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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Ran into my ex gf this weekend.

    Rave: She’s working at a fast food restaurant, so schadenfreude.

    • Schadenfreude. I love that word.

    • skj84

      Whats wrong with working in a fast food restaurant?

      • It’s a low paying, dead-end job.

        • skj84

          but its a job. No one should ever feel ashamed or be judged for what they do.

          • Nor should someone feel vindicated by seeing someone who appears to be worse off than they are. Really, even if it’s your worse enemy that’s not a healthy practice. And for all you know she could be working on a novel in her spare time that becomes a bestseller.

    • rant: i saw my ex this weekend as well. Always makes me feel like Marnie in Girls. Must not contact.
      rant 2: am probably going to (friendly!) contact anyways then regret it later.

      • I haven’t seen or spoken to her in over two years. She tried to refriend me on Facebook but I denied her request. She acted like we were old friends, really happy to see each other. Kind of a weird situation.

  • A row home in Bloomingdale (T Street, between 1st & 2nd St, NW) caught on fire this morning apparently due to an electrical shortage. The fire burned the row home fairly badly but all four residents were able to get out safe. It’s sad to see so many fires in the neighborhood. I wonder if there’s anything we should be doing to mitigate our risk from fire.

    • I looked at 5-6 houses for sale in Petworth a year ago, looking for a habitable fixer-upper. Each house had people living in it, and each one had obvious, very scary, often jury-rigged wiring.

    • novadancer

      Glad to hear there were no injuries!! I was worried while we watched the firemen breaking in thru the 2nd story back window.

  • Am I missing something on the bus map or is there really no bus that runs from the U street area to dupont? Best I could find from 14th and U is taking a bus down 14th street to 14th and Q, then walking .75 miles to Dupont. Is that really the best option?

    • The 90’s go to u and 18th.

    • I really don’t think there is a good way. You could ride down to 14 & P and take the G2 over to Dupont. But really, 2 or 3 buses to go between U St and Dupont is ridiculous – this is definitely a gap in the system.

      • It really is quite the strange gap. Is it worth contacting Metro about it?

        • I’ve always wondered if there are a disproportionate number of bikeshare trips between U St and Dupont, that’s what I always end up doing when I don’t have the time to walk it and realize there’s no other way to get there.

        • What would the appropriate route be?

          • U Street –> Florida Ave –> Connecticut to the north entrance of the Dupont Metro station.

            It’s a no-brainer and would be insanely successful.

            I think the issue is that there’s no easy way to take a left off of Florida to go down Connecticut to Dupont.

          • South on 14th, East on R st. Then left on New Hampshire or Conn. or 19th St.?

    • Check out the Circulator — they have a route that goes south from 14th and U St, and might end close near Dupont.

      • No, the Circulator just runs up and down 14th St and heads west up in Columbia Hts.

        • the best option might be to take the circulator/any bus from 14th and belmont (where i’m moving) to 14th and K, then take the d1, d6, or 42 to dupont. still a pain to transfer for such a short distance.

      • I went to a Circulator planning meeting at Benning Library a year or two ago and was specifically going to suggest a link between U Street and Dupont.

        Turned out they were already planning such a link — I think the plan was to extend the Georgetown-Dupont Circulator route to go to U Street.

        Not sure how many years it will be before that route becomes a reality, though.

      • You live in Capitol Hill. There’s a gap to everywhere in NW…

    • There’s a gap between Capitol Hill and Dupont as well. You either have to take a second bus, or walk from 18th/U or Farragut West.

      • I guess needing to take 2 buses or transfer metro lines when traveling so many miles doesn’t seem so strange to me. But U St and Dupont are “adjacent” to each other and you can’t get from one to the other.

        • True… I guess I’m the type that would just walk to Dupont if I lived on U Street. The walk from Capitol Hill to Dupont is nice, but you have to have some extra time and really be in the mood to walk.

