Rosa Mexicano Also Offering Mexican Passover Menu


From an email:

From March 25-March 30, Rosa Mexicano will meld Jewish traditions with current culinary trends in Mexico, to offer creations including:

Marrow-Matzo Ball Soup: Jalisco-style Pozole soup with chipotle-marrow matzo balls
Taco de Gribnes: chicken crackling, duck egg, caramelized onions and mustard salsa verde
Stuffed Saddle of Lamb with quince, jalapeño, pomegranate and cilantro
Brisket Mixiote with sweet oranges and chilies
Grandma Shapiro’s Strudel with tropical fruits, chipotle chocolate and whipped cream

You can see Rosa Mexicano DC locations here.

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  • ….and overpriced and mediocre – keeping in line with their non-passover food!

  • I just want regular matzo ball soup that DOESNT SUCK in the District. Marrow? Chicken Cracklings? Lamb? This doesn’t look like any passover menu I’d be interested in.

    Sometimes traditional is good

  • I went to this last year, and while I’m generally not a huge fan of Rosa Mexicano (too much show and not enough flavor for too much money), I really enjoyed my meal, which was fun, tasty, and Sephardic passover-friendly. Not all Passover traditions are Central and East European passover traditions, folks.

    Of course, like all non-kosher restaurant passover menus, this one is by no means pretending that it’s kosher for passover in the approved by a rabbi sense, but then, neither is anything I cook at my house.

  • why even bother having a passover menu if you’re going to serve lamb and then whipped cream?

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