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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • That is an intense nature photo! I wonder where it was taken…

  • RAVE: Tons of people out rallying for marriage equality this AM. It’s nice to see people out en masse for something I support. It’s usually the other side that comes with such numbers for public demonstrations.

    • I was also really impressed with the level of organization. People with walkie talkies telling people where to go, handing out signs, and even coordinating how to block the anti-marriage equality signs from being in pictures (trolling at its finest). Thought about taking the day to join them…kinda wish I had!

      • While this is great to see many Americans finally understanding basic equality and fairness for marriage, let’s not forget this isn’t the end of this fight. It’s just the beginning. This does nothing to protect Queer individuals from street harassment, assault on the streets, being fired for their identity, etc. Hopefully though the tide is turning and we are truly becoming a tolerant, accepting country.

        • I thought anyone getting harassed or assaulted on the streets was protected.

          • You should probably google how MPD has dealt with queer and trans victims the past few years then…

          • It seems to me that comparing harassment suffered by LGBT folks with all (straight?) folks is like comparing harassment of women with harassment of men.

            Of course all of it is wrong, but one group is often targeted for verbal or physical assaults above and beyond what the other suffers simply because of who and what they are. When that is the case, it’s reasonable for members of that group (or anyone who cares about them) to stand up specifically to counter that particular variant of harassment.

            I’m not saying this well, but I hope you get my point. Caffeine, kick in!!

      • “even coordinating how to block the anti-marriage equality signs from being in pictures”

        So, censorship is good?

  • Rant: Crappy start to the day with frustrations.

    Rave: Historic couple of days in the capital – hoping for good news!

    Rave: Yummy fruit and nut bread with nutella.

    Rant: Crappy weather cramping our style – grandfather and mom and dad were going to come down for the blossoms on Friday but alas it looks like the blossoms may be non-existent and the weather crappy.

    Rave: My 93 year old grandfather. Last years Cherry Blossom Festival and visit to the WWII memorial with him is one of my most cherished memories.

  • Rant: Lack of size 14 shoes at local shoe stores. I hate online shopping shoes are something you should see and touch in person in my opinion. DC/MD/VA shoe stores always have tons of shoes in size 8 on the floor, but none in 13 or 14. I wish we could go back to the days where store managers tracked complaints and made orders for their own stores. >:[

    Rave: Pedicure and back massage last weekend – I’ve gone a few months without human contact because I’m recovering from a breakup. Getting a pedicure and massage made me feel a lot better because you still need human contact without the B.S. and my feet look pretty while I still feel quite manly.

    • Really – I love Zappos. Free shipping and returns, so if they arrive and you do not like them you can send them back. Not the most eco-friendly system in terms of carbon footprint, but I tend to know what size I need depending on the maker so I rarely send them back.

      In addition, they offer enough photos from different angles that you get a pretty good idea what the shoe’s profile is.

    • You can get on Nordstrom Rack’s large size event mailing list. They bring in loads of extra stock in large sizes only. I think each store has different dates for the event. I hear you though, I wear a womens 11 narrow and it sucks. If only I could afford all Faragamos, I’d be set. Those things run nice and narrow.

      • I need style! nordstrom rack has large shoes, but too often they’re mundane in my size. I love Durango boots, their web site is pretty expansive and I know their quality well. Maybe I need to order so I can time the delivery for a Saturday when I’m home but I can’t get shoes delivered to my doorstep because it will get stolen during work days, unfortunately. I live in the hood.

    • Is your name Peggy Hill? 🙂

    • I wear a women’s 5.5 and have the same problem. I can get Payless or Target shoes in my size, and sometimes come across a pair at a thrift or consignment shop, but if I go into a moderately price shoe store like DSW I am guaranteed to walk out empty handed. I’ve tried Zappos a few times but the shoes never fit right and then it’s a pain to send them back. I just get the same few pairs repaired over and over again.

