Parking Brake Fail in Adams Morgan


A reader sends in Sat. afternoon from 18th and Kalorama Rd, NW in Adams Morgan:

“A bystander says he thinks the car rolled out of a parking space nearby with no one behind the wheel. Strange sight, no driver anywhere. A few minutes later the driver just returned and moved the car. Very bizarre.”

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  • This shouldn’t happen. Curb your wheels!

  • Just statistically, it seems that half of parkers would curb their wheels — however, it seems less than half do in my hood (Adams Morgan).

    It is just such a no-brainer, and the law, as well.


    • I often see people with their wheels “curbed” in the wrong direction, so that puts us below half!

  • First thing I learned when driving 5 speed- never park your car in neutral. I’ve noticed a lot of people in DC leave it in neutral and expect the brake to do all the work.

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 My dumbass uncle used to do that. The only problem is that his driveway was long and super steep. It took his son (aged about 4) getting in the car to play, and having the car roll down the driveway into the neighbors yard for him to put a piece of metal at the top of the driveway to stop the car. He still parked in neutral. My aunt is no longer married to him, not sure if this is why, but I wouldn’t blame her 🙂

  • Council Member on official business.

  • Do I live under a rock? I have never heard of curbing wheels before reading this post…

  • This was stressed by my nutty drivers ed teacher – probably because Seattle is nothing but hills.

  • My parents taught it to me when I was learning how to drive (they are from San Francisco…..has a crap-ton of hills). It was also stressed in my drivers ed class a lot too.

    Good story: My dad decided to teach my mom how to drive his stick-shift car in San Francisco on a few sets of hills. She drives up to her first stop sign at the crest of a hill, puts it in neutral, stops,…..but can’t get it back into first. The car, still in neutral, starts moving backwards down the hill and it’s STEEP. The car rolls backward about 50 feet down the hill, my dad is yelling, my mom is crying hysterically….finally my dad pulls the emergency brake located between the seats and stops the car. My mom never drove his car again. LOL.

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