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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Cautious Hope: We may get a real snow storm.

    • When I used to work for DC Government this comment would make me want to slap you in the ear…but now that im not with the gov and teleworking is cool at my new digs…bring on the snow! *gets footie PJs and mickey mouse hat ready*

      • See, this is one time technology sucks. In the old days, a snow day was a snow day and you spent the day watching old movies, swilling wine, and marauding through a beautifully paralyzed city (and, if lucky, snuggling). Now they expect you to log on and actually do work. I find this terribly unfortunate.

        • You just ruined my dream :'(

          • Tell them that the snow has corrupted your cable box and your neighbors encrypted their wi-fi, so all you can do is emergency work using your phone. Also, if you’re fortunate enough to have a boss with younger kids, they’ll be to frantic to notice how little time you actually spend working. πŸ˜‰

          • And just like that my smile is back. πŸ™‚

        • Ah, the beauty of having to work on a classified network. Teleworking on a snow day just isn’t a possibility. Bring on the day drinking!

    • Unless my building is completely shut down I’ll have no excuse to not come in. Living within walking distance of work has its downsides, sometimes.

  • Rant & Subsequent Rave: Witnessed (very up close) an armed robbery over the weekend at 2nd and Elm… The police ended up catching one of the two robbers after a chase in Trinidad, and their efforts were really impressive.

    Rant2: Standardized testing.

    • Let’s talk about the MCAT really quickly….the worst test EVER!!! But if I want to be Dr. G Medicine Woman I gotta take it :(. Pray for me!

    • Rave but Rant: I am glad they made an arrest in this case. But the high rate of speeds those marked/unmarked cruisers and suvs were traveling in a residential neighborhood was very dangerous. If they made contact with a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorist someone would have been seriously injured. The force from the speeds literally vibrated my home.

      I still am a little confused how those guys were able to out run the cops for so long, especially with the amount of cops that responded. Didn’t understand why the cops just didn’t block access to the alleys. It was crazy to witness.

      • Ooh didn’t realize it was *so* high speed– I agree, scary. I also found it interesting that the suspects/robbers were still in the city, not too far from the robbery I saw, almost two hours later… what on earth were they doing for all that time?

  • Revel: Best New York trip ever. Nailed the interview, went to a swell restaurant (WD-50) and a great dive (Jimmy’s Corner), met Mayor Bloomberg, attended a trendy art opening where roomful of Girls extras swilled (apparently either un- or post-ironically) Pabst Blue Ribbon bonded with old friends and stayed in a room with a classic East Village rooftop water tower view. “Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in…”

    Revel: Friend grabbed me and took me to the Cool “Disco” Dan documentary, a very well done look at go-go, drugs, crews, street art and an amazing but unfortunate young man.

    • WD-50?! So jealous!

        • I was not blown blown away — it may have been to subtle for me, or maybe too boring (or I’m a cretin who should restrict himself to Guy Fieri establishments). Wylie (who was in the house) has gotten away from his wild man stuff and presents artful plates of fabulously fresh food that ultimately didn’t leave much of an impression. Tip though — if you find my views suspect (and you should) you can sit in the bar area and just order two courses for $25 and see if at some future point you want to invest on the full tasting menu.

          I should mention that the service was friendly and perfect.

    • binpetworth

      I cannot ever see/hear of anyone drinking PBR without immediately humming the lyrics: With my rednecks, white socks and blue ribbon beer

    • I went to WD-50 and I thought the Emperor had no clothes.

    • Love the Avett Brothers reference!

  • Rave: Les Mis earworm is gone! This, despite the fact that my middle child blasted music from Les Mis throughout the house pretty much all weekend.

    Rave-ish: It’s way too cold, but at least the sun is shining.

    Rant: As usual, I didn’t get enough sleep. I really need to work on this. Right now, I’m hoping for a snow day mid-week so I can sleep.

  • Rant: Sequestration is still looming plus a possible government shurtdown on March 27 with possible furloughs for DoD starting April 26nd

    Rave: Finished taxes and my returns will get me by.

    Rave: Date tonight!

    Rant: Its very cold.