          The extra 20 minutes of walking (if I take the bus), or of waiting to transfer to the Red Line (if I take Metro), aren’t terrible, but they effectively double the travel time of a very popular route and make it more of a hassle. I find myself spending a lot more time in U Street and Adams Morgan instead of Dupont because there are direct routes to these places.

          • If it were part of my daily routine, I would walk it, too — that’s about the length of my current walking commute, which I like. But I’m sometimes moving between the two areas during the workday, when I just don’t have the time to do that. I can’t afford taxis (no expense account!), and it’s frustrating when taking transport takes longer than walking over a non-trivial distance. That just isn’t true of, for example, Dupont and Cap Hill — even with the awkwardness of changing trains compared to a direct line, it is still faster than walking would be.

            I also think about people who for other reasons can’t necessarily walk.

      • The d6 goes from Dupont to the Capitol Hill area–at least to Union Station…

      • I don’t think that’s a gap. That’s just two areas a few miles away from each other. I don’t see any reason why they should necessarily be connected by a single bus. (And, they are connected by rail, so that’s a good option.)

    • Many years ago I lived on U/15th and works on Connecticut/K St. (so further past Dupont) and it wasn’t a bad walk at all….

      • it’s not that long of a walk, but in the summer when it’s hot out, i’d be a sweaty mess by the time i got to where i’m going. i’ll probably end up using car2go more often than not.

    • There is also no bus (at least that I know of) that goes from U street to Foggy Bottom which is particularly annoying because they aren’t well connected by rail either (it’s pretty silly to go all the way from U to L’Enfant to transfer onto the blue/orange line. Otherwise you have to transfer at Chinatown and then again at Metro Center). I live near U and every time I need to go to Foggy Bottom I just walk the 30/40 minutes because really, most public transportation options would take longer than that. So yes, I would very much support a bus that directly connects say, Columbia Heights to Foggy Bottom (and goes through U and Dupont on the way).

      • Yes, from August until late January I had to go from Columbia Heights to Foggy Bottom on a frequent basis. Using public transportation for that trip was a huge drag. The quickest way is probably 14th or 16th st. bus down to K, then the circulator.

        • saf

          OK, it all depends on where you are in Columbia Heights, but I would consider walking to 16th and Columbia and getting on the 42.

        • During rush hour Columbia Heights to Foggy Bottom (in the AM) and reverse (in the PM) is really easy on the H1.

        • They are connected by the S1 that runs up/down 16th Street. It runs all the way to the State Department and then turns around.

          • SAF- the 42 doesn’t go to Foggy Bottom.

            zero_zum- S1 is rush hour only and doesn’t run on the weekends. I did use that though when I could.

            anon- H1, good to know- thanks! Looks like it would have been perfect during rush hour times.

          • saf

            OK – I think of Farragut West as close enough.

    • I think it’s a relic of old bus/streetcar lines which primarily run north/south (and are geared to serve people commuting to/from work downtown). And not that long ago, U St was not a popular nightlife destination so the need for transportation from the U St area to the red line was not as great. I think it’s a gap worth addressing, I wonder if they would consider extending the Rosslyn-Dupont Circulator to go to U St?

      Like someone else said, I typically take the Circulator or 14th St bus to 14th & P, check to see if a G2 is coming, and walk to Dupont if not. Another alternative is to take the Circulator/14th St to K St and take the D6 to Dupont, but it’s a more circuitous route and takes longer.

      • See my post above… at least as of 1-2 years ago, DDOT was planning to extend the Rosslyn-Georgetown-Dupont Circulator route to U Street.

        Not sure what their timeframe was for doing so, though.

  • Rant: The show Girls on HBO. I need to have a stern conversation with Lena Dunham.
    Rave: I made it to work early this morning!!!
    Rave: I used to be one of those people who took forever to fall asleep. I could never wind down and relax so I would be in bed awake for 2 to 3 hours before falling asleep. Now all I have to do it get in bed, turn the lights out and I am out like a light. I want to say its the paint on my walls and the new curtains (total black out) but whatever it is it is awesome sauce.
    Regret: I didnt make my beef patties this weekend. But I went to Costco and bought some so I am happy.
    Update: I had breakfast with my coworkers this morning. I think I am OK with communing with them as long as it is during work hours.

