Room 11 Looking for a New Chef Again in Columbia Heights

11th and Lamont St, NW

Eater DC shares the news:

“Chef Adam Howard and Columbia Heights wine bar Room 11 have parted ways.”

They also say that former chef (and partner in Room 11) Ben Gilligan has returned to the kitchen until they find a new head chef. I know I echo the sentiments of many who wish Ben Gilligan would stay on permanently!

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  • Damn, i wonder what thats about

    he wasnt there very long at all

  • I’m sorry that the chef will need to find new employment, but as a patron I’m happy about this change. The food at Room 11 has gone noticeably downhill over the past months (I say this as someone who eats there at least once a month). Hopefully they’ll figure something out quickly.

    • I completely agree with you. My BF and I used to visit regularly, but haven’t been in a while because the food has just become so disappointing.

    • 100% agree. I’d like to go back to our 2-3x monthly excursions, but the last few times we were there since the changeover we were shockingly disappointed. Very … un-Room 11-like. This latest change bodes well.

    • Ditto. We were so disappointed in the slide in quality (deep fried chicken pot pie bites? what?) and are thrilled to hear that Chef Ben is back. Making plans to stop in soon!

      • Glad they are making the change. I also stopped going after a couple really disappointing meals. Calamari with kidney beans? It really isn’t inventive if it is unappetizing.

  • I was there recently and had the worst experience ever! Service was atrociously slow–took forever for them to notice us, forever to make an irish whiskey, and forever for the food. When it did finally arrive, an hour later, it was a cold quiche and about 10 little lettuce leaves that they called a “salad.” I through a fit, and after a lot of apologies by the manager she comped everything. I will need some strong convincing that this place will be worth visiting again anytime soon!

  • AMEN! keep ben on! i’m definitely dropping by while he’s back in the kitchen.

  • dcdon

    YAY!! Ben is back!! I know you guys are looking for a new chef, but keep some of the standards – grilled cheese and short ribs. Its nice to be able to get a meal there rather than nibbles. PS I LOVE this place!!!

  • Room 11 was far and away my favorite restaurant in DC until Ben left. I waited on tables there a while back and made Room 11 where I celebrated small and large occasions and drank off a bad day at the 9-5. But ever since the new chef came on, Room 11 took a hard turn South – I’m so glad to hear Ben is coming back. Stay, Ben, stay!!

  • 100000% echoing! Grilled cheese – please come back! please let me order individual cheeses and charcuterie! please have actually interesting cheeses (was there on friday, and seriously, NO blue cheese, all various mild white cheeses)! Please go back to the old menu style! please keep the interesting items on the lunch menu during the evening!

  • +1

  • Wow, is the pork belly coming back? I think that went away with the new chef.

  • I’m hoping this means room 11 can go back to being my fave. The new menu was beyond meh.

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