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  • So, where’d you get a good cheese plate and $14 cocktail around 11th St back then?

  • I remember when they were open. It always surprised me people didn’t catch on to the neighborhood sandwich place then. They had a good pulled pork sandwich!

  • Man, that would be awesome to have a nice deli in the neighborhood. Please someone open one pleaaase

  • ledroittiger

    hahaha – total downgrade!

  • room 11 sucks compared to the old deli

  • The deli was great and so was the woman working there. Unfortunately she would screw up my simple “sausage and egg on white bread” order more than a dozen times so I simply stopped going.

    But the food was really good.

  • Yes, the 11th St. Deli was good but really just for a simple breakfast sandwich. The woman who ran it (whose name I cannot remember right now) was the best part. She had a great attitude.

    Room 11 is definitely a better place overall though.

    And yes, we need a real deli in this hood and it’s something that is probably in the works

  • I really wanted to like this deli but the one time I went, I got food service food served on Styrofoam and wrapped in plastic. It was a huge disappointment but, having grown up in DC, I came to expect disappointment. At that time, I could never have imagined the 11th St. of today.

  • Great CheeseSteak… and that is all I have to say….

  • my recollection is that 90% of their stuff was from the freezer – cheese steaks, jaepeno poppers, mozzerella sticks…

  • lived literally around the corner back then- was closest food to us. tried it serveral times because we like local businesses. but the food took freaking FOREVER, even when empty. the day my finance went out for breakfast sandwiches and took more than 45 minutes to get back was our last straw.

  • This place served nothing but awful fried disgustingness. It was simply atrocious in all respects. Even with a depesparately thin roster of 11th Street options to compete with, it died a deserved quick death. Now Franklin’s, its predecessor, is on the other hand worth lamenting. Great place, great guy. Neither holds a candle to what is there now, of course, but a place like Franklin’s could still do well in C.H.

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