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  • Awesome paint job on that house BTW

  • ah

    It’s really more of a modern day hitching post.

    But why would you install your own bike rack on the street? I can understand you don’t have space for storage inside, or don’t want to bring your bike in, but wouldn’t it be a bit exposed there?

  • Call me a skeptic, but it’s still going to get stolen if you lock it up on a bike rack overnight on the sidewalk.

  • Visitor Parking.

  • That’s ugly. I’m not sure why. I’d hate to have everyone put one in. I bet they don’t get a public space permit.

    • Reminds me of the neighbor on Beacon Hill, Boston, who informed me that my bike was out of place in the historic cobblestone street — just after he’d finished parking his late-model German car there.

    • HELLO?! Our streets are lined with automobiles!

      This is an unbelievably beautiful sight. The equation could not be more simple: The more of these we see, the better our city is.

  • Is it really their own personal bike rack, as in (they think) no one else can use it? On a public sidewalk? That’s pretty ridiculous, if so. But hey, if that’s the case, I’m calling the parking spot outside my house. It’s all mine!

  • I’m a hater.

    Fugly, probably not legal, not secure (proximity to the police station is irrelevant, when I lived by a police station two roommates got robbed at gunpoint and our house was broken into), probably a safety hazard.

    Why not just put this in your yard or on your front porch? The railing on the porch is decent to lock to as it is, and a better fence (not chain link) between the neighbors yard could be designed with bike locking in mind.

    I’m thinking maybe they just put that there to make youtube videos of people walking into it.

  • Wonderful idea! For how popular biking is in DC, this city lacks adequate parking. I’d rather not lock up to a meter or parking sign – but often that is the only option.

  • They may have requested the installation from the city. We got two racks installed in front of my condo building by requesting them. It was easy and the installation happened pretty quickly: http://ddot.dc.gov/DC/DDOT/Services/Parking+Services/View+All/Bicycle+Parking

  • You COULD go bigger.

  • being friends with jim graham has its benefits

    • To request the a bike rack installation, please call the Mayor’s Citywide Call Center at 311 or (202) 727-1000.

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