which will accomplish…?

    And “I commend the owners for their efforts”?? What efforts would those be, exactly?

    This is one of the more asinine communications I’ve seen from Graham’s office.

  • Moronic statement.

  • Jim Graham is a bit of a horse’s ass.

  • So let me get this straight… asinine owners of this structure construct a cinder block bunker in the middle of an up and coming commercial strip, let it sit there in an uninhabitable/unsafe condition for 6 years, and now have a month to “finish the roof”…?

    How about a full inspection of this structure, starting with the overall SAFETY of this blighted eyesore and then bring in the wrecking ball. It’s quite apparent that the owner (Mr. Bacon) has no intention of moving forward with his project, so now it’s up to the city to demolish and auction off the land to whoever can make it into a useful purpose.

  • This makes that pop-up on V St seem OK.

  • You “commend the owner”? Really? They should run them out of town and tear it down.

  • Mmmmm, horse bacon!

  • I’ve always kinda dug this ridiculous building. Wish I could buy it and turn it into something hilarious.

  • I believe the Grahamstander is using commend in the “entrust to care” sense, not the “in praise of” sense. Why he chose to use that confusing word? Dunno.

    I guess I’m dreaming that the original facade is intact under all that concrete block.

    And in total agreement that his response is pathetic.

    • I think you’re being too charitable. One doesn’t commend someone “for their efforts” when they mean commend in that way. I think he means — good for you you’re getting financing maybe!

    • I think it’s just part of a rhetorical carrot-and-stick bit. You threaten punishment if further action is not taken while offering praise for action already taken.

  • this is not good news. Those a-hole owners should get nothing but a GIANT tax bill for this, while the building is demolished and the land sold to the highest bidder. Bring on a new upscale condo building with a cafe on the first floor!

  • Hey don’t forget he turned down that bribe.

  • Ah, the Future Bacon Funeral Home. Someday I expect to lay my bacon to rest there as well.

  • If Bacon were smart, they would sell the land to a developer ASAP. There’s no reason for them to keep it. If they can’t line up development financing in these lax economic conditions then they never will.

    They’d be “selling high” right now. It’s currently a big liability for them.

  • Time for Jim Graham to go.

  • I’ve never owned a buisness or a property, so I’m not going to venture a guess at how difficulty it probably is to secure funding for what looks to be a remodel of their family business.

    I’m sure the Bacon’s have laid a lot of former Co. Hi. residents to rest and comforted a lot of families in this community through difficult times. It would be nice if they could get more than judgement and snark from their community when their plight is discussed.

    I live pretty much across the street from this building and while I agree its not safe and not as attractive as the allegro condos 2 blocks down… I appreciate that they might not be assholes and could just be a family trying to keep their business afloat/got in over their heads with this remodel.

    I’ve only been living in the heights for 4 1/2-5 yrs so I don’t know the whole story. Im sure this comment will be greeted to a sernade of boos and a barrage of rotten tomatoes but its just my two cents.

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