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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: Getting a tie in Azteca
    Rant: Only 1 shot and it wasn’t even on goal

    • I’ll take it. Losing to MX away would have made it increasingly impossible to qualify. And I’m glad to actually hear “U.S. defense stops opposing team” as the story, not “US backs fail to work together, lose a winnable game.”

    • Yeah, wasn’t much to look at from a US perspective, but in historical context it was an amazing accomplishment. Bright side is that I thought some of our guys had poor games, so there’s potential for much better in the remaining qualifiers. I feel bad for Beasley, he had a rough night out there.

    • Definitely not a pretty win, but it was great hearing the Mexican fans boo their team occasionally. That was an incredibly nerve-racking game.

      • Now if only their federation started cracking down on the shouts of “Puto”! I heard their fans doing it at the U-17 WC last year. I sort of get it for the full national team, but yelling that at kids is totally unacceptable to me. Least classy fans in CONCACAF, and that’s saying something.

        Revel/Rant: It’s hard to have bottles full of piss and vomit thrown at you when you only have two corners.

    • I’ll take it too! Considering how many of our starters were injured, it’s a really important point. Not to mention that Omar Gonzalez was amazing and it seems like we now have some depth at center back. All in all, a good night.

      Revel: Mexico has yet to win in this round. Ha!

  • Anyone know what was going on around the FBI building around 6pm yesterday? Police seemed to have blocked every street surrounding it. either there or somewhere near that block.
    Took forever to get home…

    • drug bust?

    • Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

    • Farragut

      Suspicious vehicle on that block.

      • i thought a saw this big red van randomly in the middle of the block-long closed intersection on the corner of 10th and E…. guess thats what it was.
        yea downtown was one big clusterf**k. 25mins from 7th and Penn to 14th and K.
        MPD left 9th st heading out of DC open but also left Penn. ave heading to it open too. All it did was make people trying to head past it break a U turn(like my bus did) on Penn ave and head back to 7th.

    • ah

      Great to see how poorly MPDC is able to reroute traffic in such a situation . . . I can only imagine how bad it would be in a real disaster.

      Their first action is simply to stop traffic in their cars. I saw one officer at 9th and D, simply moving his car back and forth a few feet to prevent cars from entering the intersection.

      What would have been helpful, officer, is for you to park your car, get out and create some orderly redirecting of traffic at that point. Even better if you were to have coordinated that redirection with your colleagues at the adjacent intersections at which no one had any idea which way to turn.

      Perhaps a real terrorist will realize this and maximize damage simply by ensuring MPDC creates gridlock while “preventing” terrorism.

      • I would expect a commanding officer to analyze the situation and start ordering based on the closures he was told to make happen but it seems all they saw was to just close this intersection/block. multitasking doesn’t seem to be their forte.

      • FBI police were the ones blocking off the streets when I was in the area. Probably a lack of coordination between them and MPD was a big factor in the mess.

  • Rant: The gas leak at Sherman and Lamont. Our house was filled with gas and by 11pm the people on the scene couldn’t tell us when anything might be fixed or who we should talk to about accomodation for the night.

    Rave: The amazing volunteers at the Red Cross who ended up getting us a hotel room for the night.

    • Thanks. I live down the street and couldn’t find any notice of what was going on.

      • All we were told is there was a gas leak and that while trying to fix the leak they also cut a water line and had been working on it since 11am.

  • RANT: the wind
    Rave: it’s nearly spring break

  • Rant: I have a boil – ugh. First one ever so I guess I’m grateful this hasn’t been a long standing problem.

  • Rave: Excellent episode of Justified last night. And a bonus – Nick Searcy was on Red Eye this morning.

    Rant: Too many keys on my keychain! I had to drop my car off for service this morning and it took like five minutes to remove the key from the chain. I also had to remove my beloved Carlsberg bottle opener from it! I guess I’ll start looking for a new chain soon, or just leave the bottle opener off it.

  • Rant: I’m growing super weary of the “me first” attitude that seems to pervasive on the east coast. I may have come from nowheresville, midwest, but at least we had manners.

    • indeed, we can all learn to respect one another more.

    • Manners like disparaging an entire region? I’m sure no one in your nowheresville was self centered or self interested in any way. This is clearly demonstrated by the populist/socialist nature of the heartland and Randian objectivism’s popularity among the East Coast Elitists.