  • Hearing about my about-to-graduate-from-college little brother’s awesome job prospects in CA makes me happy for him, but also really depressed about my life here with my own boring job I hate.

  • Rant: Proposed bank bailout in Cyprus includes a one time fee on all savings accounts to cover the costs. Yeah, some of those accounts belong to Russian mobsters, but many of them belong to the working people of Cyprus, so now Europe is basically trying to take money directly from the poor and hand it to the rich. Not surprisingly, this is causing something of a bank run, and if people on the rest of the Euro Zone periphery were wise they would be taking out their deposits too, before this absurd idea spreads. The big problem is, bank runs make the problems worse, and the devastation they can cause is why we have deposit insurance in the first place, but at least the working class won’t be robbed to bail out the bankers.

  • Rant: Sick and cold and wet and tired.

  • Rant: Woke up at 6AM thinking it was 8AM on my last day of vacation to call into a conference call. Couldn’t get back to sleep because of stress…

    Rave: Beautiful day in Colorado. Hoping to get away from the computer and work to be able to enjoy the last bit of it before returning to the grindstone!

    Rave: Best bud visiting this weekend!

  • Rave: Runners high – had a great weekend in Atlanta running and can’t stop smiling and thinking about the race.
    Rant: Getting out of my chair is torture…totally worth it though!

  • RANT: There should be a law against the day after St Patrick’s Day being a Monday. Ouch—-my head hurts! 🙁

  • I’m the OP who said last week that I was getting my first tattoo.

    Rave: I got it on Friday, and it looks great! It’s now in the healing/itchy stage, but I’m pretty thrilled. I got it at Cirque du Rouge on H Street. I’m amazed at how well Robie Sayan turned my idea into a real work of art.

    Rant: It’s too cold to wear a tank top and show it off.

    Rave: Thanks to all the folks on here who got me excited about going forward with it.

    • Cyn at Cirque du Rogue did my massive cover up and she was AMAZING. I basically said, “I just want this stuff (from my young punk teen years) covered up – flowers are fine…nothing too girly) and while I’d rather have zero tattoos, this is the best alternative. Everyone there is absolutely genius – I highly recommend anyone there. They are real artists and wonderful to work with. Glad you’re happy with them, too!

  • Rave: I loved not living in Adams Morgan this weekend, unlike the last ~4 years. No green vomit to avoid this morning, no half-eaten pizzas on the ground, no screaming at 4 am. Ahh sometimes the semi-suburbs aren’t all bad 🙂

    Rant: Our quieter location still didn’t prevent our new neighbor from blasting The Final Countdown at midnight. On a Sunday. C’mon new guy…

    Rant: Budget cuts. The government sequester isn’t just hurting the feds. Better start squirreling away some extra money just in case.

  • Rant: Need an Endocrinologist. Nearly fainted, lost vision, tachycardia, and overall bad experience at dinner Friday night resulting in a trip to Sibley.
    Rave: Doctors at Sibley rock..
    Rant: MFA…thought my primary care doctor was not aggressive and never really had a positive experience from any doc there over the 7 years I’ve been in DC.

  • Girls needs to use season 3 to apologize for most of season 2. Last night was good. More of that, less needlessly naked Lena Dunham. It adds nothing.

    • Weird, I put this as a reply to Peachy and it didn’t work….whoops!

      • Heeeey I see you…this season was trash!! that episode with the day of sex with the random doctor was gross…ugh
        Its sad when I want a spin off of the guys because the girls are boring and empty and rotten people

        • Did you really not see the message in that episode? Take a second look. Or watch some old Sex & the City eps instead… I think a lot of Girls fans are expecting something that it’s not. Perhaps watching Dunham’s movie Tiny Furniture would help explain the tone/themes of Girls.