  • Rave: excellent trip to Spa World and a hugely successful trip to H Mart. Will be eating asian food for next two weeks!

    Rant: this weather. I want it to be spring!!!!! Not looking forward to this snowstorm at all.

    • Two things…make me some pho broth and yes I want it to be spring too…my herbs and tomatoes and peppers want it to be spring…come one SPRING!!

      • Amen – I can’t WAIT for summer tomatoes, basil…corn. We grow a bit of tomatoes on our balcony, and our habenaro plant was too much of a success (what the heck do you do with a ton of habenaros?!). But I really love spring/summer produce.
        Spring onions, sauteed with a little butter and EVOO. Add halved grape tomatoes until they pop. If you have corn, add that and some diced hot peppers. It’s SO good as a side or pasta sauce. My favorite.

        • Pickle the habaneros..in Jamaica we have a dish called escovitched fish. You fry the snapper (no breading) then you put the pickled habanero/carrot, onion mixture on top….deelish!

        • Did you grow yours from seed or buy the seedlings?

          • My coworker gave me two pepper plant seedlings – the habenaro did amazingly well. the other was also good, but not as much as the habenaro. My husband repotted it and took it to work (to have by the window) because it was producing so many, I couldn’t use them. I actually gave a big bag of them to Soupergirl to use. I don’t eat dish, not do we have room to pickle them (which was an idea), I use them sparingly in mexican food when I make it or indian curry dishes. But they are really strong (no wimpy supermarket ones, I guess?). My husband adds them to his scrambled eggs.
            I need to stick to serano plants!

          • I am looking forward to mine this spring and summer..

        • I got some spring onions at the H Mart! Can’t wait to eat them.

      • But this is pea-planting time! Get them in the ground now and you’ll have a full harvest before May.

      • I was so disappointed to read about that. I’d been meaning to try Spa World but it’s not happening now.

        • I saw a fairly obviously gay (male) couple in line for spa world yesterday. It did not seem to be a problem. However, since it’s korean and traditional, they do frown upon gay “behavior”. Honestly i think it’s because there was so much of it going on the guys side, or so I hear from yelp reviews.

          • The thing about “behavior” – totally. It should not be a place for sexy time, of the hetero or homo variety. That said, that’s not what Spa World’s response said. They indicated that they couldn’t let gay people into the spa for children’s safety. WT actual F. Seriously. Get it together, Spa World.

        • i went a couple of years ago and the male pool area was definitely a skeezy oogling meat market type place.

          i’m not homophobic at all but it made my straight nude self quite uncomfortable.

      • I’ve been following this story a bit over the weekend, and aside from the discrimination issue (which is not cool), as a former communications professional, Spa World’s response makes me cringe. If this truly was an honest misunderstanding as a result of a language barrier, Spa World desperately needs to hire, or contract with, a bilingual PR professional who understands social media ASAP. (Surely there are some Korean-speaking communications experts in the greater DC region.) First, you don’t fire off a written response to an organization like the Better Business Bureau (where that response will be public information) without someone vetting it to make sure it conveys what you intended; second, the after-the-fact justifications that I’ve seen from Spa World don’t address the particulars of the initial BBB discrimination complaint; and third, Spa World was posting defensive and insulting remarks on its Facebook page (comments that were since deleted, I believe), which is NEVER a good customer service approach, especially on social media.

  • Rant: Almost mowed down (first on foot and then in cab) by the genius who thought he could lead a police choice through NE DC on Saturday night. Luckily the cab driver was able to swerve in time or else he definitely would’ve hit us.

    Rave; I’m alive!
    Rave: 2nd date tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Come on snowquestration.

  • Rave: This weekend was very productive…I am almost caught up on my MCAT studying, got a few naps in, cleaned my house and transplanted my seedlings into bigger containers
    Revel: My hair is looking fly as f*&* today! Its laid like Olivia Pope during the Presidential Election
    Rant: Sister update. After spending the weekend in Jersey my sister texts me yesterday demanding to know why I didnt overnight her stuff to her. Ummm I told you I dont have any money to overnight anything to you. how about you swing down here and come get your stuff? You seem to have money to go to jersey so you must have 50 bucks to drive down here and get your shit out of my house.
    Revel: dormtainmenttv on youtube! Those guys are hilarious! If you have a minute check out their Washing Machine music video. You will have that song stuck in your head ALL DAY *but in a good way*

  • Rant: My 38-year-old cousin is dying of breast cancer after a long, courageous but brutal fight and there’s nothing anyone can do to fix it. She’ll leave behind a husband and two children.

