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  • I used to admire that car every day when I lived on T St. Love the first gen Bronco.

  • I used to live on 14th and Swann and would walk by this every morning on my way to coffee. Love it and love the memory (I’m far away now) 🙁

  • I love the looks of these old Broncos. I thought I wanted one until I drove one. They’re pretty cramped inside and mechanically, they’re very primitive and utilitarian. It would make a great 2nd or 3rd car to drive around on the weekends, though.

  • I LOVE Broncos! I used to drive one when I was a kid. They are TOO much fun!!!

  • My buddy in CO had one of these in yellow/white in mint condition. Did all the work himself. Turned it into a hard-top convertible. CO girls LOVED that Bronco!

  • that is my neighbor Rob’s! he collects old cars and fixes them up….nice guy. a few months ago i saw a couple of old ladies plow into his bronco in their new camry – their car was all kinds of screwed up but the bronco didnt even budge.

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