“One love going away, finally, maybe”


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“From Harvard and Columbia at about 9:15 am today, a 2 man crew was working to remove the word “love” from the one way signs that have been up since Feb. 14th. They appeared to be having a very difficult time. The stickers were not falling off as One Love Massive intended, and a month later the city is spending money to fix the signs. They didn’t appear to be successful (see close up of sign they were apparently finished working on).”


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  • Seriously, was nobody charged for this wanton assault on public safety?

    • I really hope the city sends these folks the bill. More than that, I hope the folks in charge of One Love Massive, who already have taken responsibility for doing it, don’t wait for a bill and cut a check to the city sufficient for all the public servant man hours and materials that went into undoing their little promotional campaign. And maybe a little extra to show some actual contrition.

  • Same crew was out early this morning in the U St area scraping away. I hope they send somebody the bill.

  • Terrible. Hope the vandals are proud of themselves.

  • As far as vandalism goes, this seems pretty tame…

    • Vandalizing a building where the only affect is a damaged wall? Tame.

      Causing a situation that endangers the actual safety of road users and pedestrians? Not so tame.

      • Fair enough. My assumption is that it’s pretty clear that it’s a one way sign and that nobody would mistake it for something else.

        • THIS!

          I didn’t even realize that they changed the “way” to “love” until someone pointed it out. I seriously doubt it was in any way dangerous. Doing nearly every sign in U/Dupont/Logan was excessive and I REALLY wish they had used a glue that’s easier to remove, but in general I thought it was a sweet prank and I actually quite enjoyed it. I think people screaming “vandalism” should lighten up.

          But I do agree that they should pay for the removal or remove the “love” themselves.

  • saf

    Wow, they didn’t do a very good job. There are solvents that will take that RIGHT off. They need to go get some.

  • That’s a shame it didn’t scrape off. At least when the vandals marked up the One Way sign at Kenyon St and 11th with Bone Away, it easily washed away.

  • Seems like it would be cheaper to just print out “WAY” stickers to go over them.

  • They should have made LOVE magnets instead of stickers.

  • To make matters worse, the crews replacing the signs haven’t been very careful. The one they replaced yesterday at 12th Place and W Street has the one-way direction backwards now, making it look like 12th Place is one-way southbound. Or, they didn’t spin it to face the right way for a W Street one-way sign. Either way it is hung wrong. Have already submitted a fix request to 311.

  • I liked this art instillation … but it’s annoying that it has now vandalized so many signs …

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