      • Well this convo just got funny…lol
        *sits back and awaits the S Show*

      • You must’ve missed the words “seems” and “pervasive.” As in “not everyone.”

        • Point of Information: What do you think pervasive means?

          • I shouldn’t dignify this with an answer, but for the sake of knowledge, it means to permeate, be common. And this is just proving my point.

          • /pərˈvāsiv/
            (esp. of an unwelcome influence or physical effect) Spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people.

            There ya go

          • I asked because your sentence construction would indicate that “pervasive” meant “not everyone”, which is more or less the antonym. I just wanted to be clear on what you intended as I supposed it to be opposite of what you wrote. I don’t think that demonstrates in the least any me first attitude.

            I grew up in the South, and your initial statement made me think of a saying we have. Everyone is your best friend – to your face. People are people; it’s just the veneer that is different.

        • I know a lot more people here that are originally from the Midwest and West than I do from the East Coast. Given how transient this metro area is, how do you know that those “me first” types are from this side of the country?

          • Maybe it’s not based on one’s geographical upbringing; maybe there’s something in the water.

            The other day I was leaving the mall, holding my infant son. My husband walked in front of me to hold the door for us, and a woman walking in shoves her past me into the mall (four other doors to use!) causing my husband to loose control and the door to slam into both me and my son.

            I’m not saying everyone, there are good eggs here. But I’ve literally had standoffs with people who refused to acknowledge that they were standing in the way, let alone saying “excuse me” and moving to the side.

            It’s just not something I experience before, and I’m only going off on my experience. I’d be happy to say that I’m totally wrong and I’ve just had bad luck with people out here.

          • The “NY factor,” aka, all those people who bring that elbows-out whattsamattawithyou, excuse me I’m twalkin heah, attitude down here from the Center of the Universe. You notice it if it’s not where you’re from, and not everybody gets used to it.

          • Meg – If someone is standing in your way wouldn’t proper manners dictate that you should say excuse me?

          • That’s a good question, and I’m glad to clarify. I’m first to say excuse me and move, when I can. In those cases, I couldn’t. The person literally stood in my way and stared me down like some silent game of chicken.

          • If people on the east coast are alone in their rudeness, what explains all the rude people I’ve encountered in Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco?

            What you are saying is the equivalent to me saying, after seeing a you and your fellow midwesterners whine about rudeness, that midwesterners are highly susceptible to extreme observation bias.

    • Could you please explain how a lack of what you consider to be proper sidewalk etiquette is evidence of a widespread “me first” attitude along the entirety of the eastern seaboard?

      • I can’t. That was my point. Lack of etiquette, nothing more.

        • novadancer

          so that also means you don’t walk two abreast with the stroller? My hugest pet peeve – couples taking up the whole side walk and expecting me to move out of there way…

          • Absolutely not. When I’m walking with my husband and my son in a stroller, one of us has to get out of the way for people who want to pass or are walking the other way. I was nearly clotheslined one time by a family (mom and dad) holding hands with their child between them. I had to actually walk in the street so they could enjoy their family moment. Big game of chicken, like I said.

  • Rave: Back on the river, rowing under a full moon.

    Rant: Leaving a warm bed for the cold night at 4:30 AM

    Rant: Gout threatening to return. What year is this, 1746?

    Rave: Wandering (rowing?) back into a more healthy lifestyle.

    • Where do you row? This is something I want to do more of.

      • Capital Rowing Club. They have a few different levels depending on your skills/interest, from learn to row and weekend rowing, to “club” crews that ask three days a week — mornings or evenings — and actually race to the “competitive” program if the bug bites you hard.

        It’s also a great group of people to hang out with, very un-Washington and kind of delightfully jock-ish in a co-ed, beer drinking sort of way.


    • Since this is a safe place, I will admit – Peeps leave me cold.

      Oh, the dioramas are clever enough, and it’s clear that people spend a huge amount of time on them, so I can appreciate that and I guess I appreciate that the contest is an unusually unstuffy thing for DC, but the Peeps themselves – too nasty to eat, and I just don’t see their charm as a ‘thing’.

      There- I said it.

      • You’re not alone – Peeps sucki! (and I like regular marshmallows) They’re almost as bad as Circus Peanuts!

  • homerule

    Rave: Made dinner reservations at Le Diplomate for when the in-laws are in town (I think they will love it!)