    • Actually I prefer this season to the last; I felt the first season truly did glorify the quirky-special snowflake-I live in Brooklyn and isn’t this series universal?-ness of the lives of the characters on the show, which was gross, and as a result was far too self-conscious. However, I felt that this season did a better job curtailing that impulse; I like how Dunham’s character has truly become unlikeable, and she LETS her become unlikeable/manipulable/self absorbed so that people can see and criticize her.

  • Rant: The buds on my about-to-bloom orchid keep dropping off.

    Rave: Two orchids I gave to my parents last year bloomed for 10 months then after a short rest started blooming again in February.

  • Rave. Race was great Saturday. I liked the new course, but there definitely seemed to be lower turnout of spectators. Not sure if that’s weather related, or route related.

    Rave. Got a PR.

    Semi-Rant. Missed my goal finish time by 29 seconds.

  • Rant: oh, work. Coworker came in with pneumonia. Yes, diagnosed. She’s a temporary person (a reservist here for her one week a year). But, I can’t say anything because I’m not sharing my knocked-up status.

    Rave: tomorrow is my first dr’s appointment in 2 weeks. It’s been very difficult to wait. Plan on telling her that this month between appointment thing won’t work early on because I’m driving myself crazy.

    Rave/Rant: Birthday/Anniversary weekend coming up, heading to Range. It’s supposed to be really good! But we have a huge gift card to Volt we got for our wedding 2 years ago that we need to use but alas Range won’t take it even though it’s the same people. Sister-in-law got us the Volt card nevermind that Volt is pretty inconvenient and not very vegetarian friendly (husband doesnt eat meat, and two vegetarian tasting menus is a waste of a trip). So I’ve got a $300 gift card to Volt I need to figure out how to use and try to act like I wouldn’t have rather just received $300. lol.

    • Pneumonia? Not acceptable to come in regardless of the health status of one’s coworkers. No need to bring up that your preggers. No one wants to get pneumonia!

      • yeah, we’ve been over this. My boss has her own office while everyone else is out in a small cube farm of 12 people. I genuinely think my boss doesn’t care or notice that this is an issue. I don’t know what else I can do about when I’ve specifically said I don’t think it’s acceptable for people to come in as sick as they have been.

    • sell the gift card? donate it to a charitable auction? take some folks to Volt with you for brunch (very delicious and more veggie-friendly)?

      • yeah we’ll probably do brunch.
        Just such a stupid wedding gift. I’m sure the intentions were good, but “here’s $300 to use only at a restaurant pretty far away from you without much food you guys will eat”.
        My husband won’t let me sell it, so we’ll probably take people.

        • Apart from something like giving a recovering alcoholic a bottle of booze, you should be more gracious for any gift you receive. I suspect the gift is so odious to you because it is from your sister in law and no matter what she gave you there would be some fault.

        • “A stupid wedding gift”? You probably don’t intend to, but you sound really ungracious and ungrateful. It’s not terribly convenient, but it’s really not that bad. Have you tried just calling the restaurant and explain the situation? You received this generous gift card as a wedding gift, and you are wanting to know how accommodations for a vegetarian diner. I’m sure people with allergies and other restrictions do this all the time. It couldn’t hurt to ask.

          • It’s also pretty silly to get someone an expensive wedding gift that wasn’t on their registry, imho.

          • I’m sorry, some wedding gifts are stupid when you have a registry. For example, registering for a $300 kitchenaid mixer and getting it, awesome. Getting a gift card for some place that you’re not likely to go when you have a web site saying what to give? Not smart. If we had no registry (like certain people, that’s their choice) then I’d feel otherwise because we didn’t guide people towards what we needed.
            It’s the only non-registry/non-check gift we got, and I’m sorry – it’s stupid given that there’s a list of items you could pick from (or a gift card to one of the places the couple registed for). I already lost the physical card once between bringing the gifts home and moving because it wasn’t in any sort of “gift card box”. I had to go through the process of getting VOLT to reissue it, which was actually great- they were helpful.
            Don’t worry, we’ll use our gift certificate to take people out to brunch.
            And no, I don’t like her but if my own sister had gotten be that gift, I’d think it was stupid too. And come on, my sister in law doesn’t have spawn! Not liking them is one thing, blaming her child for how she behaves is different.