    Reflection: It’s moments like these that bring you some perspective and appreciation for the good things in life.

  • Rave: Had a great weekend with lots of good food and friends and activities. Had some great workouts as well and managed to get most of
    the house in good shape. Also, made some yummy food.

    Rant: Need a weekend after my weekend to relax and do nothing. Feeling pessimistic about the snow. I want snow so badly that I’m sure it won’t happen!

    Rave: Heading back to the barn tonight. Cannot wait to get back with horses.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Miss my work pal who is out on leave. She probably won’t be back in the office until May or June!

    Rant: Work doesn’t believe that they overpaid me by as much as they did.

    Rave: I’d rather be overpaid than underpaid.

  • Rant: DC United on Saturday (past)
    Rave: DC United on Saturday (upcoming)

  • Rave: Lovely visit with my parents – we went to the Corcoran and saw the Pump Me Up exhibit – pretty awesome stuff. The brunch at Muse looked excellent too. Anyone been?
    Rave: Corcoran not only let military families in for free, if you’re WITH someone with military ID, your group is free…my folks and I didn’t have to pay (but donated a bit), which was unexpected.

    Rant: financial uncertainty, especially when you’re pregnant, is a pretty shitty feeling. Like my family’s stability is in the hands of complete idiots who don’t understand that their actions (or lack of) have real consequences.
    Rant: my coworkers gave me their colds. Because me saying, “I can’t afford to be sick, can you please not come in when you are sick?” doesn’t matter (they’re military, “sick leave” doesn’t exist, they just don’t come in when they’re sick unlike civilians who have to take leave). I can’t really say “you, I’m pregnant – I actually can’t afford to get sick”. So instead, I’ve got a cold. Hopefully it won’t be too bad.

    • Ugh – so sorry on the cold. I think my first trimester fatigue lasted an extra two weeks because of a cold. And of course, since I had been tired and congested from the pregnancy, it took forever to realize that I even had a cold. But then the cold passed & I suddenly felt much better. Rest well & I hope the cold passes soon!

      • My beef is more the complete lack of consideration of my coworkers – I told them a few times that I couldn’t afford to get sick and since they don’t have to worry about sick leave balances, they shouldn’t come in when they’re sick. But no. And I have to come in because taking sick leave means one less day of maternity leave (hopefully). Yet they have pregnant wives and you KNOW if someone did that to their spouses, they’d be upset. That’s if their wives worked!

        • You are in the office sick, yet complaining about others doing the same???

          • Oh come on – in her case, she’s deciding between sick leave now (and therefore more unpaid leave later) and saving her sick leave for maternity leave. Sounds like her colleagues didn’t have that decision to make. And pregnancy makes your immune system weaker so you don’t reject the baby you’re growing, which makes you more susceptible to illness.

          • The complaint is that they don’t have “sick leave” – military personnel just call in sick and that’s it – no sick leave bank like civilians. Since it doesn’t cost them anything to NOT come in to work sick, they shouldn’t be coming in.
            If I didn’t have to worry about my sick leave balance, I’d be at home today. Trust me.

          • You could be infecting people with compromised immune or with relatives @ home with limited immunity. Seems like an inconsiderate choice

          • there are two other civilians in my office, of which I know WAY too much about their lives. They don’t have children (well, one has a high school senior) nor do they live with older relatives or have health issues. So I think they’re good. This is a 12 person office. There are some perks to that (you get to know the other civilians very well, for better or worse).

          • I think the real rant is that jindc, like all american women, doesn’t have guaranteed paid maternity leave.

          • +1.