    Rant: Puppy is getting neutered today. 🙁

    Rave: We love our vet, so not super anxious about it.

  • Anyone see that video of the woman being robbed by a guy with a shotgun?WTH is going on? I’m glad she wasn’t hurt but sheesh.

  • Rant: Capitals… Finally get some momentum, and then lose a game by turning over the puck in the defensive zone, 5 minutes before overtime and a guaranteed point. So frustrating!

    Rave: Fantasy Baseball keeper league draft tonight. We are in our fifth year, and my decision to pick-up Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg before they were all-stars is looking mighty smart!

  • Rant: The worst laryngitis in my life. I can hardly whisper! Nothing seems to be helping. I can’t take it anymore!!!!

    • I’m a professional at getting laryngitis! First, STOP whispering. It strains your vocal cords even more than talking at a low volume. Try oil of eucalyptus inhaler – drop a few drops into a cup of boiling water, make a cone of paper and breath in the steam carefully, don’t burn yourself. If you have a humidifier – use it. There’s also this spray that’s sold at Whole Foods called Singer’s Saving Grace – it tastes awful though! really really awful.

  • Rant: No vacation. Between paying for my dog’s ACL surgery, the furloughs taking away a lot of my pay, and my need to stock away leave for “maternity leave”, we can’t take a vacation. Since we’ve been married, we’ve been able to have a long weekend in Chicago and a long weekend in Vegas. That’s it (and yes, I know it’s better than nothing). I see so many people posting about all their travel and I don’t know how they swing it. The days off and the cost mean I’m not going anywhere for a loooong time. It really depresses me that I can’t just relax with my spouse somewhere nice. And I’m a big travel buff (lived in Europe, traveled all over) Maybe when I’m 50 I’ll get the honeymoon I never had? That’s only 20 years from now! Le sigh.

    • You’re not alone j … keep on keepin on …

    • I’m taking my first “real” (for me that means having to fly somewhere) vacation next month. Staying at a beach house in Alabama for a long weekend. I can afford it, but with my crappy benefits I hardly have any paid time off. I’ll have to work eight extra hours the week before the vacation, and I’m leaving early on a Friday morning and returning late on a Monday night. And boarding my dog will cost around $260. But at least I’ll have some time off and be somewhere warm for a long weekend!

      • yeah, I’m investigating weekends on the Eastern Shore or Rehoboth. Even if it’s costly, it’ll be worth it to relax and will be cheaper than a vacation involving a plane.

        (and I hear you on the dog boarding….we always assumed we’d have time/money to travel to Europe for a honeymoon when my husband got back from Afghanistan, and my folks were going to take the dog….so innocent in thinking we’d be able to swing that 🙂 )

    • Be grateful that you have a spouse!

    • You are definitely NOT alone! In the past 8 years of living here, I have flown 2 places other than home. Once to El Paso and once to San Antonio, and both to stay with friends for the weekend. I need a Sugar Daddy…any takers?

    • well it sort of sounds like you chose to have a kid…i get REALLLLLY tired of people with kids who complain about how i have it so easy and get to travel all over the place and take vacations, but they can’t because they have to save vacation time for maternity leave, taking care of their kids, how expensive it is to raise a kid, etc.

      i chose not to have kids, and don’t bitch about what i may or may not be missing out on. and fwiw, i do travel a lot and usually take 3-4 days off per month, but i’m usually out camping or doing something cheap. i do have the luxury of being able to drop everything on a moment’s notice and get out into the woods, because i’m not responsible for anyone but myself, but that’s because i prioritized that lifestyle.

      • definitely a choice (in our case, a hard earned reality for now, thankfully).
        However, it’s way more responsible to save leave for maternity leave (since there is no maternity leave for feds). I’m not complaining about the cost of having a child. I’m happy you get to travel. I used to, also. Hence why I miss it. And I think if I weren’t being furloughed, it would be easier for us to swing it in 2013 (not international).

        I think the bigger issue with there being no time is that my spouse was gone for 8 months out of our 2 years of marriage, making it difficult to plan anything and by the time he got back, I only got older (since, contrary to the Prop 8 defense attorney, age does matter when it comes to kids).

      • I’ve never understood this “you chose to have kids, deal with it” argument. I don’t have kids, but it’s not like I hatched from a pod all self sufficient and ready to go out into the world. I think policies that support families, allowing for sufficient maternity/paternity leave, some flexibility in regards to schedule, etc. are good for everyone. I think the whole I got mine, screw you sort of attitude doesn’t really serve anyone at the end of the day.