            And Peach, I wouldn’t marry someone whose family I actively don’t get along with (arguments at holidays, etc). My family has gone the extra mile to welcome his mother into their home – every Jewish holiday, every party my parents throw, she’s there. It’s never reciprocated, but she’s always there (until now, since she has a grandchild to visit) – even when my mom doesn’t want to do anything, she does it so the families can be together. We are just very, very different people. I cannot really have a conversation with my husband’s mom and sister, but his Aunts, I talk to them often on FB and we visit and all that. His cousins, same thing. I think there are some people that you just don’t have anything in common with so you nod and smile at what they say. And there are people who rub you the wrong way so you don’t spend time with them. This, to me, isn’t the same as dislike for my husband’s family. 90% of his family is great. And the same goes for my side, so I ignore some of my side and nod/smile and a few others! I’m sure that makes me a terrible person, but it’s worked for 30 years.

          • I used the word spawn because you yourself used a word to that effect in describing your future niece/nephew.

            And I stand by the ungraciousness of your turning your nose up at a very generous gift. If you feel the gift is stupid, you really should never say so. It is incredibly uncouth regardless of the whole registry guidance.

          • I think we make our own experience by what we choose to focus on. Me? I would see this as a very generous night out to try a new place we might not otherwise go to, something we weren’t expecting rather than another serving spoon from the registry, and in the end a more memorable and special gift.

            jindc clearly wants to see this gift as an imposition rather than an opportunity. That’s her choice of how to experience it.

          • Absolutely. Excellent point. But I don’t think she should do or say anything to make the gift giver feel badly about the unwanted gift. Thinking is one thing. Acting is another.

          • “I think we make our own experience by what we choose to focus on. Me? I would see this as a very generous night out to try a new place we might not otherwise go to, something we weren’t expecting rather than another serving spoon from the registry, and in the end a more memorable and special gift.

            jindc clearly wants to see this gift as an imposition rather than an opportunity. That’s her choice of how to experience it.”

            This is EXACTLY what I was trying to say.

          • I wouldn’t get anyone a gift card, regardless of how much, for a restaurant that is easily an hour drive from DC. It would make much more sense to get a gift card for a NEARBY (ie in the DC area) restaurant.

          • There are lots of things you could criticize (about this or any gift): not the restaurant they would choose, too much to spend in one sitting, not convenient, they needed the serving spoon more, etc. But that’s the point – one person will complain about what’s bad about the gift while another will try to enjoy the gift for what it is. And you can choose which sort of person you want to be.

          • And gifts are not obligatory.

        • Take some people out to brunch. Make a day of it (when it gets warmer).
          We really should stop making assumptions about people’s rants. Where did she say she disliked her SIL?

          • She didn’t in this post, but it’s come up several times in the past.

          • In about a dozen different prior rants mostly in the context of complaining about how her mother in law views her sister in law as perfect and how she doesn’t want to hear about her sister in law’s pregancy, how she has utterly no concern for the spawn, etc.

          • Jin girl show your SIL some love. Life is too short for angst.
            Take her out with the gift card for a SIL brunch or something and clear the damn air!

          • And to the Anon big ups for remembering that…I dont even remember what I are for dinner last night much less convos on Popville lol

          • This brings up a question ( sorry for bogarting your rant Jindc) but would you marry someone if you didnt get along with their family? Is that a deal breaker?

        • I’ll trade you for a vase.

        • Wow, ungrateful much? A registry is a list of things you would like to receive, but there is no requirement to choose from this registry. This is a riduculous lie that this generation is telling themselves – perhaps the giver really thought you might enjoy a night out.

          If you find the gift so stupid that you take offense to receiving it, return it to the gift giver.

        • I would much rather take a gift off a registry that wasn’t as expensive, but know I would use. To have a large gift card to a restaurant that is not very convenient (location and food wise) is a nice gesture, but not ideal. Also, you’re taking friends out to brunch. Call me crazy, but isn’t the point of a wedding gift to be something you and your spouse can enjoy?

