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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: This weather!!! This morning is so nice….I dont want snow πŸ™ I dont!

  • Rant: It is too warm. I really want snow.

      • Its been over 2 years since we’ve had a real snow storm. Why can’t you let people who like snow enjoy this 1 day of the weather they love? It will all be melted by the weekend anyway. Before you know it we’ll be back in the slog of 80Β° days with 80% humidity that are DC’s summer, do you want to hear me complaining about the weather every time that happens?

      • Rant:No snow, no snow day.
        But also: 4″ snow, no snow day

        Rave: Getting Ryan Seaquestered: The act of being isolated by Ryan Seacrest.

    • Personally, I would love snow as well. It would justify these temps…and it’s pretty.

  • Rant: My company won’t let us work from home, even in a case when the government is closed and we can’t come in. There’s plenty we can do from home that doesn’t involve logging into the agency’s network, but they make us take leave if we can’t come in. I think I have four hours of paid time off left. Looks like I’ll be using leave without pay again this week when the storm hits.

    Rave: Looking forward to a snow day, despite the leave situation.

    • We must work for the same company. My boss has made it very clear that she wants me in the office tomorrow morning

  • Rant: Tommy Wells will not take a position on the height limit. He says he is all about green and sustainable living, so he should be in favor of repealing the height limit.

    • I’d like to know more about this issue but I think it makes sense to ease the height limit provided you can preserve the vistas around the core federal part of the city. There is a smart way to do this.

      • I am all for public spaces. I.E the mall, Rock creek park. But in order to have these spaces we need to build dense in other parts of the city. Views are nice but not at the expense of the environment and housing costs.

        • I am mainly talking about the mall, Capitol, Washington monument, and Lincoln memorial. The fact that these dominate the skyline in and around the mall and a few blocks in all directions, and particularly from the potomac and bridges is what I would try to preserve. I say up up and away in other areas of the city where it makes sense.

  • Rant: Got some MRI results looked at yesterday, looks like I’ve gone and worn through the cartilage in my left knee already! And just my luck, it’s probably not under warranty anymore. So I think I may be stuck with this crappy knee for the rest of my life. And I’m not sure of my insurance will cover the treatment my doctor wants to try before resorting to surgery.

    Rave: Instead of moping about last night, went for a swim (just about the only exercise left open to me anymore), so I can at least pretend that this news doesn’t mean that my goals of having an active lifestyle are totally dead. And if bicycling is still allowed, I might just go ahead and buy myself a sweet new road bike this Spring to make myself feel better about all this.

    • MsNesbitt

      I’m sorry to hear this. I was 25 when I found out I had arthritis in my right knee and it took me a long time to come to terms with it. What are the non-surgical options you’ve been given, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Don’t mind at all. He wants to try injecting some lubrication into the joint, which I think is called hyaluronan? It’s apparently expensive, and from the limited research I’ve done on the internet, it may or may not be effective in terms of some studies that have been done. My partner has a few MDs in the family, so I’m getting an unofficial second opinion, but if the side effects aren’t massive, I don’t mind trying something before talking about surgery.

        But I’m only 35, so I’m probably going to have to have surgery on it at some point. How have you dealt with it? Have you found it to have a big impact on your life? I just don’t want to be in constant pain for the next handful of decades (and being able to climb stairs normally would be a big bonus).

        • I had euflexxa injected into my knee for pain – it’s typically used for for arthritis but also used for other knee issues. It worked.

          My father had the same medication injected into his knee for arthritis. It helped.


          • wish we could edit our posts …. I would remove the dangling euflexxia

          • Thanks! It looks like Euflexxia is one of the brand names for hyaluronan, so it’s really good to hear that it was helpful for you!

          • I’m the annon who had the injection of Euflexxa. I’d add that the risk of any side effects/negative outcomes was very very very low. Only concern was infection at the injection site – which would be the same for any kind of injection. My insurance (Blue Cross Carefirst) covered it.

        • MsNesbitt

          The injections were given as an option to me as well, but it’s a path I haven’t gone down yet. Maybe it’s time to revisit it. My doctor also suggested some sort of experimental platelet rich plasma injection. My understanding is that might help regenerate some of my cartilage, but again, it’s experimental so it’s costly and not covered by insurance.

          For the most part, I’m a grin-and-bear-it person. I take Aleve when it’s particularly bad, but I still go to the gym and try not to let my one bad knee ruin the next 50 or so years of my life. Keep us posted if you opt for the lubrication injection! I’d love to hear how it works out for you.

          • Don’t let the doctors thoughts ruin your optimism. They are not always right on, and the human body can be capable of amazing things sometimes. Also as you get older things can take a very long time to recover from. Not to say your doctor is wrong, but it happens. Also I thought my knees were shot (stairs really sucked) but they eventually felt strong enough that I’ve been able to exercise (but I do try not to over do it). And some alieve in the morning or before a workout might help you to get those knees moving and maybe theyll start to respond positively. Also gloucosimine has been found to be useful by some so if you haven’t tried you should. Keep hope alive. Use it or lose it.