        • Then why are there more than 130 older children in DC awaiting adoption?

        • If I asked my office for 3-4 days of leave a month, I’d get the stink eye, then a ‘talking to’, then have the request denied. In 4 years, I’ve had two one-week vacations, one for Thanksgiving because I had so much use or lose leave, and one when my husband returned from Afghanistan (I do work with the military, so I guess they were happy someone other than them was deployed?) I took 2 days off for my wedding. I definitely wouldn’t be able to take 3-4 days off a month.
          But, a coworker takes 3 weeks in July off to go on motorcycle tours of the country (which sounds awesome). Gotta love it!

          • I don’t understand your problem. Are you able to take long vacations like your coworker, but choosing not to because you are trying to save leave? Or do you not get the same amount of vacation as your coworkers? if the later – can you negotiate that instead of a pay increase or something?

            Re: how do other people swing it. Lots of sacrifices daily (like avoiding taking metro and waiting for a bus in a cold, crappy phone, no cable) but enjoying a yearly vacation overseas.

          • No, I earn decent leave but due to our schedule (working with the Hill), we’re regularly not allowed to take leave except for the old civilian who does whatever she wants. But, good thing is I have nowhere to go 🙂 But yeah, I’m not allowed to take that many days so I end up scrambling to not lose it at the end of the year.

  • rave: police finally caught the kids who have been terrorizing people in Bloomingdale

    rant: an 11 year old girl is now in the criminal justice system thanks to poor parenting. when someone this young is arrested their “parents” ought to be the ones who get jail time.

    rant: the kids throwing rocks at people, stealing bags and phones, etc, were from the project on the 200 block of W street. lovely.

    • I have no sympathy for the 11 year old. She’s old enough to know right from wrong. And she’ll get a slap on the wrist and have her record cleared when she turns 18.

      • I have no sympathy for the 11 year old either. I saw the kids throwing rocks at cars and harrassing a guy trying to visit someone in Parker Flats, it was disgusting. I just think the “parents” involved here (and the system that enables them) are the real problem.

      • Are you being serious? (I actually can’t tell.) Honestly at 11 years old I’m not sure you’re old enough to know right from wrong. I did, but that’s because my parents told me and I followed the examples of my friends. With different parents and friends I might have been a real dickhead at that age.

        My point is not to excuse the behavior but to say that I think the parents are very much accountable for the behavior of an 11 year old child.

        • I agree. I don’t know why people who’s parents taught them morality and ethics assume that they were born with it. I’ve said it before: if no one tells you it’s wrong to throw rocks, you don’t know it’s wrong. Same with picking cherry blossoms.

          • Please. They know it is wrong. You do not see them throwing rocks at their friends – they throw them at “other” people. They are perfectly aware of what they are doing.

            Yes, bad parenting puts these children at a disadvantage, but they are absolutely aware that their actions are wrong. They do not care.

        • 11 years is old enough to know that throwing rocks at people and cars is wrong.

    • Glad they were caught but not sure what good it will do. Petty crime (if you can even call it that) from young people in this city is an epidemic. I don’t understand why it isn’t take more seriously. And I feel bad for the good kids who are surrounded by the horrible ones and then go unnoticed in a sea of bad kids getting attention.

      • What are people supposed to do about them?

        • I’m not an expert. However, where I grew up, the very bad kids got sent to a specific, more regimented school with a longer school day, smaller classes, etc.
          I just think the bad apples in this city really are ruining the bunch of kids who need the resources to help them thrive.

          And, perhaps, a youth justice system that punishes bad behavior. It doesn’t seem like they do.

  • RANT: Stop marking not important emails as high priority! Every single email from one person in my company is marked with the stupid red exclaimation point. All is does is make me take my own sweet time getting back to you.

    RAVE: I love my job. I really do. I love about 90% of the people I work with (And that’s about as good as you’re ever gonna get).

    RANT: Target in Colombia Heights. It’s always so dirty and understocked. And I always get a contact high from how stoned the employees are. I could smell it on the kid stocking aisles from across the way.

  • Rant: 15 minutes online, 4 phone calls and I still can’t find out if the parking garage at DCUSA offers mulit-day or week long parking. Does anyone actually know? It appears it is just day-long & possibly monthly.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Nats opener next week!