          • MsNesbitt

            Agreed. I don’t see what the big deal is about wanting a gift that you actually wanted in the first place. I assume that if this person is invited to your wedding, she knows you and your spouse well enough to know that a far-away non-veg-friendly restaurant isn’t a good pick for you. If you’re going to go off-registry (especially for $300!), I think the gift should match the recipients better.

          • There are two separate issues being conflated here: how to choose a gift and how to respond when you receive a gift.

    • I love “knocked up status.” Awesome way to put it 🙂

  • Rant: Micromanaging from the front office. Two officious assholes making life miserable for the 250 of us who actually do the work and are trying get shit done. The main culprit should have retired by now but of course never will. Anyone know a good voudou practitioner?

    Rave: Ovid’s Metamorphoses at Arena Stage yesterday. Great stuff!

    Rave: I survived a hectic (but fun) weekend and actually managed to not be a total zombie on Monday morning.

    • I know there is a voodoo app. Maybe that will make you feel better? But yes, I feel for you on the people who just need to retire already. The ones who are mentally out the door already and just taking a paycheck.

    • I saw Metamorphsis last week and LOVED it! So much fun. We had high hopes because we loved Arabian Nights from the same director last season, but it exceeded them. Yay!

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I saw it a couple of weeks ago – from the front row with a black towel in my lap. The water was surprisingly warm. I read the union requires it to be 90 degrees. Loved the play, especially the little naked guy.

      • Agree completely. We loved Arabian Nights, but Metamorphosis blew it out of the water. Highly recommended!

        • I actually liked Arabian Nights more (and then Candide at STC, but the same director) but Mary Zimmerman is amazing. I love Arena Stage.

    • I am a board certified Obeah Doctor…but you asked for voodoo so Icant help you.

  • I’m sure everyone will have something to say about this

    • [Crickets chirping]

      I guess not.

      Maybe when someone writes the “Being White in DC Article.” But given the reaction to the Philly article, that’s probably never going to happen – at least not under anyone’s real name.

    • The title made me think that whoever posted it here was trolling, but the article was more nuanced than I was expecting.

      It could’ve used a little more nuance, though. It took me a while to realize that the author was identifying people’s race only when they _weren’t_ white — the rest of the time, it was just “a 29-year-old [job] who lives in [neighborhood],” with no mention of race.

      I don’t dare read the comments on the article. I’m imagining it’ll be like the comments on washingtonpost.com, where any remotely sensitive topic always attracts vitriolic, hateful trolls, and any possibly of people having reasonable, thoughtful discussions and trying to see each other’s point of view gets squashed.

      • saf

        ” It took me a while to realize that the author was identifying people’s race only when they _weren’t_ white ”

        That’s actually surprisingly common. I once worked on a black history project that assumed everyone discussed was black, only specifying race for those who were not black. It was really interesting how hard it was for people to wrap their minds around that.

  • Rant: Just paid $30 to have a dress tailored only to realize that I could have easily made the fix myself. Oh, well, at least it looks good.

    Rant: Completed all necessary tasks for today and it’s only 11:22.

    Rant: Stop staring blatantly at my legs! Yes, I know that I’m wearing a skirt. But if you’re going to stare at least don’t be so damn obvious. Ugh.

    Rant: My older brother was just diagnosed with Bells Palsy.

    Rant: I’m stuck somewhere between my quarter life crisis and mid-life crisis. Is there a name for this?

    Rave: Walking to work in the snow!

  • Rant: FSBO. Need an amazing real estate photographer (pronto). And a lot of valium. Next stop, the forums, I guess (for the photographer, not the valium).

    Revel: I have already moved and that part is revelicious.

    • Hey…Give some details, property, pricing, location etc..I’m in the market..

      • It’s in MD so not really Popville area. I wouldn’t expect any interest from here so I didn’t even think to post details. But you NEVER know, right? It’s a 4BR 3FB/2HB SFH in Sumner going on the market this weekend. Big fenced yard. Whitman school district. New kitchen and bath.

