Red Hen Painted in Bloomingdale

1822 1st Street, NW

Red Hen will be a:

“New neighborhood restaurant with Italian roots. Seating capacity of 78, Occupancy Load of 99, and Sidewalk Café with 46 seats.”

It just turned from yellow to pea green. Looking forward to seeing how the inside turns out. Here’s how it looked in Nov. 2012:


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  • looking good!

  • Stop the Red Hen!

    This is a historic site and could be put to a much better use! Plus, people are noisy and there’s not enough parking… AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is the the owners of the same Red Hen in Lexington, VA?

  • Nice that they painted it but how did they not notice it is the same exact color scheme as the dry cleaners across the street on Rhode Island? That is odd. Really looking forward to this place, they will do brunch too. Peeked in the window this weekend and they are rocking and rolling, the kitchen and bar were already in, and the booths were delivered waiting to be set up. They are already hiring. Now we just need a Taqueria and a good Gym in the hood and I will never leave.

  • anyone know whats upstairs? An apartment?

  • Very exciting! Thanks for the update, PoP.

    I hope the Red Hen has rented the entire building, because otherwise the tenants upstairs could be in for a world of change.

    • I live up above there. Considering the ceiling to that place used to be my hardwood floor I’d say they’ve made some serious headway. They dropped the ceiling down about 5-6 feet and last time I did a sound check they could run a band saw down there without me hearing it. Keeping my fingers crossed 😉

      I don’t really understand how they’ll do comfortable seating outside though. That sidewalk it wonky as hell.

  • I’m happy to see more things bringing vitality to dc neighborhoods! This strip is just bustling these days. I love seeing it happen!

  • Even if the Red Hen’s food/prices aren’t great, I think it will be good to just alleviate some of the crowding at Rustik and Boundary Stone

  • Why didn’t they paint it red or reddish? Maybe they are going to do a mural? The yellow looked more farmish.

  • psyched for this place. When. Does. It. OPEN?!

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