            Sure, it sucks that you have to use sick leave to stay home. I had to do it last year for a cold knowing I needed the sick leave for a later surgery and recovery. And we should have paid mat leave. You can rationalize all you want. But you are sick, you’ve admitted you should be home, and you might be infecting healthy people. That is just inconsiderate, even if they have leave to spare if they get sick and need to take time off.

        • +100 to nettie.

          jindc, I’m sorry you’re surrounded by a few inconsiderate folks. Could a manager or supervisor remind the office staff to not come in when they’re sick? Military folks are more likely to comply if it comes form above.

    • Congratulations on your pregnancy :))

  • One more rant: Who does this? What married couple sits at home and cooks up this plan and thinks it will end well? Poor kids πŸ™

  • Rave: Made Italian “sunday gravy” for the first time yesterday and it turned out excellent. And I have leftovers for the whole week.

    Rant: I want snow, but if the government shuts down I’ll have to use what little paid time off I have and use leave without pay for the rest.

    • GiantSquid

      Did you use the recipe from the Sopranos’ Cookbook? It’s intense but delish!

      • No. I read lots of different recipes, got a good idea of how to make it and made my own version. I didn’t add meatballs because I didn’t feel like going through the additional step of making meatballs and adding them. But there was plenty of meat in it, so we didn’t miss them. I’m thinking of some healthier variations on it (use chicken thighs and turkey sausage) but I think I’ll stick to my beef, pork and sausage version.

  • question: Did i miss the update from the girl who was meeting up with her 3 friends? the nyc trip gone horribly wrong?

    rave: great productive weekend working out and studying
    rave: shahs or sunset reunion viewing party last night. good to have some friends to totally indulge in bad tv with and not judge! Reza needs to get his act together and stop bullying MJ. Good intentions, bad execution.

  • Rave: Had a fabulous trip with my wife and four friends up to PA. We went to the Philly flower show, lunch at Redding Terminal Market (YUM!), then drove West to Hershey for a pub dinner, Bears hockey game, and stayed up til all hours chatting. Got home yesterday in time to get ready for the week and do some de-cluttering work around the house.

    Rave2: Our shed is finally installed & looks great! This has been a many-month hellish project of getting permits (the fun of living in a historic neighborhood) and then sorting through lack of communication between departments at the shed company. However, it is now installed so we have an outdoor place to store our bikes and gardening tools. YAY!

    • Love the Philadelphia Flower Show! I didn’t go this year but it has been a tradition to eat before/after at Reading Terminal Market.

  • RANT: Im about to end a friendship with my best friend of 15 years because his wife is a b***h and he does nothing to control her when she shows her ass towards his friends. I hate it that he does not have the guts to end the marriage (there a no children). He has expressed to me in confidence over the years how unhappy he is with her. However, he continues to stay with her. I really hate to see our friendship end but I have taken all I can of the wife.

    • I feel for you and understand completely. Youa re not alone.

    • So sorry! Wish I had a more hopeful response. Good friend of mine is still with his hell-ish wife we were sure he would dump, no children, but she has moderated somewhat over time. I think she is very insecure but has kind of grown into herself. Also, try to stay friends, he will still need someone to go for a beer with (without her.)

  • Rave: Anxiously awaiting the ‘snow storm’ – I’m ready and waiting to slip on my cozy pair of sweatpants and watch the rest of Rome – Season 2!

    Rant: Running out of my favorite coffee from Old City Coffee (Philly!)

    Rave: Sister-in-law’s growing belly. Can’t wait to be an auntie!

    Rant: Still trying to find another job! This is a tough market…

  • Rave: Someone’s minivan broke down next to shaw metro. Passerby’s of every age, ethnicity and gender stopped to help! It was really sweet, I caught myself saying “Sometimes I love DC” aloud.
    Rant: None, trying to stay focused on being happy!

  • The maples are blooming!

  • Rant: Made it all the way to work before I realized I was still wearing my slippers. I luckily had another pair of shoes in the car, but they look ridiculous as well.

    Rant: Had an awesome roast ready to go in the crockpot this morning and I forgot to turn it on before I left. My brain still thinks it’s the weekend.

