Props to the Cops

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Photo by PoPville flickr user wolfkann

Dear PoPville,

I drove over the Memorial Bridge into DC just after midnight tonight, and came across two policemen who had stopped for a motorist with a flat tire. They blocked the lane with their own cars, set out flares, and were out in the windy, 32 degree evening helping to put on the spare.

I don’t think tire-changing is part of the MPD’s typical service list, and the car wasn’t impeding traffic, so thought it was nice of them to go out of their way on such a cold night.

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  • Yes – that is a nice thing to do but it’s kinda apart of the job description.

  • Did you get a look at the driver? How hot was she?

  • They had to do something so they could ignore the guy jerking off on the side of the bridge.

    “Was he minding his own business?”

  • This is a great story. Until you consider that 2.6 muggings and 1.7 indecent exposures happened within a 0.5 radius of the flat tire. Then it is less great of a story.

  • I always make sure to read the comments on positive stories to make sure I don’t get too nostalgic for some decent behavior.

  • I am happy tpo read this story, considering last year I saw a lady who’s car broke down, and stopped and pakrked to help push her car out of the way. People were honking and very annoyed, and a police officer past by and yelled “you better get that car off the street” and left. It is defoinately more their job than mine to help that lady! Nice to see that there are other officers not like that!

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