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  • They didn’t fix the spelling of “quik” though! Oops!

  • My understanding is that the owner was supposed to join the SMD04 meeting last night. Was anyone able to attend? And likewise, the matter of the pawn shop license is to be raised at the next ANC4C meeting. Note that the sign no longer says pawn, interesting.

    Related, did the Utopia Nail salon become a dress shop?? I only saw it briefly but it looked like there is a huge wedding dress in the window.

  • I loved that font when I was 12 years old.

  • It’s pretty easy to track down that the owner of the building lives right around the corner on Randolph. With all of the development going on, I can’t believe she couldn’t have found a better tenant for the neighborhood if she’d done a little more than hang a sad for lease sign. With the laundry mat and Carolina’s changing ownership, I really thought there was a chance for this strip to turn into a destination like 11th and Park/Monroe has. Now we’ll be stuck with a pawn shop in the middle of it for a decade. A successful restaurant strip would probably have made it more lucrative a rental too.

    • Good; better chance for Upsher to become the next 11th.

      • It just might. I never thought that the GA Ave corridor development would outpace 14th around here, especially after DC USA was done, but it is. The huge anchor redevelopments on GA are inevitably going to draw attention over there, and the landlords on Upshur aren’t demanding the outrageous rents that these folks near the derby are. As I understand it, the asking rent at the pawn shop location was over well more than double the rents on the Paul Ruppert projects on Upshur.

  • UGH! I do not want a pawn shop there! At best its a waste of retail space, at worst a place for criminals to offload stolen goods. Lets all go to the upcoming ANC04 meeting to protest!!

    • Protest on what grounds? You should be able to decide whether a property owner can rent a storefront to a legal business that fits in with the neighborhood zoning?

    • i have a sneaking suspicion that my personal boycott of the pawn shop will go largely unnoticed.

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