  • Question: I need to scan & email a document ASAP and my scanner’s not working. Where can I go to get this done? Do the libraries have scanners?

    • I’ve never tried it before, but there are apps that will let you scan documents with your iphone. It’s worth a shot:


      • Not everyone has an iPhone you know.

        • Why are people on here such jerks sometimes? At least I was trying to be helpful.

          • You have to admit it’s a weird thing to assume though. I don’t think iStuff has taken over the world YET.

          • JB – totally agree. With more than 50% of people in the US owning smartphones you were fare to assume this person had access.

            Anonymous – the least you could do is apologize.

          • If 50% of American have smartphones and maybe 50% of that group have something other than an iPhone, then the iPhone users are a minority despite what the fanboys would have you believe. πŸ™‚

        • guess you’re both ungrateful for help and out of luck.

        • Lordy this is the last time I try to offer a helpful tip on here (no it’s not, but just indulge my hyperbole for a minute). I have an iphone, someone mentioned you could scan with it, so that’s the advice I passed along. However, it stands to reason that if you could do this with an iphone, a two second search on google (e.g. “scan documents with droid/blackberry/etc”) would yield some similar article. Yeesh!

        • And not everyone is a total dick bag, but I guess you’re intent on bucking that trend.

      • Yeah, I was thinking I might try to do it with my phone. It’s a Blackberry Bold if anyone knows of an app that’s compatible. The closest FedEx and CVS are 20-25 minutes away and I can’t really leave work for an hour to take care of it.

    • Probably can do it at a Fedex Office location if there’s one near you. Also Staples or anything that has printing/copying facilities might do it.

    • Try calling your local CVS which has a photo dept — a lot of times the photo dept will have a scanner for scanning pictures to make copies in-store. My guess is that you could use their scanner/software to save a digital image of the document (don’t forget to bring a flash drive with you!). I’m not positive you can get a pdf but at least you would then have a digital image and could hopefully re-save it as a pdf/use the jpg instead… Good luck!

    • Office stores like Staples and OfficeDepot usually have this service, in addition to the aforementioned FedEx Office locations.

    • If your phone has a camera, just take a picture of it and email the picture.

  • novadancer

    rant: horrible pain in my knee and we live in a house of stairs. I’ve been on a serious workout schedule trying to drop those pesky 10 lbs as I really want to plan a beach vacation. No idea how I’ll deal if the doctor at Thursday’s appt says no exercise/surgery needed πŸ™

  • Rave: Had a “professional” photo taken for work this morning. I thought I was going to stand in front of a nice wall and smile–nope! Backdrop, lights, photographer, posing, the whole works. It was fun! Now I just hope there’s at least ONE decent picture!

    Rave: Had a great weekend! Lots of relaxing, took in a few movies, hung out with some good friends…………..

    Rave: Todd Snider concert on Saturday night and David Crowder next Wednesday!

    Rant: On Friday my phone decided to lose all of my contacts (apparently this happened to quite a few iPhone 4 users). I’m an idiot and didn’t have things backed up so now it’s back to the beginning.

    • The last time I got a new phone for some reason the folks at Verizon couldn’t get the contacts to transfer. It was actually kind of freeing. I just transfered the people I really do contact a lot and got rid of the rest. then, if people contact me, I add them back in. Think of it like a new begining!

  • Nice weekend with organization time, playdate for the kids, steak dinner, snuck out for a beer with friends…
    Rave: Dixie Land Jazz open mic at The Zoo Bar on Sunday. Those guys are tight!

  • skj84

    Rave: Great weekend celebrating my best friends birthday!

    Rant: The potential snowstorm Wednesday. I do not want it to snow. I didn’t want it to snow during most of winter and I don’t want it to snow now that its almost spring. I just want sun and warm weather.

    Rave: My brother and sister in law are coming to visit next week for the Rock and Roll Marathon on the 16th. So excited to see them and hang with my sister in law’s family who are also coming down!

    Rant/Rave: The race is Saint Patrick day weekend which means I can’t go out with my friends. Which may be all for the best since Saint Patrick’s Day is amateurs night out as it is. Not that I’m a pro at drinking and partying.

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