    • novadancer

      that sucks! I am worried I will get the same diagnosis on Thursday. And I hate swimming so no idea what I’m going to do as a cardio subsitute πŸ™

      • Good luck! (I’m the original anon). I swim because it’s relatively easy for me (I’m a former competetive swimmer), but it kills my skin and hair this time of year, so I don’t want to make it my primary form of exercise.

        Are you into cycling? I’ve heard that it can sometimes be not so bad on your knees, especially if you get a good bike and have it professionally fitted to you. At least that’s what I’m hoping, because I also just really want a pretty new bike. πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Pandora’s Indy Singer-Songwriter station.

    Neither rant nor rave – uploading CDs to my computer as I don’t listen to them much (see rave). How did I end up with so many Enya CDs?

    Rave: Music I haven’t listened to for ages – Vaya Con Dios, Tuck & Patti

    Neither rant nor rave: Box of records I unearthed in my basement. NRBQ, Jethro Tull, The Who, Led Zepplin….I’m old!

    Rave: Music of all sorts!

  • Rant: Really hoping for the snow storm BUT if we actually get it, I still have to go to work. And even if I can’t get there due to public transportation not running, it has to be counted as leave.

    Rave: Still hoping for a snow storm!

    Rant: SUPER tired today…………………..

    Rave: Made homemade carrot cake last night. Mmmm, cream cheese icing…

  • Rant: After weeks of peace and quiet, my co-worker has returned from leave and is already yelling at the top of his lungs up and down the hallways. It is too early for this nonsense. And I swear I’m going to figure out a way to destroy the speakerphone option on his phone.

    Rave: Impending snow is an excellent reason to make chili.

  • Rave: Lay’s Sriracha potato chips!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My cat’s illness is stressing me out. She’s improving but it’s so slow.

    Rave: I’ve seen a marked increase in my kitty’s appetite the past couple of days.

  • Rant: No chance of me getting out of work if the snow hits.
    Rave-ish: Been looking for a new job since January 1. Had a phone interview last week and hoping to hear back this week about an in-person interview. Feeling hopeful, but not counting my chickens. Wish me luck!!!!
    Rant/Rave: Thinking of getting back into the dating scene. Anyone know of any nice and funny men between the ages of 32-42? I swear, I’m really awesome.

  • Rant: Folks have spoiled fruit and veg along with giant bottles of old milk in the fridge at work yet you come to my damn office to complain that my lunch bag is taking up space? You want me to take my food out of the bag and put it among the spoiled and rotten mess that is in there….umm no maam I will take my lunch bag out of that damn fridge though. How about you clean the fridge (which is a part of you duties) and GTFO my office
    People are starting to piss me off today.

    • binpetworth

      This is a huge problem in my office as well. I take it upon myself to randomly throw out anything that is moldy/smelly/past its due date. My theory is, if I’ve accidentally thrown away someone’s legitimate lunch, I’ll buy them lunch to make up for it. But no one has ever come back to complain…

      • The time she took to come complain about my bag she could have had a headstart on cleaning the fridge and freeing up space, and what pisses me off more is that I rarely put my bag in there. So why is it a problem today.

  • Rant: Work. Office drama.
    Rave: Working out with the husband. Snow. Having a great ride last night. Colorado next weekend.
    Rave: Having a well stocked fridge – makes lunches so much easier and healthier (And cheaper!) and makes me look forward to dinner.

  • Rant: Idiotic family drama over politics on FB.

  • Rave: I got into another school in the UK! Anyone with an opinion on studying IR at either QMUL or Edinburgh? I am so happy!!

  • Vincent Orange.

  • Rant: Having to remind management here that yes, we can telecommute tomorrow if we are closed but that inclement weather closings are not just to play in the snow–they are also to allow people time to clear their driveways and cars of snow so they make the commute the next day.

    Rave: Remembering I don’t have a driveway or a car–YAY!! Play day in the snow for me!

  • rave: winter is coming

  • thebear

    No. If you live in Penn Quarter, 2 blocks from the office, you do not get to pull the “In case I can’t make it in Wednesday” email nonsense.

  • RAVE: Got emails from 3 different bosses saying that we are all encouraged to work from home tomorrow, regardless of what OPM says. “Just make sure to bring your laptop & cables home tonight, and don’t forget to log-on to SameTime by 930am!”

    Associated RAVE: Working from home in my underwear in my bed and eating whatever I want.

    RAVE: Had an epic weekend snowboarding in VT this last weekend. So much powder! And the crowds were minimal πŸ™‚

    RAVE #4: No rants today. Gonna hit up Trader Joe’s after work πŸ™‚

  • Sad mega-rant: A friend died yesterday. He was a bicyclist who had been in an accident with a car, back in July. For the months since, he’d been in the hospital, fighting his injuries while being in and out of comas and contracting various infections. He never really regained his full mental capacity – he was only able to recognize family members occasionally, for instance, and even those moments became less frequent. In recent months it became more clear that his recovery was less and less likely. Yesterday his body finally gave up the fight.

    He will be missed.

    His accident was discussed on PoPville and I thought it was important to let people know how it ended.

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