    Rant: Allergies (and fluctuating temps) kicking my butt.

  • Rave: I do not suffer from allergies!

    Rave: Had my lunch date with an 84 y/o priest yesterday, and it was very enjoyable. He even gave me marriage advice (or, rather, advice on deciding if my boyfriend is spouse material). Kind of amusing, coming from a man who’s never been married, but good advice nonetheless.

    Random: I forget how long I’ve lived in my neighborhood (7 years) until I go to the pharmacy and they get my Rx without asking my name.

    Rant: Dentist appointment tomorrow morning. It’s been waaaay too long since my last one and I’m pretty terrified of what he’ll find/do to me.

    • People mockingly make that point about getting marriage advice from priests, but the truth is that many priests have a perspective on marriage that few (apart from actual marriage counselors do.) They talk to lots of couples before, during, and after marriage. They see and hear all about good relationships and bad ones, marriages that succeed and marriages that fail. So yes, they lack first-hand experience and they (obviously) have a religious bias but they often know a lot more than you might think.

    • So what was the advice?

  • Does anyone know if the Spring Perry listserv is still active? I requested access yesterday w/ no response. (Rant)

    Revel: Daffodils and forsythia survived the snow storm! I guess we’re all hardier than we thought.

  • Rant: Misplaced my phone Friday night, likely dropped it on the ground getting out of the car.

    Rave/Rant: Someone charged my phone Tuesday morning (dead battery by then) enough for the Find My iPhone app to alert me as to its location. The person then presumably saw the message for a cash reward. They didn’t call the number listed but went to Logan Circle. I hopped on my bike, went to the exact location, saw a guy on a bike just hanging out, and offered him cash no questions asked if he had seen a misplaced phone on the ground. He said he hadn’t seen it and biked off. I checked the trash can a few feet away and saw my phone sitting on top (Rave!).

    Thanks to the gentleman near 11th and P who let me use his cell phone to make a call.

  • Rant: People who saunter through crosswalks AGAINST the light/walk signal when there’s oncoming traffic.

    Rant: The young woman doing this yesterday at 14th and Columbia. I beeped as I was approaching the crosswalk, and then had to escalate to honking. Rather than stepping back or running to the other side, this young woman stopped walking, stood in front of my car, gave me the finger, and said “F*** you.”

    Rave: I don’t have to commute to work by car any more, so I have to deal with this nonsense only when running errands.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Everyone seems awfully negative today.

    Rave: My day is going well and time is flying by.

  • Rave: friend coming into town

    Question: She is celebrating Passover. She says she can eat meat potatos and salad. No bread or rice. She wants to go out to dinner. Does not need to be certified Kosher. As a vegetarian, I have no idea where to take her. I’m in Columbia Heights, but willing to travel. Any ideas?

    • Basically, anywhere that has options that don’t use bread/breading or serve it on rice should work if she’s not being strict about the kosher part.

      Dinos, DGS, and maybe Rosa Cantina were offering kosher for passover menus.

  • Rant: Day two of being home sick with what is probably a sinus infection. Apparently I developed adult onset allergies about 2 or 3 years ago, but I still don’t know what I’m allergic to or have a day to day solution to it. Now, every spring I get a crazy awful sinus infection and miss work.

    Rnat: My boss sounded pretty annoyed when I called out this morning. I don’t want to be sick, it’s not a choice I made. I can probably get to my office, but what’s the point of sitting uselessly in my chair all day coughing and sneezing on people. I can’t even put my glasses on my stuffed up face.

    • +1000, I have sinus problems too and my boss gets the same way. It is so annoying. He actually talked to me about what we where going to do about my sinuses because I called out 3X in a year due to them….BS.

  • Rant: registering for the marine corps marathon was a total cluster, and it drained me of all intellectual/emotional/physical energy.

    Rave: My niece, brother, brother-in-law, family friend, and myself are all registered!

    • Yeah, I have a hunch they’re going to turn it into a lotto system in the next year or two. Filled up in under 3 hours last year, I’m sure the same happened this year.

  • Rave: Spring break vacation coming!
    Rant: husband is sick and we’re too broke to go anywhere cool
    Rant: What is with the cold weather all the way down the East Coast? Ready for that Washington DC spring, one week of great weather before steamy summer sets in.

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