  • Rave: Made a resolution to be more active, so I walked to the metro this morning instead of driving. It’s small, but the walk there and back is a big boost in my activity level, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself this am. 🙂

    • Keep doing it and you’ll eventually want to skip Metro entirely and bike in. Or bike and Metro depending on the length of your commute. On days when I don’t really feel like riding I always as myself “do you feel like taking Metro instead”. I usually end up riding.

    • binpetworth

      Good for you! Years ago, after much inactivity, I got on the exercise bandwagon by making a simple resolution to get off the Metro one stop sooner/later and walk the extra distance. Now I walk to work (3 miles) every day. It’s a great way to get physical activity and keep an eye on how DC is changing.

  • Revel: My newsfeed is full of red and pink and rainbows.

  • Rave: Had a rather pleasant experience with a new dermatologist this morning. I picked the one that could get me in soonest and thankfully it worked out! (They have a kisok set up to check in–I felt like I was in the airport.)

    Rave/Rant: I have a lunch date with an 87 year-old priest. This could go either way, depending on his mood…….

    Rave: Three cheers for marriage equality! Come on, Supreme Court, let’s DO this!

  • Rave: Made too much coffee yesterday, so being the cheapy that I am I put it in the fridge…took it to work this morning and made iced coffee and it is soooooo good. I LOVE World Market coffee.
    Rant: I miss Pho 14. I am craving their #16 pho. Someone bring me some. Im in Alexandria (and yes I have tried Pho 75 and I dont like it-dont judge meh!)
    RANT (please note the caps)- So now I know where the mice are feeding and probably living in my building. My neighbor walks out of her apartment this morning with three heaping Glad bags of what I call wet kitchen trash ( i could see fruit peels and old food and crud). Now girlfriend, you have THAT MUCH trash in your apartment and you are wondering why you have mice? THEN she says “The trash compactors are so far”. All I could do was give her a forced smile. Maaam if it’s a choice between walking to drop off the trash daily or living with mice…I chose the latter. But get it how you live honey…I know I shall keep all food sources out of reach of mice in my apartment.
    Rave: Good Friday is coming up….that means I get to make my favorite fish dish…escovitched snapper….Jesus be pickled habanero because I am already having fantasies about that meal.

  • Rave: US MNT World Cup Qualifier tonight in Azteca stadium in Mexico City. Excited about this game.

    Rant: Mexican fans are probably the least classy/most hostile fans in CONCACAF (no offense to Mexican Nationals here, but let’s face it…you are). They boo National Anthems, throw bottles full of piss and puke at players, and yell “puto” whenever the goalkeeper kicks the ball (and it’s started to infiltrate US supporters now too.)
    Rant II: Game doesn’t start till 10:30 PM. That’s past my weeknight bedtime for sure and I’ll probably be dragging my ass around tomorrow.
    Rant III: Klinsmann is still the US coach.

    Rave: It’s a beautiful day out there. The cold was refreshing on the ride in.

    • Hahaha! You sounds like my buddy (aka my libertarian friend)… is that you?

      • I doubt it. Just love soccer. My mom says I never picked up the ball when I was a baby, I always kicked it. Years of playing at all levels and I love the game more now than when I was younger.
        Problem I have w/ these late games is, unless it’s a blowout, I can’t even get to sleep for another hour or two after b/c I get too worked up.

  • Rant: rolling briefcases. At least once a commute, I have to dodge someone dragging these giant rolling offices. If you’re going to use one, learn how to navigate the metro with it – especially getting on/off escalators. Or, god forbid, take less crap to work. it’s not that difficult (and yes, I know some people don’t have offices, all that….but coming in to the Pentagon? You have an office/cube. Declutter).

    Rant: coworkers talking about how great the Atlas Shrugged movies were. and how they’re a great portrayal of American liberals. Yes, our military’s finest.

    • Great googly moogly, I think we may be the same person. One of those damned things clips my ankles nearly every day…and don’t get me started on having a bleeding heart in a military office…

  • Rave: In a relatively great mood for no reason whatsoever, although I think I’ll credit waking up in a cuddle puddle of wonderful boyfriend and two fat cats (at least in part). I’m a lucky lady.

