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  • Emmaleigh504

    Great. The earth is going to open up and swallow my neighborhood.

  • figby

    This feels extremely ominous!

  • I don’t like that I can see my car in that picture 🙁

  • ugh. well this explains why there was no water at my building this morning.

  • When I see stuff like this, I wonder if the OP tweeted DCWater (or called them).

  • I told y’all! Be ready with diving gear AT ALL TIMES!

  • This is directly outside my house. Crews are here now with flood lights and what appears an “X” where they are getting ready to dig. We have water though… Wonder if its safe to drink?

  • Random Question…

    Is there any particular reason why there is a Belmont Street and a Belmont Road? It doesn’t make it any better that they’re both right next to each other.

    • Maybe it’s an Adams Morgan thing. There is also an Ontario Place and Ontario Rd right next to each other.

      • There are a lot of roads, places, terraces, and streets in dc that share the same name. Sometimes it’s because they are severed by a park, or closed off portion of the grid, some times they are between the same lettered streets but were never connected, sometimes it’s that they are in different neighborhoods altogether

        Many of the half block streets( named streets between the lettered or numbered streets) have this.

    • The Belmonts were a rich political family with ties to the vanderbilts. So the answer is money.

      • And the Belmont Mansion in Dupont is now the HQ Of the Order of the Eastern Star which is related to the the Freemasons, who we know run the country, and maybe even the world.

    • I may be misguided by Google maps, but they don’t seem to be next to each other. I also don’t understand why that isn’t the 1700 block of Belmont St.

      • I don’t see a Belmont between 17th and 18th, therefore no 1700 block.

        Is this image taken from west of 19th street?

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