        • Wasn’t there someone last week who was desperately looking for a house in a certain MD school district?

          • Pretty sure you’ll have absolutely zero problems selling a house in the Whitman school district. Don’t fret. 😉

  • msmaryedith

    Revel: I’m so, so excited about the guy I recently, and he seems just as into me (or more). Great conversations about just about everything, silly to serious. I’d become so completely jaded from online dating experiences that I doubted it was possible to meet someone I could connect with, much less someone who seems ready to settle down. Trying not to get ahead of myself, but I’m really happy that it is going so well.

  • Rant: Got rear-ended by a vehicle when I was on my bike over the weekend.

    Rave: Escaped the collision with only minor scrapes.

  • Rave: had an excellent weekend with my niece. We didn’t do much sight-seeing, although I did take her on a 13.1 mile running tour of the city 🙂 After that, we were kinda tired. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful relationship with her (and her brother).

    Rave #2: despite coming off of an injury, I was mostly happy with my performance in the race. However….

    Rant: my feet hurt like crazy by mile 12. my cardiovascular fitness felt fine, but my body wasn’t holding up. I have no idea how I’m supposed to double that come this fall when I attempt a full marathon.

    • Way to go!
      Lots of stretching helps – as does cross training. I have run for years but in the last few added in cross training. I can’t tell you how much regular lifting/swimming/biking have helped my running.

  • Rant: It’s Monday so it is freezing in my office because the stupid bldg mgmt turns the heat off every weekend and doesn’t turn it back on in time for the bldg to warm up. Ugh. This happens every single freaking week.

    Rant: It’s Monday and yucky weather. I want spring!

  • Rave: Husband is currently just starting a med school interview. Crossing our fingers!

    Rant: Home alone this weekend, over 6 months pregnant and taking care of the animals by myself.

    • good luck on BOTH parts! maybe a neighbor will help walk the animal(s) that need to be walked outside?

      • Thanks! It is actually the cat that perpetually drives us crazy. Dog is a dream but we have to be vigilant with the cat because he will literally eat clothing or anything else you leave out. Long story but it is exhausting.

  • em

    Revel: Tried re-creating a delicious kale slaw I had at a deli in Portland (OR) last week and mostly succeeded!

    Revel: Being married. It sounds sappy, but even a weekend filled with chores (cooking, cleaning, taxes) is so much better because my wife and I do it together (or split the load when one of us really abhors one task and likes/doesn’t mind another).

    Revel: Marriage equality in DC.

    Rant: DOMA.

    Revel: Next week at the Supreme Court.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Having to give the same instructions over and over again. You have been here almost a year, you should know this!

    Rant: Work in general, because they moved all the people I like to different areas.


  • Rant: Mad at myself for wearing brand new pants while I still have my period. I should have held out a few more days.

  • skj84

    Rave: Great weekend. Saw my brother and his sister in law run in the half marathon, went to some great parties and had a very chill Saint Paddies day.

    Rant: I’m beat. My body is sore from all the walking I did and I’m exhausted.

    Rave: Going to see my Dad on Weds for his 65th birthday. It’s going to be a surprise.

    Rant: Found out members of one of my favorite bands are performing in March for Marriage. While they are entitled to their opinion, I find it sad that they would alienate their fan base this way. I have followed them for years, now I’m not sure I still will.

  • Anybody know anything about the big angry ginger guy who rides the S9 into downtown every morning? He’s always yelling at people, or seething because the bus isn’t going fast enough for his liking. This morning I thought there were going to be fisticuffs. I’m almost certain he’s got some kind of mental health issues, maybe untreated; on the other, he is extremely confrontational and I know some people feel threatened by him. I hope he gets help before he ends up pushing the wrong person’s buttons.

  • Rant: Sick of the teasing weather. Can’t it just be gorgeous consistently?

    Rave: My new supervisor likes to affirm my work at the end of each day. It’s nice to get positive feedback.

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