    Rave #2: Daffodils!

    Rant: Icy windshield this morning and my chronic lack of an ice scraper, although I guess winter had to get a dig in there somewhere.

  • rant: i have to write a cover letter. i hate this part. But i found a job I’m actually interested in (albeit not completely qualified) so I have extra motivation
    rave: the voice is back! I love that show.

  • Rant: Some days you are the fish.
    Revel: Some days you are the bird.

  • Rave: Had a really good date this weekend with a smart and good-looking dude who seemed to think I’m smart and good-looking too.

    Rant: The dude canceled getting together this week on account of being sick. Or he’s just giving me the brush. Either way, I don’t expect to hear from him again. *sigh* I know dating is always a gamble, but that doesn’t make it any less demoralizing.

  • Rave: I’m in Ghana, where’s no snow.
    Rant: The weather rivals the worst of DC summer days, except without reliable A/C. Nothing like showing up for a business meeting with the President’s brother looking like a drowned rat.
    Rave: My parents celebrated 40 years of marriage yesterday.
    Rave: I celebrated 5 years at my current job, which means I’m finally fully vested! If I get too bored here (which is starting to happen) I can now look for something else without worrying about losing my retirement account.

  • Rant: I have the weirdest-ever running injury. Pain and stiffness in the back of the knee joint (like in the back of my leg) that won’t go away even after 2 weeks off. I’ll go to the doctor, but really all they can do is still me to rest more. Now I’m being dramatic and thinking that if I can never run again, how will I ever be happy again?!?! Seriously, I get depressed if I don’t get enough physical activity, and biking and swimming do not interest me in the slightest. Only running.

    Revel: I have zero plans this weekend, after several weeks in a row of family events. I am going to do whatever I want. Maybe go to church ALL ALONE on Easter, which sounds weirdly appealing, actually.

    • What church….I wanna try going to church again.

      • saf

        What variety of church would you like? Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Unitarian Universalist, UCC, Disciples, something else?

        • Not into Catholism or Orthodox anything otherwise i am pretty open

          • saf

            There are a lot of good churches in the city. There are also a lot of not-so-good churches. Best thing to do is think about what you want from a church, to narrow it down a little, then start googling and asking.

            I knew I wanted a racially mixed, gay-friendly, Baptist church. Took me a while, but I did find a good one.

            OK, I live in Petworth and the church is in SW, so it isn’t right around the corner. But it exists and I am happy with it.

    • The pain behind your knee may be a cyst…definitely good that you’re going to get it checked out.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Had to get a root canal for my tooth which is not broken, but he filling went bad or something like that.

    Rant: This root canal is taking all damn day.

    Fact: Today I have learned I have tiny canals. ugh

    • So do you have to pay for this something that went wrong?
      And I also have tiny canals….welcome to the club

      • Emmaleigh504

        Yep. The filling that failed was put in when I was about 9, so it actually had a good long run. It wasn’t anyone’s mistake, it just wore out.

        And now I’m worn out, but I have to go back for round 2 now. Then I will crawl into bed and sleep.

  • jim_ed

    If you don’t mind the shameless plug, I’d recommend our church, Universalist National Memorial, in Dupont.

    You know those mega churches with the soft rock bands and people wearing jorts but still have very conservative and traditional beliefs?

    We’re like the complete mirror opposite of that. The church is a diverse and inclusive congregation focused on God’s eternal love rather than pointing out how everyone sins, but it retains the traditional choir and stained glass, and has that old feeling of airy solitude for religious reflection.

    • I was thinking of hitting this place up on Sunday for Easter. I haven’t been to church in years, but I really liked what I read on their website. Sounds like they are good, open-minded people 🙂

    • saf

      A small church group I used to be part of used to meet in your parlor – it is a LOVELY building indeed. Also very nice people.

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